Good Shepherd Grapevine – 1 March 2018

by Mar 1, 2018Good Shepherd Grapevine

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 This Week’s Rattling – “Maze”

There are two main perspectives with mazes. One view is from above and the other is when you are in the maze. If you have the opportunity to look at a maze from above, it can be really helpful. It is much easier to find your way through a maze when you can see the big picture from above.
However, when you are on the ground, the maze can seem daunting. You are surrounded by high hedges or walls and you can’t see for more than a few meters around you. Some people may be tempted to sneak a peek under or above the hedges or walls in hope for a clue on where to go. When you come across a few dead ends it can be frustrating, but in the beginning you have motivation to keep going. However, you can only handle so many dead ends before you want to give up.
Life can be like those viewing the maze from the ground. Life can be frustrating when we come across too many dead ends and life can feel tough. Maybe we have difficult decisions, difficult relationships a difficult life and maybe it becomes too much for us to handle and we just want to give up. You can only see what’s around you and no further. Sometimes we want to see the big picture, sneak a peek on how things are going to turn out, but we can’t. That’s when we need to trust God who can see the maze/our life from above. He can see the big picture. God knows how things will turn out. And it will be fine.
There is a maze with a tower in the centre. People find the tower as a helpful guide. When they are feeling lost, they look up to the tower and it guides them in the direction where they need to head. Jesus is like the tower, the guide. When we come to dead ends in our lives, we look to Jesus and he is there to guide us. If we view the tower as our goal (heaven), we can view the maze (our lives) and see how every dead end can be put together to make a beautiful and amazing picture, even though we may not think so at the time.
So for everyone out there, experiencing a dead end, a difficult time in their lives where they just want to give up, God wants you to give him your burdens so he can make them light for you. God is for you, not against you and like the footprints in the sand (see the picture), God will carry you through the tough times. Know at the end of your life there will be an amazing maze, which was your life, to look back on.

— Written by Renae Ruediger

Upcoming Events

Prayer Corner

This fortnight, staff and student’s pray for:


  • PETNEY: Mark, Deborah, Kaitlin, Sarah & Kendra
  • RANDALL: Paul, Gabrielle (Pisano), Jacob & Ella
  • PORTER: Brenton, Sonya, Liam & Thomas
  • PRAUSE: Gary, Jade & Gemma


  • Dan Hausler – Year 2/3
  • Edith Unger – Volunteer
  • Theresa Whitehead – School Secretary
  • Rhian Doecke – Librarian/Learning Support


  • We pray for our staff members and parents grieving the loss of loved ones. Keep in your prayers Renae Ruediger and Rhian Doecke.
  • We thank God for healthy minds and well being at school -we pray for the Wellbeing Sub Committee as they work for this common goal.
  • Praise God for a healthy body and the opportunity for students to develop their skills in swimming and in sports.


We love to celebrate your birthday & baptism:
In the coming fortnight:

23  Brayden Evans
24  Mia Trenwith
24  Riley Trenwith
26  Max Gaston
26  Fletcher Smith

1  Lachlan Marschall
3  Priya Rathjen
15  Abigael Riedl



1  Martin Vasica-Rohrlach
17  Angela Linke

1  Jemima Barrett
1  Heath Atyeo
15 William Linke

Principal’s News

Dear Parents,

Let me share with you an interesting story that illustrates how our staff ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to ‘living our why.’

I was sitting in the staffroom one day and thinking for the millionth time how much I hated it. Not the staffroom itself which is a bright and modern space but the way in which it has been arranged. It was ‘wrong and blah.’ I decided that very weekend I would take action and spend a day reorganising everything to my satisfaction. It was going to be amazing. The staff were going to love it. The staff were going to love me (and as everyone knows if you want something done you have to do it yourself….)

