Extra Curricular

Connecting beyond the classroom.

At Good Shepherd, we recognise that not all learning occurs within classrooms.

In fact, we believe that much of what is learnt in the formal curriculum can be enriched by meaningful experiences beyond the traditional learning spaces. We are shaped by our experiences as much as we are shaped by the curriculum, and for this reason, we have established a number of extra-curricular opportunities to meet the needs and interests of our students.

Camps and Sleepovers
Younger students (year one and two) enjoy a games afternoon, tea and a movie night culminating in a sleepover on the school grounds, while those in years three to six attend a three-day camp each year at various campsites within South Australia. Camps are linked to the units of learning and reinforce conceptual understanding beyond the classroom.

    Good Times @ Good Shepherd
    On Friday afternoons during the third term, the school runs Good Times @ Good Shepherd. Students can choose from a number of special electives, such as cooking, karate, chess, knitting, pottery, stem activities, boot camp and more.

    In addition to this, lunchtime clubs are run throughout the year. These include gardening, scrapbooking, Lego, craft and various team sports.

    Sports and Physical Activity
    Students have the opportunity to participate in our school sports day, interschool sports days and various other in school events such as cricket and netball tournaments. Depending upon a student’s abilities, they can also participate in a variety of SAPSASA sports.