Good Shepherd Grapevine – 19 November 2020

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It seems like every year at this time is the same for me, I find myself already reflecting on the year that has been and I feel a rush of anticipation for Christmas and all the joy that it brings; Christmas play practices for my children at Sunday school, shopping for presents and organising our family get togethers. I also love the warmer weather.

Although these are all things that I greatly anticipate this year again, it goes without saying that the reflections I have had of this past year have not been so joyful all the time, nor can we be sure this year that things will work out how we may want them to.  You would join me in what was the experience of living through very uncertain times during Covid-19, and that hasn’t left us completely yet.

It has also been a big year of loss for me personally with the loss of my mum’s mum (Nanna) and my dad’s mum (Grandma); two irreplaceable beings in my world. And very recently our enduring friend and family dog Diesel also passed. These things have been triggering and hard but somehow, in all of that suffering and sadness, joy and anticipation reign because I know that my Lord watches me and comforts me, gives me peace and a resolve to face whatever life throws. Not because he knows I can handle these things, but because I know HE can.

Below is a devotion written by my friend Kim that I hope, like me, you will find comforting as we face yet more uncertain times, but also some greatly joyful ones too.

Joy in Suffering

by Kimberley Pfeiffer

‘But we are not among those who shrink back and so are lost, but among those who have faith and so are saved’ ().

Is something causing you grief, or are you struggling in some way, physically, mentally, or emotionally? Are you in a battle right now? Can the people around you see it? Or is it a spiritual battle that you are hiding from those you know and love? Spiritual battles are as real as any physical battle. The torments of the mind can eat away at our souls just as much as any physical battle with cancer can waste away our bodies.

Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean life is going to be easy. It’s a hard lesson that we all have to go through. For me, I think that in some ways, it seems that life is more difficult as a Christian. It’s as though we have been ‘woken up’ and can see the depths of endless suffering we face as broken people living in a broken world.

It takes courage and confidence to put our trust in our Lord, especially when we are suffering. Sometimes despair wants to take us down its spiral. But we are reminded today that suffering is our training, and our faith in Christ brings a great reward.

As Christians, we have a wonderful resource in Christ to endure suffering. For Lutherans, we call it ‘cross theology’. It is at the cross-point where God breaks into our lives. The weakness of our own cross is like a tear in the curtain through which Christ enters. In the battles we face, we have his name to call on. He comes to fight for us, through us, and with his spiritual army, the church. Oh, the battles the church has fought with prayer – its greatest weapon!

When we are suffering, it is hard to remember the battle has already been won for us by Christ on the cross. Faith teaches us to remember this so that in our suffering, we can rest and pray, rather than clench our fists, get angry, and prepare to fight. We call on the name of our Lord, who hears us and strengthens our spirit. As we do, we learn his plan, his fight, his victory, and his joy.

Dear Heavenly Father, have mercy on us when we struggle in the battles of life. Send your Son, our Lord Jesus, into our battleground to strengthen us and restore our souls. By your Son, and because of his precious blood, hear the prayers of your church as we bring the needs of the world to your feet. Lord, in your mercy, Amen.   

Submitted by Rachel John

Prayer Corner

This fortnight, staff and students pray for:


  • SWINCER: Alicia, Daniel, Sam, Harry and Isobel
  • WAECHTER: Kelly-Ann, Leigh, Ella, Abigail and Tillie


  • John Morgan – Grounds/Maintenance
  • Rachel John- Library/Resources Co-ordinator
  • Naomi Guglielmo – 5/6 Teacher
  • Danette Mifflin – Administration
  • Edith Unger – Volunteer



4   Michael Lewis
10  Sophie Pitman
10  Sam Swincer
20  Jobe Rathjen
26  Heath Atyeo
28  Jaslyn Grundel
28  Erin Heinrich




1    Annabel Lloyd
1    Sam Abdelmalek
1    Karlo Scholz
1    Millie scholz
6    Ava McGorman
8    Luke Scanlon
8    Michael Scanlon
25  Michael Ratsch
27  Senspri Qualter


    • This week we pray for everybody in our school community as we navigate our way through this current COVID-19 outbreak together.

