Good Shepherd Grapevine – 15 February 2018

by Feb 13, 2018Good Shepherd Grapevine

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 This Week’s Rattling – “Emojis”

Upcoming Events

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Prayer Corner

This fortnight, staff and student’s pray for:


  • NOACK: Phillip, Tracey, Charlottel, Ryan, Hannah, James Ben & Tom
  • PEARSON: Glen, Barbara & Tristan
  • PECH: Andrew, Amanda, Campbell, Spencer & Maddison
  • PERRYMAN: Andrew, Jodie, Emily & Blake


  • Josie Wundersitz – Year 2.3, The Arts
  • Debra Wilson – Chaplain (on leave)
  • Helen Westermann – German
  • Melissa Emmett – F.1


  • Pray for the Hooker family as they mourn the passing of Mel Hooker’s mother in law. 
  • School Council Members. May God fill you with wisdom and clear direction to assist in the governing of our school.
  • P&F Group. We praise and thank our wonderful P&F team as they fundraise and fun raise for the good of our families and children. We pray also for their preparations for the Angaston Show and the gathering of volunteers to assist in their fundraising efforts.
  • Class Carers. We thank you for your support and care for families and the relationships you develop with parents in your assigned class.


We love to celebrate your birthday & baptism:

  • February
  • 3  Tayla Dixon
    7 Angela Linke
  •  8 Michael Scanlon
  •  9 Helen Westermann
  • 10 Theresa Whitehead
  • 14 Alexander Johnson
  • 17 Rhian Doecke
  • 18 William McCarthy


  • February
  •   1 Martin Vasica-Rohrlach
  • 17 Angela Linke

Principals News

Dear Parents,

Last Friday we held our first ever ‘Aloha Night’ at Good Shepherd and it was a great success. Undaunted by the hot weather we moved proceedings inside and settled in for a night of fun and fellowship in the school library while our super adaptable teachers modified their games with the children so that they could be run in the Learning Street. Aloha was a combined effort from School Council, P and F and Staff. I am very appreciative of the contribution from each of these groups. It was a great way to start the year with families old and new and will now be a permanent fixture on our school calendar.

On Sunday the Queen’s Baton Relay will arrive in Angaston. It will leave from the Good Shepherd Oval at midday and arrive 40 minutes later at the Angaston Oval. This will be a great opportunity to see the Baton up close before it arrives at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games on April 4th. Local Little Athletics clubs have organised informal games and sporting events at the oval and there will also be food and drinks for sale. I would encourage you to attend the Baton ’send off’ from our school before going to the Angaston Oval and enjoying the community spirit and various activities.

Every three years Lutheran schools across Australia participate in an extensive online survey to gather longitudinal data from parents, staff and senior students. This information assists us in the ongoing improvement of our school as well as providing invaluable information to inform the broader work of Lutheran Education Australia (LEA). The survey is managed by Research Australia Development and Innovation Institute (RADII). Next month you will receive an email inviting you to take part in the survey online. Please read the separate newsletter item from RADII and LEA which includes further details.

And finally. You will have received a letter from our Chaplain, Deb Wilson on Tuesday. As you know Deb requested personal leave for this term. Last week she tendered her resignation effective immediately. This was not an easy decision for Deb to make and she has already outlined her reasons in her letter so I won’t go back over them. I would like to acknowledge the outstanding contribution which Deb has made to our school as our first Chaplain. Her support of our entire school community has been just amazing. She was (and is) much loved by staff, students and parents and we will honour Deb and properly farewell her at the final Assembly of this term.


Anne Marschall

IB PYP News – What is Curriculum?

The aim of the PYP is to create a transdisciplinary curriculum that is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant for learners in the 3–12 age range. In developing a curriculum of international education for primary school students, the PYP curriculum is broad and inclusive. The IB believes that:

  • ALL students should be supported to participate in the programme to the fullest extent possible
  • A school’s curriculum includes ALL those student activities, academic and non-academic, for which the school takes responsibility, since they all have an impact on student learning (At Good Shepherd the first two weeks of 2017 provided many wonderful opportunities for teachers and students to prepare and plan for a successful year)
    In keeping with the PYP commitment to inquiry, three components are expressed in three open-ended questions, each of which compels teachers at Good Shepherd to think deeply about their own practice with regard to student learning.
    What do we want to learn?
    The written curriculum – the identification of a framework of what’s worth knowing
    How best will we learn?
    The taught curriculum – the theory and application of good classroom practice
    How will we know what we have learned?
    The assessed curriculum – the theory and application of effective assessment
    The Australian Curriculum is taught and assessed alongside the PYP at Good Shepherd and promotes excellence and equity for all students by providing a challenging curriculum from which rigorous, relevant and engaging learning programs are developed that addresses individual learning needs. Our 2018 Program of Inquiry (POI) is displayed in the hallway near the Year 2/3 classroom and is also available on our new website.
    If you have any questions about the 2018 POI and curriculum I will be available between 3.00pm-3.30pm on Thursday 15th February in the staffroom. Please feel free to drop in or alternatively please do not hesitate to contact me on my email at

Mel Hooker
PYP Coordinator

Classroom Snapshot – Foundation / Year 1


We made our own emojis to fit in with our classroom theme and displayed them on our door.


