Good Shepherd Grapevine – 12 August 2021

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Can I Be a Success?

God made you as you are with gifts, talents and abilities. Success in life means so much more if you want to be successful for him.

Brazil’s soccer legend Pelé once said, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” I guess he ought to know—he is regarded by many in the sport, including football writers, players, and fans, as the greatest player of all time. In 1999, he was voted World Player of the Century. He retired in 1977.

To be brilliant in one field of sport, you must know something about success and hard work. But I know people who lament the fact that they have never succeeded in anything—that they are failures. So, what does it mean to be a success in life? Is it really possible? I don’t know anyone who wants to fail in life. The opposite is the reality. We all want to live a successful life.

Everyone wants to have a happy, healthy life, do meaningful work, enjoy a career, and achieve financial independence. Everyone wants to make a difference in the world, to be significant, to have a positive impact on those around him or her. Everyone wants to do something wonderful with his or her life. To some, when they think of success, they imagine wealth; others want power; some just want to make a positive impact on the world. And somehow we admire those who have made an impact on the world. They leave a lasting impression.

There are few artists as influential as Michelangelo. Today, centuries after his death, his work still inspires and connects to people. His work is world famous. Just think of his statue of David, or the mural in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Imagine then, if he decided not to work as an artist—being a successful artist has always been extremely difficult. Imagine if he decided to give up this ambition in favour of something easier. Oftentimes, people often decide to put their dreams aside for something more ‘realistic’. To give up their dream for something easier.

What Is the Key to Success?
I heard about one man who was considered to be very successful and someone said to him, ”What is the key to your success?” The man replied, ”Good judgement.” They said, ”Well, where did you learn good judgement?’ He said, ”From experience.” They said, “‘And where did you gain your experience?” He said, ”From poor judgement.”

Something in that. Some of us think success is the gaining of fame or prosperity but that’s not always the case for most of us anyway.

Someone once asked Paul Harvey, the journalist and radio commentator, to reveal the secret of his success. He replied, “I get up when I fall down.” And it really is that simple. Nothing of value is achieved without hard work and persistence

In the 1980s US Senator Mark Hatfield toured Calcutta with Mother Teresa and visited the so-called House of Dying, where sick children are cared for in their last days, and the dispensary, where the poor line up by the hundreds to receive medical attention. Watching Mother Teresa minister to these people, feeding and nursing those left by others to die, Mark Hatfield was overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the suffering she and her co-workers faced daily. “How can you bear the load without being crushed by it?” he asked. Mother Teresa replied, “My dear Senator, I am not called to be successful, I am called to be faithful”. This saint knew what success was—in giving her life for the poor of India.

Norman Vincent Peale defined success as ‘the development of a mature and constructive personality’—a good definition. Matthew 6:33 in the New Testament (The Voice) says, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and then all these things will be given to you, too”. When you put God and his kingdom first, amazing things happen. Your focus moves away from self to others. You want to be linked to the greatest mission of all: to share God’s love through Jesus Christ with others.

God made you as you are with gifts, talents and abilities. Success in life means so much more if you want to be successful for him. God has given you something to develop. It’s your responsibility to take that and do as much as you can with it. Spend time in prayer, ask Jesus into your life, and pray for his guidance. Ask him to give you a good definition of success, and then apply it to your daily life—you won’t be sorry.

By Chris Witts – Adapted by Jayden Evans

Prayer Corner

This fortnight, staff and students pray for:


  • OSBORNE:  Jessica, Zac & Zeke
  • PECH:  Amanda, Andrew, Campbell, Spencer and Maddison
  • PENNA:  Bonita and Elsa
  • PODOLSKI:  Melissa, Andrew and Jasper


  • Danielle Pywell – LSO
  • Edith Unger – Volunteer
  • Fiona McDonald – Foundation Teacher
  • Linda Fiebiger – LSO



1   Amelia Klemm
1   Zahli Schultz
12  Eleanor John
12  Ava McGorman
13  Austin Doecke
21 Sam Abdelmalek
22 Thomas Spiteri
25  Jadon Brandon
27  Leo Abdelmalek
27  Sean McCarthy



1   Max Gaston
23  Jed Klau


  • This week we give thanks for the rainfall that has been received in our region over the past few weeks.  We pray that this rain is adequate for many of the primary producers in our local community as they look forward to bumper crops this season.