    Principal’s News

    Dear Parents,

    Last week our Parents and Friends committee held their Annual General Meeting. It was a night of reflection as we looked back on what has been a very challenging year for everyone. The year began well with Aloha Night, Angaston Show and Sports Day but from March onwards, many of the events scheduled for 2020 were unable to proceed or elsewhere radically altered as we entered a world of COVID restrictions. Despite this the P and F have continued to meet and plan for events and fund raising for the school. Their most recent venture is the Christmas raffle which has been well supported and looks like it will be a huge success. The final event which they are sponsoring is a day of fun for our children in the last week of term which will include farm barn, games, a jumping castle, face painting, a magician and more animals. I am sure this will be well received by our children and it is just what they need to look forward to after such a different year. During the evening the outgoing committee members were thanked for their service to the school and various vacancies were filled. The 2021 President is Jules Maddern. The Canteen manager is Sarah Gripton and the Secretary is Amanda Pech. The new role of communications is filled by Kylie Doering. Virginia Harvey will continue as Vice President and Sarah Gripton as Treasurer. Along with our hard working general members I know that this valuable arm of the school will continue to bring new ideas and new energy to Good Shepherd.

    In previous years the School Captains and I have represented Good Shepherd in the community at Remembrance Day commemorations in Nuriootpa or Angaston. This year, as with many events, it was a little different but no less special. Remembrance Day, 2020 was quietly commemorated in the Hub with just staff and students in attendance. Staff led the different parts of the service helped by our School Captains, Will and Stevie, who laid the wreath that they had made with roses from the school garden. Once again, I was reminded of how flexible and stoic our school community is as they respectfully adapted to the situation.

    As you know there have been a number of new restrictions in place due to the current outbreak of COVID – 19 cases in South Australia. This means our school is in lockdown effective from today for the next 6 days. Only the children of essential workers can attend. As always, we are informed by the advice and directions of SA Heath and if anything changes in the coming days this will be communicated to you via email. 

    And finally, I am very excited to announce that one of the action points that has resulted from the School’s revised Action Plan is the instigation of a regular, voluntary prayer time for GSLS staff. Every Friday interested staff will meet to pray for the school and each other. If you would like the prayer group to pray (in confidence) for you or a particular situation, please speak to myself or Fiona Lloyde (Chaplain).


    Anne Marschall

    Classroom Snapshot – Mrs Jennifer Grieger’s Foundation Class


    Teddy Bears’ Picnic

    On Tuesday 17th November the Foundation students participated in a Teddy Bears’ Picnic to celebrate all their hard work this semester. All the students brought along their favourite teddy or toy and shared stories and songs about teddies, before enjoying a shared picnic lunch under the shady trees on the school grounds. The children enjoyed a visit from Mrs Marschall and played some games together before returning to the classroom and decorating some teddy bear biscuits! We all had a fantastic day.

    IB PYP Learner Profile Awards


    Week 5 – Monday 9 November 2020
    FDN Jobe Rathjen Knowledgeable/Caring
    Jobe is a caring and conscientious member of our class. He always offers to help his classmates and is always organised in the morning or at the end of the day. He has worked hard in all areas of his learning this semester. He has shown great mathematical thinking and problem solving particularly during our work on addition.

    Asia Kuchar

    Cooper Jachmann






    Asia has been learning how to confidently approach and talk to others with patience. After some practise, Asia has now learnt how to clearly communicate her needs and feelings and is building some great relationships.

    Cooper gives his very best effort to all that he does. He takes responsibility for his own actions and is an honest and respectful member of the 1/2 class. He honours our class routines and supports others well as he fulfills his God’s Little Helper role.  

    3/4 Amelia Emmett Knowledgeable Amelia worked very well with her partner as they inquired and presented what they have learnt about lifeguards.  She was able to explain why a lifeguard’s job is important.
    5/6 Jadon Brandon Thinker Jadon has written some excellent limericks this week as part of our poetry unit. His limericks display a lot of careful thought and are connected with his personal interests.
    6/7 Annabel Lloyd Knowledgeable

    Annabel has shown a great ability to be knowledgeable throughout our unit of inquiry showing a great understanding of immigration and why refugees move to Australia. 



    Week 6 – Monday 16 November 2020
    FDN Elsa Penna Knowledgeable and Reflective Elsa has shown a greater understanding of the school and class routines. She has shown great improvement in her concentration during small focus group sessions and has contributed to class discussions.

    Spencer Pech


    Jasper Podolski




    Spencer has spent this term getting to know his classmates better, particularly our new student. Spencer is a supportive and compassionate friend who naturally includes and encourages those around him.

