For many students and their families Foundation is the doorway through which they enter the ‘Good Shepherd Family.’ We recognise that this first year is a very important milestone and that the attitudes and skills developed in the early years lay the foundation for a positive and successful life long learning experience.

To support families with the transition to Foundation, Good Shepherd invites students to visit the school for two mornings in the term preceding their enrolment (term four for students enrolled at the start of the year and term two for students enrolled mid-year.) These visits enable the teacher to get to know each child and start planning for your child’s emotional, social and academic needs even before they formally start school.

Once your child commences school they will be assigned an older buddy student who befriends and supports them as they get to know the school, shares stories, games and special times and generally is another friend they can count on in the school and playground.

Parents are very much welcomed in the Foundation class. Whether it’s hearing reading, working alongside a small group or coming on an excursion – if you have the time your support will be warmly received.

Small, nurturing classes with caring, professional teachers ensure your chid will have the very best possible start to their educational journey.

Why Good Shepherd Lutheran? Simply put, because we care...