Dear Good Shepherd families,

Wasn’t it lovely to have a few days earlier in the week with some sunshine and warmth in the air. Although it hasn’t lasted, it certainly gives us a hint of Spring which is just around the corner.

Year 6/7 Exhibition…
The Year 6/7 class is a hive of activity at the moment as students participate in the PYP Exhibition. As part of this learning experience, students participate in a collaborative inquiry where they put into action all of the attributes of the Learner Profile and the Approaches to Learning they have acquired throughout their journey within an IB PYP School.

As part of the 2021 Exhibition, students at GSLS have inquired into one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. This has seen students delve into issues such as:
– Sustainable farming
– Life below water
– Equal rights
– Sustainable cities
– Peace and justice.

As part of their inquiries, students have been researching and speaking to experts in the field in order to understand their development goal in more depth. They are also developing ways to take action so that they can make a meaningful difference. The entire process concludes with students creating an exhibit which encapsulates what they have learnt and will be used as a tool to share and advocate the important cause they have been exploring. These exhibits will be on display in the Hub for families of the school to visit on Wednesday, 25th of August.

There will be two sessions on this day whereby the Exhibition will be open for visitors:

6.30pm – 7.30pm: This session is open only for families of Year 6 and 7 students. A separate email has gone out to these families with additional information.
12.00 – 1.00pm: This session is open to other school families as well as additional family members of Yr 6/7 students who are unable to attend the evening session.

 If you would like to attend one of these sessions, please email Danette at  

As per current covid-safe requirements, all visitors will need to sign in using the QR Codes, apply hand sanitiser upon entrance, observe social distancing protocols and wear a mask while onsite.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish our Year 6 and 7 students all the best as they prepare for the big event and look forward to celebrating the learning and action that has taken place.

Bus survey…
Last week a letter was sent to all GSLS families inviting them to complete a survey as part of the School Board’s investigation into bus transportation. Thank you to those who submitted responses. The information collated from this exercise will inform the board as it explores the feasibility of supporting families with bus transportation. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me should you wish to contribute further to the investigation.

Good times…
‘Good times @ Good Shepherd’ is an exciting new Student Wellbeing initiative. It will see students from all year levels selecting an activity based on areas of interest as suggested by the students themselves. Some of these activities will include…
• Dancing
• Cooking
• Aussie Rules clinics
• Karate
• Working with Clay & Playdough
• Sculpture building
• Art.

These activities will take place after lunch on Fridays in Weeks 6, 8 and 9 and will be facilitated by staff who are passionate or talented in those areas. ‘Good times @ Good Shepherd’ will see students having an opportunity to work, learn and have fun alongside students in other classes as well as connect with different staff members. We will aim to share more about this exciting initiative in the weeks to come.

Do you know of someone with pre-school aged children looking for a school in 2022 or 2023? If so, please encourage them to make contact with us. We would love to show them around our beautiful facilities, introduce them to our caring staff and students and invite them to become part of the GSLS family. When new families join Good Shepherd, often it is due to word-of-mouth. I therefore thank you for being wonderful advocates of our school. It is much appreciated.

Upcoming Student Free day…
As per the last newsletter, please remember that the 3rd September is a Student Free day. This date is consistent with other local department schools in the region. Please note that on this day, OSCH is able to accept bookings to provide care. Please contact Suzy Linke on 8564 3387 to book a place. We encourage families to book in early so that confirmation of this service can be provided as early as possible.

Updated Calendar…
Today GSLS families will receive an updated calendar for the remainder of Term 3. At the time of publishing, all events on the calendar are planned to go ahead as scheduled. A couple of events to highlight include:

Book Week – Book Week will be celebrated at Good Shepherd in Week 8. It will culminate with our dress-up day on Friday 10th September. The theme for Book Week and also the dress up is ‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds’. If the theme doesn’t inspire you, Mrs John our librarian assures me that children can come dressed as any character from a book of their choice.

The Book Week parade will occur on Friday after chapel and parents will be welcome to join us for the festivities. In previous years, a special invite has been sent to Grandfriends to come along as well.  This year we are looking to do things a little differently and instead will look to invite our special Grandfriends to an event in Term 4.