    Jasper holds great knowledge of the world around him. He often and willingly shares his in-depth understandings across a broad and balanced range of topics with us in class.  

    3/4 Aimee Gripton Inquirer Aimee has demonstrated commitment and understanding as she has worked on her inquiry task relating to celebrations around the world. 
    5/6 Olivia Emmett Thinker Last week, as part of our unit on migration, Olivia wrote a highly detailed diary entry from the perspective of a refugee. Her diary entry displayed deep thinking, and every sentence was written with great purpose.
    6/7 Olivia Wilkinson Caring Olivia demonstrated being caring by developing her abilities to form relationships with staff and students as well as working on being kind to others.


    Library News

    Book Fair

    Thanks to everyone who supported our last book fair for the year by purchasing books and stationery or visiting and just saying hi!

    Book Club

    Book Club issue 8 is out now! The due date for online orders is Tuesday 24th November (Week 7).

    All ICAS certificates will be distributed, along with Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) certificates and medals at assemblies towards the end of term. Likely we will distribute ICAS certificates with Junior Primary PRC items one Monday and the Upper Primary PRC items on a separate Monday at assembly.

    Please note that week 6 is the last week for borrowing, with all books to be returned to the library in week 7. The library will be closed for stocktake and clean up for the last two weeks of the term/year so regular borrowing won’t happen and there is not borrowing over the Christmas holidays. Having said this I wholeheartedly encourage the students to continue reading books that they may have at home or perhaps they can visit their local library throughout the holidays. Younger students who have access to the PM e-readers are encouraged to keep reading at their reader level in this online capacity.

    P&F News

    On the 7th of November, the P&F held their AGM. We would like to acknowledge and thank all the previous members for their contributions. The newly appointed members are as follows:

    • President: Julie Maddern
    • Secretary: Amanda Pech
    • Canteen Manager: Sarah Gripton
    • Communications Officer: Kylie Doering

    The P&F is a great way to become involved in the school, meet some new people and have some fun along the way. We meet twice a term for meetings (one day meeting and one night meeting) and there is no obligation to attend them all. If you are interested or want any further information please to talk to Julie Maddern.

    The Christmas Raffle Tickets have been selling like hot cakes! Many families have already sold their tickets. Remember, if you need more tickets please see Amanda Pech, Virginia Harvey or Danette Mifflin. All tickets and money are due back by Wednesday 2nd December and the raffle will be drawn at the Special Assembly on Monday 7th December.


    Everyday Reminders


    It is important that the school is notified by 9.00am each day if your child is absent.  Please ensure that a reason is included with your notification.  You are able to advise us of absentees by phoning and leaving a message prior to 8.30am; use the Skoolbag App or email gsls@goodshepherd.sa.edu.au.  Please understand that the Front Office is unable to access SeeSaw notifications sent directly to class teachers.  We also ask that parents keep children home if they are unwell.

    Drink Bottles

    With the weather warming up it is really important that all students bring sufficient water into school to keep them well hydrated.  The water fountains are still unable to be utilised due to COVID-19 restrictions.


    All students are required to bring a hat to school.  Our school supports the SunSmart actions of Slip, Slop, Seek and Slide wherever possible and follow the guidelines below to ensure all students are protected from over-exposure to UV radiation:

    – Children not wearing an appropriate hat will be sat out of play in the shade.
    – Parents are encouraged to supply sunscreen for their children, although there will be bulk sunscreen packs available at school.
    – The application of sunscreen will be encouraged before going out for recess/lunch or any outdoor activity between 10.00am and 3.00pm.

    Anyone wanting to access daily UV levels can access via the free SunSmart app.

    Chaplain’s News

    Dear Good Shepherd Community, 

    This week’s reading from Parenting place is an article on modelling self-kindness.

    Self-compassion/kindness is treating ourselves with the same kind of encouragement, kindness and support we would treat our loved ones with.

    Fiona Lloyde

    Modelling self-kindness

    This has been a tough parenting year. On a personal level it’s been challenging, but when you add the extra difficulty of helping children and young people navigate this year, you’d be forgiven for feeling like you’ve had enough.

    It’s timely to look at US-based academic Dr. Brene’ Brown’s research that informed her book The Gift of Imperfect Parenting. Brown’s core finding was that the best parenting strategies rely on modelling for them to be adopted by children. That’s a little scary as it means we need to be the adults that we want to our kids to become.

