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This Week’s Rattling – Advent Wreath

Advent is a time of expectation and hope. ‘Advent’ means ‘arrival’ or ‘coming,’ and it prompts us to pause each day in December and remember why Jesus came at Christmas. Traditions vary by country, but common ways of commemorating Jesus’ birth are through Advent calendars, wreaths, and candles. Ideally, any Advent tradition should involve families in a fun activity each day of December, helping them remember why we celebrate Christmas.

What Is the Advent Wreath?

The Advent wreath first appeared in Germany in 1839. A Lutheran minister working at a mission for children created a wreath out of the wheel of a cart. He placed twenty small red candles and four large white candles inside the ring. The red candles were lit on weekdays and the four white candles were lit on Sundays.

Eventually, the Advent wreath was created out of evergreens, symbolizing everlasting life in the midst of winter and death. The circle reminds us of God’s unending love and the eternal life He makes possible. Advent candles are often nestled in the evergreen wreath. Additional decorations, like holly and berries, are sometimes added. Their red colour points ahead to Jesus’ sacrifice and death. Pine cones can symbolise the new life that Jesus brings through His resurrection. Families begin lighting a candle on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and they light another candle each subsequent Sunday.

An Interactive Family Advent Prayer:
Some families enjoy saying prayers and blessings as they light a candle each Sunday. This is an example of an interactive family prayer:
Parent: Lord, you are the light of the world.
Child: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.
Parent: Heavenly Father, we long for your plan of rescue and redemption to be realized. Give us hearts that see Your beauty and wait in hope for You to make all things good and new again.
Child: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.
Parent: May Your light and love shine brightly in our hearts, spreading hope and peace to those around us.
Child: Amen.

What Are Advent Candles?

Advent candles shine brightly in the midst of darkness, reminding us that Jesus came as Light into our dark world. The candles are often set in a circular Advent wreath. In Scandinavia, Lutheran churches light a candle each day of December; by Christmas, they have twenty-four candles burning. Another Advent candle option is a single candle with twenty-four marks on the side the candle is lit each day and allowed to melt down to the next day’s mark.

The most common Advent candle tradition, however, involves four candles. A new candle is lit on each of the four Sundays before Christmas. Each candle represents something different, although traditions vary. Often, the first, second, and fourth candles are purple; the third candle is rose-coloured. Sometimes all the candles are red; in other traditions, all four candles are blue or white. Occasionally, a fifth white candle is placed in the middle and is lit on Christmas Day to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

• The first candle symbolizes hope and is called the “Prophet’s Candle.” The prophets of the Old Testament, especially Isaiah, waited in hope for the Messiah’s arrival.
• The second candle represents faith and is called “Bethlehem’s Candle.” Micah had foretold that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, which is also the birthplace of King David.
• The third candle symbolizes joy and is called the “Shepherd’s Candle.” To the shepherd’s great joy, the angels announced that Jesus came for humble, unimportant people like them, too. In liturgy, the colour rose signifies joy.
• The fourth candle represents peace and is called the “Angel’s Candle.” The angels announced that Jesus came to bring peace–He came to bring people close to God and to each other again.
• The (optional) fifth candle represents light and purity and is called “Christ’s candle.” It is placed in the middle and is lit on Christmas Day.

No matter how we choose to celebrate the season of Advent, let’s remember the beauty and grace of Jesus. He entered our dark, broken world on the first Christmas long ago, and He’s working even now to restore light, peace, and life.

Adapted by Rhian Doecke

Prayer Corner

This fortnight, staff and students pray for:


  • RIEDL – Paul, Zoe, Tallan & Abigael
  • ROWE – Steven, Susan, Alex & Casey
  • SCANLON – Paul, Anna, Michael, Luke & Samuel
  • SCHOLZ – Malcolm, Cheryl, Kayley, Millie, Emma & Karlo


  • Simon Herrmann
  • Sarah Loveday
  • Mel Hooker
  • Kathryn Marschall


  • We pray for our teachers and staff as they are busily writing reports, organising end of year events and even getting prepared for next year.


We love to celebrate your upcoming birthdays:


2  Zachary Gripton
9  Jade Prause
10 Brenton Klau
16 Millie Scholz
17 Jed Klau



1  Matilda Barrett
2  Georgia Barrett
4  Bella Harvey
6  Tom Noack
21 Leo Abdelmalek

Principal’s News

Dear Parents,

Last week the 2019 Foundation parents attended an information evening at Good Shepherd. For many of the parents this will be the first year that they have had a child at school. It’s an exciting time and as you can imagine there are many questions such as ‘do schools still do show and tell?’ ‘How long do they get to eat?’ ‘What days do they wear sports/formal uniform?’  ‘How do lunch orders work?’ It made me realise that there are so many aspects of how we do things that we just take for granted but for new parents it’s a whole new world! It can take some considerable time to work out the customs and culture of new places, and, like many places there are all those unwritten rules which we just assume are known and understood.  Sure, the teachers have parent information night at the start of each year and we have terrific class carers to support new families across the school but the task of welcoming and supporting new families to Good Shepherd is everybody’s business.  There will be a number of new faces across our school next year so please make it a special goal to connect with a new family and help and support them as they settle into Good Shepherd.