Please see further information from Mrs John about Book Week below.

Playgroup…  After a few weeks’ break, Playgroup will recommence on Monday in the Hub after Assembly.

P & F Bonfire…  The GSLS Parents & Friends met this week. The decision was made at this meeting not to hold the P & F Bonfire in 2021. We know that this is a very popular event, however the team of very passionate volunteers are determined to offer an alternative community event later in the year. Stay tuned! Although the Bonfire has been unable to occur in the past two years, the P & F are committed to the event remaining on the school calendar.

Student Led Conferences…  These were originally planned for Wednesday 15th September – they have now been moved to the following day on Thursday, 16th September. Further information about Student Led Conferences, including the details for booking a session with your child, will be sent out soon.

Chapel and Assembly…
Over the past week we have recommenced whole school chapel and assembly gatherings in the Hub. As a school we have enjoyed coming together in this way and have particularly been glad to see parents attend This week we have Mrs Mann’s class leading worship. Parents and visitors are once again welcome to come along. If you are intending to do so, please remember sign in using the QR codes upon arrival and to wear a mask.


Darren Altus
Acting Principal 

IB PYP Learner Profile Awards


Week 3 – Monday 2 August 2021
FDN Archie McGorman Risk-Taker/Caring Archie is so brave. He has grown so much in being able to come to school confidently and with courage. Archie is a kind-hearted and fun loving friend. He openly includes others and has such an infectious smile. He is a natural connector and works with all his classmates with equal enthusiasm.
1/2 Cooper Jachmann Open Minded Cooper retuned to school last week eager to get back into learning. He has used his persistence and growth mindset to approach tasks and has excitedly worked with teachers to continue building his literacy skills.
2/3 Tom Spiteri Principled Thomas has shown terrific dedication towards his school work. He is making a big effort to present his work neatly and enthusiastically shares his thoughts and understanding during class discussions.
4/5 Brodie Heinrich Open-Minded/
Brodie has had a great start to Term Three. He came back to school after the holidays focused and ready to learn. Despite the lockdown Brodie continued this positive attitude toward his home learning. Brodie completed many home learning tasks and proudly showed off his new learning during sharing time when we finally came back to school.

Calum Klose and Jaslyn Grundel 


Inquirers Calum and Jaslyn have demonstrated great inquiry skills so far with their work on Exhibition and their dedication to continue working and researching on their questions, even during break times.



Week 4 – Monday 9 August 2021
FDN Miranda
Risk-Taker Miranda is such a determined and persistent risk-taker. She wholeheartedly engages in school life and she can be relied upon to always have a go when she is unsure. Miranda is branching out in her friendships, taking the biggest risk of all in extending her social circle. Miranda should be so proud of her attitude towards life and learning.
1/2 Annie Mathews Inquirer Annie happily spends time with teachers and support staff to engage richly in her learning. She is curious, enthusiastic and always willing to have a go and try her best.
2/3 Jasper Podolski Principled Jasper demonstrated that he is principled by showing care and respect towards his teachers. He is also making an effort to compromise and problem solve with his peers.
4/5 Tillie Waechter Thinker/
Tillie has shown outstanding effort towards her learning this term. She has been taking on the advice and content presented during mini writing lessons and applying them to her own writing to improve the coherence of what she writes. She has been keen to share her learning with others. She demonstrated great reflective thinking by making improvements to her assembly video so that she was sharing her ideas succinctly.

Judith Ratsch







Judith demonstrated her big heart and her caring nature this past week as she investigated sensitive topics and displayed great empathy, compassion and love for people living in harsh conditions.

Leo demonstrated a great willingness to be open-minded with his Exhibition work so far this term, as he worked persistently with his German aspect of it and worked hard looking into a different perspective on his topic.


Classroom Snapshot – Mr Jayden Evans’ 6/7 Class


Throughout this term the Year 6/7’s have been completing their Exhibition. Part of their Exhibition is showcasing action and making a difference to their community. This past week the 5 different sustainability groups walked down the main street of Angaston surveying and interviewing members of the public to find out their opinion on how they can think globally and act locally on their chosen topic. They will use these results to make informed decisions about life below water, sustainable agriculture, deforestation, sustainable cities and peace and justice issues. They can’t wait to showcase these results on Exhibition night in a fortnight’s time.