Fast forward a few days and I was at a meeting with another principal and sharing my plans for the staffroom when she said, ‘I had the very same situation and I was also going to address it myself but I happened to come across a great article on a PYP blog by Liz Evans that looked at what happens when you relinquish control and include everyone in the journey’. She sent me the link:
https://blogs.ibo.org/sharingpyp/2018/01/09/lets-move-the-tables/ and that article started me on a collaborative journey with the staff to inquire into ‘what makes a great staffroom?’

Everyday at every level we talk about the importance of authentic inquiry and collaboration. The International Baccalaureate mission statement talks about understanding that other people with their differences can also be right. It looks so easy when the kids demonstrate it in the classroom. How hard can it be to apply these same principles to a real life problem? I was dying to find out!

So at the next staff meeting I outlined the problem of the ‘wrong and blah staffroom’. Staff read the article and then jotted down on post-it notes some initial thoughts. These included: ‘what can go?’ ‘what do we want to keep?’ ‘what’s non-negotiable?’ ‘who uses this space?’ ‘what does the space need to do?’ ‘do we really need this much storage?’ ‘does the space reflect our core beliefs as educators?’ ‘tiny budget—big ideas, how can we do what we need/want to do?’

Then the ideas began to flow faster than we could write them down so before we knew it the post it notes were tossed aside and it was on for young and old as tables and chairs were lugged across the floor first into one space and then another. The conversations were just as interesting. ‘This space needs to be agile to accommodate changing needs and uses’. ‘I like to work at a bench space’. ‘I prefer clustered seating spaces for collaborative conversations but also to relax.’ ‘how can we make better use of this beautiful view?’ ‘What’s the regulations around furniture near exit doors? Who can inquire into that?’ Ideas were raised and justified or dismissed as staff worked through the pros and cons. The energy and excitement throughout the entire process was higher than I have ever seen for a ‘staff meeting.’

We’re not finished yet. There are things we need to figure out, things to find out and just things that still aren’t quite right that we have to sort through but the process and the learning for me was invaluable and I had much to reflect on. When you lead a learning community, or any community for that matter, you have to ‘live your why’. If we say inquiry and collaboration drives deeper learning and understanding but we don’t apply it then the message is ‘that’s just for the classroom’. That’s not the message we want to communicate in our learning community. The staffroom exercise taught me the importance of living our why, making it visible and real and experiencing it. When the teachers become the learners they become better teachers.


Anne Marschall

IB PYP News – Swimming and Aquatics

Students at Good Shepherd have the opportunity to participate in a swimming or aquatics program that is curriculum-based. It is a component of the Health and Physical learning area of the Australian Curriculum framework. These programs support the development of water safety skills and knowledge on and around the water and students will have opportunities to develop a range of knowledge, skills, understandings and attitudes about:

• Water confidence
• Survival in the water
• Swimming technique
• Rescue of others
• Water safety

Building swimming skills of all students is vital in order to prevent drowning and increase participation in safe aquatic activity. When students participate in swimming lessons and or aquatic programs it ensures that the essential components of personal survival and water safety are provided, in addition to developing a strong and effective swimming technique.
This week at Good Shepherd students in Foundation to Year 4 participated in swimming lessons with a qualified instructor at the REX. Students in Year 5-7 will participate in an aquatic camp later in the year also with qualified instructors.
If you have any questions in relation to swimming and aquatics programs at Good Shepherd within The Australian Curriculum please do not hesitate to contact me melissa.hooker@goodshepherd.sa.edu.au

Mel Hooker
PYP Coordinator

Student Awards & Results

Presented at Assemblies Monday 19th & 26th February

Foundation / Year 1 Class—Mrs Melissa Emmett

GEORGIA BARRETT – INDEPENDENCE – Awarded to Georgia for the way she has increasingly shown independence in attempting her work and solving problems, and for the empathy she showed towards others.

AMELIA KLEMM – CARING & THINKER – Awarded to Amelia for caring and showing compassion for others even if it disadvantaged her. Amelia also thinks carefully and uses her initiative to solve problems.