You may have seen the posters around the school promoting our ‘thank you morning tea’ in honour of our amazing volunteers. We love our volunteers, they enable us to do so much more across the school than we could possibly do on our own.  Working in the canteen, hearing reading, selling uniforms, spraying weeds, coming on excursions, being a Goodie, mowing in EDEN, serving on sub-committees and that’s just a fraction of what they do! We deeply appreciate all that they do but volunteers are difficult to pin down and properly thank (they tend to be a humble bunch). For some years we have tried morning teas but they haven’t been that well attended. Last year we switched to an afternoon tea but it didn’t make a huge difference.  This year we think we have hit upon the perfect solution. We are going to hold our volunteers morning tea straight after the special Christmas Assembly at the end of the year. This Assembly is always very well attended, what could be more perfect than a captive audience! You don’t have to RSVP, just stay on for a little while longer enjoy some delicious goodies and bask in your well deserved appreciation.

Just a final reminder, it’s the Angaston Christmas Parade tomorrow. Please join us in sharing the Christmas spirit with our lovely town and promoting the school at the same time. Fling on your blingiest Christmas baubles and turn up at Tyne Street Angaston at 6 pm.  School children, parents and siblings, all welcome!

Anne Marschall




School Camp

School camps provide our children with many wonderful opportunities that will nurture experiential education and build relationships in a different style of learning.  Teacher involvement is, of course, vital to every successful camp, with the bonds between students and teachers strengthened away from the classroom. Our students at Good Shepherd have the opportunity to form relationships through first-hand experiences with trained, caring adult role models and experience a sense of achievement in a supervised, safe and positive environment as a result.

There are many benefits for students attending school camps; social skills, independence skills, team building and development of leadership and decision making skills, encouragement of physical fitness and active lifestyles and personal challenges.  We are pleased to announce the  2019 camps will be as follows:

Friday 2nd August 2019
Year 1/2 – no cost – excursion during the day, sleepover at school

Wednesday 1st May – Friday 3rd May 2019
Year 3/4 & Year 5 – $260 -Port Hughes (2 nights, 3 days)

Tuesday 22nd October – Saturday 26th October 2019
Year 6/7 – $1100 (approximately) – Canberra (4 nights, 5 days)

These camps have been directly designed to incorporate elements of the Australian Curriculum and your child’s current Unit of Inquiry at the time of camp.  Please note that although there is no camp for Foundation students, they will be going on several excursions throughout the year to enhance their learning experiences.

If you have any questions in relation to 2019 camp and its benefits or curriculum links please do not hesitate to contact me

Mel Hooker
PYP Coordinator

Student Awards

Well done to the following students who received Learner Profile Awards in Weeks 6 and 7 this term:

Week 6 – Monday 19th November 2018

F.1 Michael Lewis (Thinker)
2.3 Sam (Knowledgeable)
4 Annabel Lloyd (Principled)
5.6 Brayden Evans (Principled)
6.7 Joel Brandon, Tayla Dixon, Tyson Grundel, Aiden Linke, Joanna Linke, Jemima Lloyd, Hannah Noack, Tristan Pearson, Kendra Petney, Hayley Scholz, Egan Schwarz, Riley Secomb, Zachary Smith and Martin Vasica-Rohrlach (Learner Profiles).


Week 7 – Monday 26th November 2018
F.1 Hunter McMartin (Caring)
4 Tilly Barrett (Principled)
4 William McCarthy (Principled)
4 Georgia Leggett (Principled)
5.6 Sharli Grundel (Committed)
6.7 Alex Rowe (Thinker)

Welcome Parker

Last week we welcomed Parker Brooks to Mr Hausler/Mrs Wundersitz’s Year 2.3 class.

Please join us as we welcome Parker and his family into the Good Shepherd Community.

Year F/1 Classroom Snapshot


2019 Transition Visit

So lovely to see our littlest 2019 lambs enjoying their first transition this week. 

F/1’s are super shape sleuths!

The F/1’s have been inquiring into the central idea – ‘Shapes can be described and organised according to their properties.’
We sorted, described, named and made 2D and 3D shapes. We compared them and identified their features.

Can you guess what shapes we’ve made?

What features do they have?

Mrs Melissa Emmett
F/1 Teacher

Faith Challenge 2018

Full of challenges, fun and excitement participating in Faith Challenge is a wonderful experience for students at Good Shepherd to showcase their sporting talents.  There was a great buzz of friendly competitiveness as we watched Good Shepherd students competing and having fun against other Lutheran schools.  Congratulations to all students on their wonderful efforts and outstanding representation of our school!