Library News

International ICAS assessments
It is now the time of the year when we start engaging in the ICAS online assessments for those students who have put their names down to participate. These assessments were open to students from Years 2-7.

The tests began this week (Week 4) with 4 students from various age groups completing the Digital Technologies test. The next test to come will be English on Tuesday of Week 5.

A listing of the tests and times is below:

English – Tuesday Week 5
Science – Thursday Week 6
Spelling Bee – Tuesday Week 6
Maths – Possibility of Tuesday or Thursday Week 7
Writing – Week 1, Term 4


In Week 8 this term we will celebrate Book Week. This includes the celebration of book reading, activities and of course – our book character costume parade!

WHEN is the parade? Friday Week 8 – September 10

WHERE and WHAT time? 9am in the Hub, after the chapel service for the day.

WHY do we do it? As is the tradition in our school and the many other schools around our state/nation we read and do activities based on the shortlisted picture books for 2021 (as voted for by the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA)). We also engage in activities based on the Book Week theme for the year, which is Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds. Normally we have begun our celebrations with a parade at the beginning of the week however this year it has been decided that we will end the week with our traditional parade.

HOW do I be a part of it? Start thinking about which book character you might dress as this year! As always you are encouraged to have fun and there is no pressure to have the perfect costume. My advice would be to use things that you have at home to create it, or you may already have/or can borrow a costume that you can wear. I’d love to see each student bring in the book (either from home or borrow from the library) that contains their character to show during the parade. If your costume matches the theme for Book Week this year (Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds) all the more credit to you!

Rachel John
Resources Coordinator

P&F News

Unfortunately, we are having to cancel the annual bonfire for another year. This decision was very hard to make but because of this term’s other commitments (camps and exhibition) along with Covid restrictions still in place we thought it was for the best.

However, the P&F are currently brainstorming for a family fun event to take its place in Term 4. If you have any ideas or suggestions for this event, please reach out to Amanda Pech.

NEXT MEETING 13/09/2021
Please mark in your diaries that the next P&F meeting is on Monday 13th of September at 7pm. The meeting will be held in the Staff Room.  All welcome.

With some of the money we have raised so far this year, the P&F have been able to purchase a third table and chair set for the decking. The students have already put this to good use!

The P&F would like to say a big thank you, for all your fundraising efforts this year.

Chaplain’s News

Dear Good Shepherd Community,

Hoping you are going well in this season. Some Bible verses that I have been reflecting on this week are about how seasons change but God is always the same, He never changes. In today’s fast paced, unstable, constantly changing world it is easy to feel like things are spinning out of control and that nothing ever stays the same. However, in the midst of life and chaos, there is one thing that never changes, and that is God’s love for us all. His love is constant, and when nothing else stays the same, He does. 

Malachi 3:6 says, “I am the Lord, I change not.”

Hebrews 13:8 says “Jesus is the same “yesterday, today, and forever.”

Have a good week.

God’s richest blessings,

Fiona Lloyde

This week’s newsletter article from ‘Parenting Ideas’ is about ways to resist children’s pester power. 

5 ways to resist children’s pester power


Do you have a child who won’t take “no” for an answer?

“Mum, can you buy me a treat?”
“MUUUMMMM, can you get me some new clothes?”
“It’s not fair. You never let me have any fun.”

Sound familiar?

 Kids have a way of getting under your skin when they really want something. You can refuse their request for a treat, some extra time out of bed or some new clothes, and they can keep at you until you give in.

Whining, tantrums and appeals to fairness are common tactics that kids use to break down parental resolve.

Some kids when they receive a knock back from one parent, will try the other parent out. “Okay, mum said no to an ice cream, I’ll just check to see what dad says” is the type of tactic I‘m talking about here.

Solo parents can easily become worn down by pester power as there is no one to share the burden with.

Pester power hasn’t always been a problem for parents. In the days of large families, when four or more children were common, not only was there less propensity to give kids what they wanted but siblings had their own way of dealing with rebellious or ‘prima-donna’ type behaviour.

There is no doubt that kids’ pester power is alive and well and living in Australian homes right now. In these times of smaller families the voice of one child resisting can be the only voice a parent hears.