Alexander sorted rocks into 2 groups- smooth and rough.


Amelia and Ava sorted coloured vehicles into groups of each type of vehicle.


Schultutern- This is a first day of school tradition for German children- This was completed in German lessons with Frau Westermann.


Dylan, Campbell and Riley sorted wooden, coloured shapes by more than one way.


We surveyed the class and found out how many people had a birthday in each month. We took photos for our class birthday chart to show who had a birthday in each month and what their birthdate was. This photo is of those who have birthdays in the month of October- Heidi Smith (LSO), Georgia, Bella and Karlo.

SRC Reps 2018

We congratulate the following students in their selection as SRC Reps for this year.

Year 2/3
Blake Perryman
Tom Noack

Year 4
Georgia Leggett
Erin Heinrich

Year 5/6
Stevie Schwarz
Thomas Gaston

Year 6/7
Lachlan Marschall
Zachary Gripton

God's Little Helpers

The following students will be involved in making our school more sustainable.

Mr Chris Hall gives support to staff to help guide, educate and equip them in sustainability. 

Foundation / Year 1
Ava McGorman
Brodie Heinrich

Year 2/3
Aimee Gripton
Senspri Qualter

Year 4
Matilda Barrett
William McCarthy

Year 5/6
Benjamin Noack
Jayden Ahrns

Year 6/7
Kayley Scholz
Charlize Campbell

Student Awards & Results

Presented at Assemblies Monday 5th & 12th February

Foundation / Year 1 Class—Mrs Melissa Emmett

KARLO SCHOLZ – RISK TAKER & COMMITMENT – Awarded to Karlo for being resourceful when solving problems and resilient when faced with challenges. He also showed commitment to his learning by attempting taks independently.

SAVANNAH CAMPBELL – RISK TAKER – Awarded to Savannah for the way she has increasingly shown independence in attemtping her work, especially in her writing, and for the calculated risks she took.


Year 2 / 3 Class—Mr Dan Hausler / Mrs J Wundersitz

SENSPRI QUALTER – COMMITMENT & CONFIDENCE  –  It was brilliant to see Senspri deliver her SRC application speech on Friday. She was organised, had wonderful idea and spoke clearly and confidently. 

BLAKE PERRYMAN – COOPERATION & ENTHUSIASM  –  Blake has started the year with a fantastic attitude. He is determined to set high goals for himself and is making an effort to help those new to the class. 


Year 4 Class—Mrs Renae Ruediger

JADON BRANDON – COMMUNICATOR – Jadon came up with an idea to solve one of our EDEN problems and confidently communicated it to the class.

MASON LADE  – CREATIVE – Mason has been creative by solving problems in Maths lessons, also iPad problems and Lexile problems. 


Year 5 / 6 Class—Mr Simon Herrmann

SAM KLAU – COOPERATIVE – Sam worked well as part of a partner or group during different team building and group activities. It was great to see him encourage others and help those around him.

PAYTON TRENWITH – CREATIVE & ENTHUSIASTIC – Payton demonstrated creative ideas and enthusiasm when working on the different ‘Week of Inspirational Maths’ activities. She also used a growth mindset by showing persistence when trying different ideas to help solve the challenges.


Year 6 / 7 Class—Mrs Mel Hooker / Mrs Mel Ryan

JOANNA LINKE – CONFIDENCE – Joanna demonstrated confidence by being confident in her ability as a learner in her first week of Year 7. Joanna had the courage to take risks during Maths activities and she made appropriate decisions and choices during team building activities with her peers.

JAMES NOACK – ENTHUSIASM – James demonstrated enthusiasm by willingly putting in effort into all his learning experiances in Maths and Unit of Inquiry lessons during the second week of school. Congratulations James on demonstrating your love of learning.

Local Church Services Times

Angaston Parish Service Times

Date Angaston Gruenberg Gnandenberg
Feb 18
Lent 1
10.45 AGM
Harvest Thanks
Family AGM
Feb 25
Lent 2
8.45 HC
Harvest Thanks

*Feb 21  7.30pm Parish Lenten Service at Gruenberg

KEVS Service Times

Date Keyneton Eden Valley Springton
Feb 18 11am HC
   9am HC      —
Feb 25
Farewell Service
Pastor Erik & Annette
KEVS Service at
Eden Valley
Pooled lunch to follow in
Eden Valley Institute.
*Feb 28  7.30pm Parish Lenten Service at Eden Valley

Road Closure Notice – Valley Road to Radford Road

The developers of the land divisions on Valley Road, Angaston have advised that from Monday 19th February through to 28th February Valley Road – right from Neldner Avenue will be closed through to Radford Road. Access will be available from Neldner Avenue left onto Valley Road, past Angaston OSHC and Angaston Early Learning Centre, but will have stop lights directing traffic as it will be one lane only. This may delay your arrival to and from school so please use an alternative route if possible or allow extra time.