Mel Hooker

NRM Student Voice Summit


Last week Good Shepherd hosted the region’s NRM Education Student Voice Summit.  The summit provided students from several local schools opportunities to share their current sustainability practices and brainstorm ideas for future action.


Chaplain News

Hi Everybody,

A little light reading on how to get your kids pitching in with the chores (from Parenting Ideas).…

Paint the picture
All families need a bit of a dream and some inspiration. Let your kids know that everyone is a wonderful part of the family and everyone is needed to chip in and help. Let your kids know that you’re confident they can do a great job.

Show them how
A little bit of time explaining how to match the socks or how much food goes in your pet’s food bowl, all set children up for being successful. Some children will drain your ‘patience’ bucket, but showing them a few times may be what’s needed.

Use a list, not your voice
Too many verbal reminders can end up as nagging. Let the list on the fridge do the reminding.

Chores are for love, not money
There’s a temptation to offer pocket money for helping. It gets complicated and can mess with the big life lesson that we do things because we’re part of a family and even when no one’s watching. Children can earn money for extra jobs not on the family chore list when there is a special project or item to purchase.

Routines turn into habits
Patience and persistence are required. Children do research on their parents – they want to know if doing chores is a flash in the pan or a way of life. It will take many days for the routine to become a habit.

Notice the little things you see your children do and acknowledge it. “Thanks for setting the table without being asked – I appreciate how you just got on with it.” Have times when the whole family celebrates that the chores are done for the day. We keep going when we feel that we’re noticed and valued.

Gods richest blessings,

Fiona Lloyde (Chaplain) 

Library News


All library books are to be returned by Tuesday 4th December to enable Mrs Doecke to complete a stocktake.

Any books that remain overdue by this date will be issued an account.

Please see Mrs Doecke if you have any questions or concerns.

Happy reading,

Rhian Doecke

Please refer to letter sent home for each student this week for further details.

Pick Up/Drop Off Safety Zone

Please note that it is important for your child’s safety that all students are collected and dropped off at the front of the school near the Front Office.

Please refrain from using the car park by the Shepherd’s Hub unless you are walking with your child/ren as we are unable to ensure adequate supervision of your child/ren before and after school.

Speed Zones Around School

Parents are asked to be mindful of the 50km/hour speed zone on Gramp Avenue, Valley Road and 25km/hour School Zone on Neldner Avenue.

The safety of children is of the utmost importance.

Finance News

Term four fees are now overdue unless you have an agreed payment plan.  Please contact Sarah Loveday, Finance Officer as soon as possible to discuss a suitable payment arrangement.

Please note that we require one term’s notice in writing of your intention to withdraw a student to avoid being charged an additional term’s fees.

Lost Property Box

Our lost property box is overflowing!  Please make sure you check the box for any items that your child/ren may have misplaced during the past few weeks.

Any unclaimed items will be sent to the Uniform Shop and sold as second hand items.

Playgroup News


Monday 3 December

Christmas Craft

Monday 10 December

Christmas Party

We encourage parents with young children to come along on Monday at:

9.30am-11.15am for playgroup,

coordinated by Rebecca Klemm and Jim McCarthy.

Held in the Shepherd’s Hub (gymnasium).

For further information contact Rebecca on 0439 955 429.

Canteen News

Drinks can be ordered on your order form/brown bag or sold on the day.
Fruit Boxes $1.50 each [Orange, Tropical, Apple/Blackcurrant, Apple/Raspberry] Soda Water Cans $1.50
Chocolate or Strawberry Milk $2.00

Quelch Fruit Ice Sticks – 50 cents each
Available to purchase on Fridays at lunchtime.
No pre-orders.

WEEK 8 – Friday 7th December

RECESS: Ice Cream Sundae with choc or strawberry topping,
sprinkles and wafer.                                                                      $1.00
LUNCH:  Lunch provided by SRC Event

WEEK 9 – No Canteen This Week

Local Church Services Times

Angaston Parish Service Times

Date Angaston Gruenberg Gnadenberg
December 2
Advent Sun
10.30am HC @ Angaston
Pastorate service, followed by shared Advent Lunch
December 9
Advent 2
 8.45am  HC 10.30am HC

KEVS Service Times

Date Keyneton Eden Valley Springton
December 2 9.00am HC 10.00am LR 11.00am HC
December 9 10.00am LR 11.00am 9.15am HC



Support the facility we have right here at Good Shepherd for all your before and after school hours care. Bookings essential.

For more information contact Lillian on 0468 672 772 or email:

Angaston Early Learning Centre

The Angaston Early Learning Centre join us weekly at Good Shepherd for story time and book borrowing, buddy time as well as some sports fun.