If your kids don’t take no for answer, particularly when they want you to buy, buy, buy consider these well-tested resistance strategies:

1. Keep explanations to a minimum.
It’s worth remembering that it’s okay to say no… without always having to explain yourself. While kids should know why we don’t give/allow them something that doesn’t mean we have to give answers every single time. Most of the times kids know why we say no, but they just keep pushing the boundaries.

2. Make yourself scarce.
My wife was an expert making herself scarce physically or psychologically when my kids used to argue the point with her. She would ignore attempts to change her mind, going about her business as if they weren’t there. They soon realised that arguing was futile. So have I… except it took me a little longer!!

3. Communicate with your partner.
Teenagers are adept at putting pressure on parents to acquiesce to their demands, particularly when it comes to going out. Get into the habit of bringing your partner into the picture. “I’m not sure about that. I’ll check with your father/mother and get back to you” is a handy response.

4. Draw strength from a friend.
It helps, particularly if you are on your own, to phone a friend to check if you are being reasonable. It’s easy to doubt yourself, and your sanity, when you are on your own.

5. How can you make this happen?
Sometimes it’s best to put the onus on to kids, particularly when they pester you to buy them things. “Sure, you can have a new mobile phone. Have you got enough money to buy it now or do you have to save for it?” is the type of response I suggest for kids who just love you to be their automatic teller machine.

Michael Grose

Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators. He’s an award-winning speaker and the author of 12 books for parents including Spoonfed Generation, and the bestselling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It. Michael is a former teacher with 15 years experience, and has 30 years experience in parenting education. He also holds a Master of Educational Studies from Monash University specialising in parenting education.

Finance and Administration News

School Fees Term 3 2021

Please note payment of school fees for Term 3 are due next Friday, 20th August 2021.  Please contact our Finance Officer, Sarah Loveday if you would like to discuss payment arrangements.

Uniform Shop

It’s great to see our Uniform Shop Coordinator, Virginia back this week.  All going well Virginia will be available each Monday afternoon from 3.15pm – 3.45pm during the school term for any uniform purchases.  A big THANK YOU to Zac Osborne for filling in for Virginia over the past few weeks.

Notice of Withdrawal

We remind families that we require one term’s notice in writing of your intention to withdraw a student to avoid being charged an additional term’s fees.

School Card Scheme 2021

Did you know that limits for the school card have now been increased. So you may now be eligible if you have not been in the past.  Applications for the School Card Scheme are available online.  To check if you are eligible click on the following link or contact Sarah Loveday for further information.

Office Hours:  8.30am – 4.00pm

Please avoid phoning between 8.15 – 8.30am as staff are debriefing and in devotion. A phone call prior to 8.30am however will be taken by the answering machine for you to leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible if required.

Student Absence

Parents are requested to call the office by 9.30am if your child is absent. An answering machine is available to leave a message after hours.

Late Arrivals / Early Departures

If your child is late for school or they depart early for appointments etc parents/carers must sign them in at the front office in the Student Sign In/Out Register.

School Banking

LLL Banking—Lutheran Laypeople’s League. Passbooks to Administration on Monday morning for processing during the week. Application forms for opening an LLL account are available from the front office.

Student Accident Cover

Children are covered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year but only in respect to any injuries that happen:

  • While the student is engaged in school activities and school-related extra-curricular activities (including work experience, vocational training, excursions etc).
  • While the student is engaged in organised school sporting activities.
  • While the student is engaged in organised non-school sporting activities with a club that is a member of an established sporting association. The student must be a registered and/or a financial participant of the club.
  • During travel to and from school, school activities, organised school sporting activities, and organised non-school sporting activities.

Building Blocks Playgroup

Next Monday 16th August our Building Blocks Playgroup resumes for the term.  We look forward to seeing our playgroup members again for some crafts, climbing, songs and story time.

Please contact Sarah Briones if you have any questions on 0448 354 583.

Local Church Service Times

Angaston Parish Service Times





August 15
Pent 12
Proper 15
10.30am HC 8.45am  HC
Family Service
August 22
Pent 13
Proper 16
8.45am  HC 10.30am  HC


KEVS Service Times



Eden Valley


August 15
Pent 12
Proper 15
11.00am  HC 9.00am  HC
August 22
Pent 13
Proper 16
9.00am  HC 4.30pm 11.00am  HC