Year 2 / 3 Class—Mr Dan Hausler / Mrs Josie Wundersitz

AIMEE GRIPTON  – COMMITTMENT  – Aimee has displayed determination and commitment towards improving her reading and comprehension ability. She has already read several Lexile books and completed quizzes relating to them.

SIENNA McMARTIN – COMMITMENT & ENTHUSIASM  – Sienna has begun the year with a wonderful work ethic and determination to do well. Her work when mapping parts of Australia was precisely drawn and neatly presented.


Year 4 Class—Mrs Renae Ruediger

MATILDA BARRETT – COMMITMENT – Tilly has been committed to her role as ‘God’s Little Helper’ and has shown initiative by writing her thoughts at home.

ELLA TRENWITH – COMMITTMENT –  Ella has been very committed to her reading this week. She has been reading with a partner, reading by herself and has nearly finished her novel.


Year 5 / 6 Class—Mr Simon Herrmann

ABIGAEL RIEDL – CREATIVE & COMMITTED – Abby has demonstrated excellent creative thinking skills by coming up with different solutions when working on the ‘Week of Inspirational Maths’ activities. She has also been very committed to her learning; trying her best with all her work.

MAYA KLOSE – CARING AWARD – Maya has demonstrated a caring nature toward Thomas, as she has helped carry his books and helped in anyway he has needed while on crutches. Thank you for being caring and considerate to others Maya!


Year 6 / 7 Class—Mrs Mel Hooker / Mrs Mel Ryan

MARTIN VASICA-ROHRLACH – INTEGRITY – Martin demonstrated integrity when talking about how he felt whilst working on maths problems during the three weeks of Inspirational Maths. Martin was honest about his feelings and thoughts to his peers during whole class discussions and small group work.

AIDEN LINKE – CONFIDENCE – Aiden demonstrated confidence when sharing his thoughts and ideas in whole class discussions. He provides wonderful insights into what he is thinking and openly shares them with his peers.

Classroom Snapshot – Year 2/3


The year 2/3 class have been involved in learning about a variety of topics already in 2018! The Lego theme has been a huge hit and students are realising that “everything is awesome” in Year 2/3!
Our literacy groups have begun with students participating in spelling, reading, writing and comprehension activities.

Mathematics lessons have surrounded how mathematics can be used to understand the world around us. Students have brought in money from overseas that family or friends have collected.

Students have been learning about how the world is divided up during Unit of Inquiry.

This has involved learning about some of the places that make up our world, learning how to read an atlas and plotting places on maps.

Bible Presentations – Foundations

We thank the Women’s Fellowship groups from Angaston, Eden Valley and Springton for their kind donations which enabled Good Shepherd to purchase Bibles for the Foundation Class.

Thank you to the representatives that came to present these to the students;
Christine Mitchell &
Glenda Oberscheidt-Angaston
Maralyn Bartholomaeus – Eden Valley
Grace Kroehn – Springton (apology)


Bible Presentations –  Year 4’s

We thank the Angaston Lutheran Parish for their kind donation which enabled Good Shepherd to purchase Bibles for the Year 4 Class. 


Barossa & Light Swimming

On Friday 22 February the following students participated in the B&L Swimming Competitions at the Nuriootpa Community Pool.

  • Matilda Barrett
  • Maya Klose
  • Tristan Pearson
  • Millie Scholz

The students who represented Good Shepherd at the swimming today did a great job.  It was so good to see them supporting each other and they all put in a fantastic effort in the pool.

Tristan managed to qualify for the SAPSASA finals in Adelaide in March in all his events but was only permitted to select three of those to swim in Adelaide.  He will also be swimming in a relay on the day.

Tristan broke four Barossa & Light records out of his five swims.  These were in the 100m freestyle, 50m freestyle, 50m breaststroke and 50m backstroke.

Swimming – Foundations to Year 2

The Rex Aquatics Centre – Tanunda


Water Safety - listening skills

Goggles on

Kick those flipper feet

Ready, set, push off..

