Enrol early for a guaranteed placement and peace of mind.

We invite you to meet with the Principal for a personalised tour of the school and its facilities, and to discuss your child’s educational needs.

After meeting with the Principal you will receive an application for enrolment. Once received, we will advise if a place is available and guide you through the process to complete the full enrolment.

Our Process.

Welcoming new students

Foundation Intake
Good Shepherd schedules two Foundation intake periods each year.

  • First intake (term one) is available for children who will turn 5 years of age before May 1st.
  • Second intake (term three) is for children who will turn 5 years of age after May 1st but before 31st October. Students in this intake will continue in Foundation for the following year (i.e. six Foundation terms in all). This intake is subject to available spaces and if a place is not available your child will be guaranteed to start Foundation in Term 1 the following year.
  • Children who turn 5 years of age after 31st October will start the following year.

Intake At Other Year Levels
Good Shepherd accepts enrolments for students at other year levels subject to available places.

Students with Additional Needs
Good Shepherd Lutheran School proudly supports the requirements and the obligations under South Australian Equal Opportunity Act 1984, and the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

Wherever possible, our school strives to provide a wide range of support and services to meet additional needs, however, we are also aware that the needs and support levels required by some students may be beyond our school’s resources and capabilities. Therefore, parents must fully inform the school of any additional needs their child is likely to require, and in the context of our school’s capabilities, each case will be assessed on its individual merits, and the final decision will be at the Principal’s discretion.

    Steps to Enrol

    1. Contact the school to arrange a meeting with the Principal.
    2. Lodge an enrolment application.
    3. Principal may offer a place (subject to availability).
    4. Payment of confirmation fee of $100. Once this payment is received, the placement is secured and guaranteed by the school. The fee will be deducted from the account upon your child’s commencement at Good Shepherd. This fee is non-refundable.
    5. Parents receive notification regarding information sessions and transition visits prior to commencing school.

    Notice of Withdrawal
    One full term’s notice in writing to the Principal must be given by parents seeking to remove their child from the school, otherwise a term’s fees will be charged.
    A ‘full term’ is defined as the first day of the school term to the last day of the same term.

    Termination of Enrolment by the School
    Enrolment may be terminated by the school due to any of the following:


    • Non-payment of school fees
    • Failure by the student or parents to comply with the school’s policies and procedures
    • Severe breach of the school’s Code of Conduct by the student or parents
    • Failure of the parent in providing complete and truthful information at the time of the enrolment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do I need to do to enrol my child at Good Shepherd Lutheran School?

    Please complete an enrolment application, available on our website. Once received, we will advise if a place is available and guide you through the process to complete the full enrolment.

    When should I enrol my child at Good Shepherd Lutheran School?

    We’re happy to receive enrolments at any time. A completed application for enrolment ensures your name will be placed on the school’s database, and you will receive all relevant information regarding school tours, information night and other events.

    Does my child need to be Lutheran or of the Christian faith to attend Good Shepherd Lutheran School?

    No, students do not need to be Lutheran or of the Christian faith to attend Good Shepherd Lutheran School. We recognise that everyone is at a different place in their faith journey and we value and support the gift that each family’s experiences bring to our school.

    Can I apply for a bursary or fee support?

    Good Shepherd Lutheran School endeavours to provide a quality, Christian education to all children regardless of their financial circumstances, and therefore we make fee support available to families where appropriate. If you require assistance, please make an appointment with the Principal or Finance Officer to discuss your particular circumstances.

    Any information provided when applying for such support will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

    What happens after an enrolment has been accepted?

    The Principal will meet with you and your child during the year prior to commencement to discuss your child’s interests and needs, and to plan for the very best possible transition to school. There will also be an invitation to attend a parent information night in term four, and new students will be invited to two transition visits towards the end of the school year.