Chaplaincy Programme

Helping our children and community
discover purpose, value and hope.

At Good Shepherd, the Chaplaincy programme is all about the wellbeing of the whole school community, including students, their families, staff and volunteers.

Our diverse and engaging programme includes initiatives such as:
• Goodies
• Class Carers
• Parenting workshops
• Student groups
• One-to-one student support.

Goodies is a mentoring style programme where a student is matched with a positive adult role model with whom they meet weekly, sharing time and skills to build a trusting relationship through interactive play, conversation and quality time.

Class Carers involves one or two parents taking on the role of ‘caring’ for the families of the class, celebrating events and initiating practical care during times of stress or crisis.

Parenting workshops are held throughout the year, as the need arises, to help equip and inform parents on matters relating to parenting and their children, through various speakers, media and courses.

Student groups are initiated to promote social and emotional wellbeing. Selected students and/or groups meet weekly with the Chaplain for building on emotional skills, strategies, resilience and tolerance.

One-to-one student support aims to ‘come alongside’ a student who may be finding childhood challenging for whatever reasons. It aims to assist and improve their social and emotional wellbeing as well as to support them and their family during challenges.

Overall, the Chaplaincy programme strives to help children, young people and the whole school community discover purpose, value and hope, in a holistic way.