Swimming with confidence

Trusting your life jacket

Swimming –  Year 3&Year 4’s

The Rex Aquatics Centre – Tanunda



Good Shepherd active in the community

The Good Shepherd stall had a great deal of interest as we displayed our 3D printer in action and provided children with pencil toppers made by the printer.

It was great to see the entries by students in all different categories of the Angaston Show.

Library News

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Scholastic Book Club Issue 2 will be out any day now.
Orders need to be returned to the school by 14th MARCH.
*Please note Book Club due dates are no longer stamped on the catalogue so please check newsletter for due dates.
There are 2 ways to order:

  1. Fill out the order form on the back page. Rip it out and return to the school with cash.
  2. Order online (LOOP). Go to scholastic.com.au/LOOP and register your details. You are able to order and pay online.

If the books are a gift and you do not wish them to go home in the class tray please select GIFT ORDER or let me know and I will arrange to get the books to you another way.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

It is that time of year again when we start thinking about the Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) for 2018.
F/1 class do not need to worry about finishing this at home as we will complete it with students during class and library time.
Year 2-7 are to read 12 books, 8 with the PRC tags in their appropriate year level and 4 free choice. I have been encouraging students to complete this in term 1, which was 1.09 books a week. If students hand in their signed form during Term 1 they will receive a prize from Mrs Doecke.
We have already had one student complete the challenge. Congratulations Joel Brandon!
Medals and certificates will be presented in term 4.

Finance News

Term one fees are due by 2nd March unless you have an agreed payment plan. Come in and have a chat to our friendly Finance Officer, Mr Brian Cosh if you have any financial concerns.

Canteen News

RECESS: Frozen Yoghurt – Mango or Strawberry                                   R: $2.00
LUNCH: Individual lunch platter –                                                          L: $4.00
Kabana, cheese, cherry tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, snow peas, boiled egg,
and bread (Piece of French stick buttered).

Drinks can be ordered on your order form/brown bag or sold on the day.
Fruit Boxes $1.50 each [Apple, Orange, Tropical, Apple/Blackcurrant, Apple Raspberry]
Soda Water Cans $1.50
Chocolate & Strawberry Milk $2.00

A separate order form will be sent home for orders on this day.

Quelch Fruit Ice Sticks – 0.50cents each – Available to purchase on Fridays at lunchtime.
No pre-orders.

Local Church Services Times

Angaston Parish Service Times

Date Angaston Gruenberg Gnandenberg
Mar 4 10.45am HC     — 8.45am HC
Mar 11  8.45am
10.45am HC          —

*Wednesday March 7 – 7:30pm Parish Lenten Service at Gnadenberg
*Wednesday March 14 – 7.30pm Parish Lenten Service at Keyneton

KEVS Service Times

Date Keyneton Eden Valley Springton

Mar 4

9am HC AGM
Ps D Preuss

10am LR

11am HC
Ps D Preuss

10.30am HC
Ps E Braunack-Mayer
Harvest Thanks
Ps V Kleinig
9.15am HC
Harvest Thanks
Ps V Kleinig

School News

Working Together

Playgroup News

We encourage parents with young children to come along on Monday at:

9.30am- 11.15am for playgroup, coordinated by Rebecca Klemm & Jim McCarthy.

Held in the Shepherd’s Hub (gymnasium).

For further information contact Rebecca on 0439 955 429.


Activities planned:

Monday 5th March

Egg Carton Craft

Monday 12th March


Angaston Early Learning Centre

The Angaston Early Learning Centre join us weekly at Good Shepherd for story time and book borrowing, buddy time as well as some sport fun.



Support the facility we have right here at Good Shepherd for all your before and after school hours care. Bookings essential.

For more information contact Lillian on 0468 672 772 or email: sagoodshepherdangaston@oshccampaustralia.com.au

Community News

Good Shepherd will be participating in the Coles Sports for Schools.

For every $10 spent at Coles, customers will receive one Sports for Schools voucher. School Admin will be collecting the blue vouchers received from your shopping,

We hope to receive a good tally of vouchers to redeem them for some great sports equipment for your children.

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