Do you know your School Councillors?

Our School Councillors all have something they can share with you about their enthusiasm for Good Shepherd and why they are happy to serve.

Go to the link to take you directly to the Governing Council’s page on our website

Chaplain News

Dear GSLS Community,

As you may be aware, I requested to take leave for Term 1, but after prayerful consideration have decided to resign from Good Shepherd. I know this has worried many of you as to why and the short notice of it all, and I would like you all to know I am grateful for your concern and thoughts, and that I and my family are all well.

“Family First” has always been my recommendation to others in times of challenge, and since my family situation has changed I have decided to take my own advice and look forward to resting in God, whatever He has in store for us all.

Thank you for caring about me and my family, and also for respecting this decision, though difficult it has been.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 3 years as your Chaplain, and will miss you all very much. From the day I began I always felt incredibly welcomed, accepted and embraced by so many of you- staff, volunteers, students and families alike. I consider it an absolute privilege and honour to have walked alongside some of you through your personal journeys, and to have had the amazing support from such fantastic volunteers like the Class Carers and Goodies. I couldn’t have done my role nor any particular task without such support, friendship and leadership. There are too many to thank individually, but I am grateful to you all from the bottom of my heart for what this has meant to me. Thank you for not only being amazing STUDENTS!, fellow parents, co-workers, supporters, and leaders in your individual walks of life and fields of expertise, but also such dear friends to me and my family over my time with you.

I couldn’t write this though without expressing my absolute gratitude to Mrs Anne Marschall for giving me this opportunity in the first place, and for always believing and entrusting me with so much. It has been an honour to serve under you as your Chaplain, and I pray an immeasurable outpouring of God’s love and grace over you as you continue to lead this great school community as you do, seemingly with no end of grace, mercy and wisdom that I have admired and enjoyed so much. Thank you dear Anne!

I have learned so much and been blessed even more during my time with this school community, and I look forward to seeing many of you as we move forward throughout the year and beyond. I pray God’s richest blessings and protection over you all and your families, and thank God for you all- such precious people, such tremendous gifts to the GSLS family, and the wider community.


Blessings ❤️ always,
Debra Wilson.



Canteen News


RECESS; Chocolate Brownie – $2.00
LUNCH; Baked Potato – 1x potato half with your choice of topping
Ham, Cheese & Pineapple OR Bolognaise & Cheese  – $1.50 per half
Please specify how many halves

Drinks can be ordered on your Order Form/Brown Bag or Sold on the Day

Fruit Box – Apple, Orange, Tropical, $1.50 Soda Water Cans $1.50
Apple/Blackcurrant Juice or Apple Raspberry Chocolate & Strawberry Milk $2.00

Canteen Contact – Jaymee Klose 0400666478 or via




RECESS; Fruit Cup– Watermelon, Apple & Banana – $1.50
LUNCH; Crispy Chicken Taco Boats – Soft Taco shell, Lightly coated chicken pieces, lettuce cheese, carrot & a tomato & avocado salsa –  $2.00ea



Working Together

Playgroup News

We encourage parents with young children to come along on Monday at:

9.30am- 11.15am for playgroup, coordinated by Rebecca Klemm & Jim McCarthy.

Held in the Shepherd’s Hub (gymnasium).

For further information contact Rebecca on 0439 955 429.


Activities planned:

Monday19th February
Pirates – Treasure Hunt

Monday 26th February
Threading and Weaving

Angaston Early Learning Centre

The Angaston Early Learning Centre join us weekly at Good Shepherd for story time and book borrowing, buddy time as well as some sport fun.



Support the facility we have right here at Good Shepherd for all your before and after school hours care. Bookings essential.

For more information contact Lillian on 0468 672 772 or email:

Community News

Barossa Swim Club - Free Swim Clinic


The newly-formed Barossa Swimming Club wishes to invite all swimmers aiming to participate in school and/or district representative swimming teams to a series of Friday night swim clinics to be held in February and March from 5pm to 6pm.

Experienced swimming coach Tony Davies will be available to work with swimmers of all abilities to help prepare them for school meets and, if successful, for their participation in regional meets and beyond.

The aim of the clinics will be to ensure the swimmers are competent in the fundamental competitive strokes, and the program will be delivered using a range of innovative swimming drills. The sessions will also cover a variety of race swimming skills (starts, finishes, turns), as well as other important areas such as stroke rate and stroke length, and they will offer a range of activities designed around improving swim fitness.

The Barossa Swimming Club looks forward to working with the region’s up-and-coming swimmers at these clinics.

VENUE: The REX – Barossa Aquatic and Fitness Centre

WHEN: 5pm to 6pm Fri 16th and 23rd of February, Friday 2nd of March

COST: Free clinic (normal pool-use entry fee to the Rex shall apply)

FURTHER INFORMATION: For further information, please call Anthony (Tony) DAVIES 0467 667 395

Angaston Show Reply Slip