    There is great power in kids watching us practise how we manage hardships, frustrations and difficulties. Whether we use self-kindness or self-put downs, either will leave an impression on our kids. Not only do they see how we react when we stumble or make mistakes, but we give them permission to act in the same ways.

    It’s hard to be self-kind

    If you’re a goal-oriented type of person, highly-judgemental or someone who likes to get things done, then self-kindness can be difficult to befriend. It goes against the grain to laugh at your mistakes or miss a deadline, even though it won’t be the end of the world as you know it. If you recognise this type of rigid approach then it may be time let go of some old ways. Inflexibility is the enemy of healthy wellbeing, which thrives on adaptability and self-forgiveness.

    Let them hear the process

    Giving a child or young person insight into your thinking is a powerful parenting strategy. Sharing your struggles and mess ups with kids in age-appropriate ways takes vulnerability and promotes empathy. It takes courage to share a comment such as, “I keep putting myself down, which is not helpful. I’ve got to talk to myself as if I’m talking to someone I love.” Disclosing this type of self-talk is only useful if it’s done in a safe, matter of fact way and a child is comfortable with the message.

    Self-kindness means acting compassionately toward yourself when you are struggling to meet your own expectations, meeting with unexpected difficulties and/or met with failure. It’s time to drop the stiff upper lip, put aside the strict schedule and stop berating yourself. Instead say to yourself, “This is really tough right now. How can I take some comfort and look after myself?” This is a message worth modelling particularly, if you are living with a perfectionist or a child with tendencies toward anxiety.

    Michael Grose

    Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators. He’s an award-winning speaker and the author of 12 books for parents including Spoonfed Generation, and the bestselling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It. Michael is a former teacher with 15 years experience, and has 30 years experience in parenting education. He also holds a Master of Educational Studies from Monash University specialising in parenting education.


    Donations for Christmas Hampers

    Dear School Community,

    Each year our local Lutheran Community Care put together Christmas Hampers for those families that may need extra support at Christmas time.

    If anybody feels that they are able to donate to this wonderful cause, that would be appreciated.

    Donations of non-perishable food items, 1 litre of lifelong custard, toys or appropriate age-related gifts for children aged between 5 years to 17 years. 

    Please contact the Chaplain if you are able to donate any items to arrange delivery. It would be appreciated if all donations could arrive at school by Friday 4th December 2020.

    Please donate to this worthy local cause.


    Fiona Lloyde

    Finance News

    School Fees Term 4 2020

    School fees for Term 4 are now overdue.    Please contact Sarah Loveday if you need to discuss payment arrangements. 

    School Card Scheme 2020

    Did you know that limits for the school card have now been increased. So you may now be eligible if you have not been in the past. Applications for the School Card Scheme are available online. To check if you are eligible click on the following link or contact Sarah Loveday for further information.


    Uniform Shop

    Please note that our Uniform Shop is open each Monday afternoon during the term from 3.15pm to 3.45pm.  If you are unable to attend during these times please feel free to come into the office and complete an order form.  If you have any other uniform enquiries please feel free to contact our Uniform Shop Co-orindator, Virginia directly on 0407 716 350.

    Notice of Withdrawal

    We remind families that we require one term’s notice in writing of your intention to withdraw a student to avoid being charged an additional term’s fees.

    Golden Years at Good Shepherd

    We invite you to join our new Facebook group: Good Shepherd Alumni Angaston. This is a group for past students of Good Shepherd Lutheran School from 1962 to present. Members are invited to use this space to catch up, share and reminisce. If you are in contact with Good Shepherd old scholars, please encourage them to take a look and join the group or they can share their contact details with the School directly on 08 8564 2396.

    Building Blocks Playgroup

    Monday’s playgroup was filled with imaginative fun in our new boat.  The children are excited with the prospect of a boat make-over  with so many ideas floating about.

    Please note that next Monday’s session on 23 November is now CANCELLED.  We will keep you informed of future sessions in due course.

    If you would like further information please contact Bec Bawden our Playgroup Co-ordinator directly on 0427 538 371. 

    Local Church Service Times

    (Please note that some services may be subject to cancellation/change)


    Angaston Parish Service Times





    November 22 8.45am HC
    Rob Borgas
    10.30am HC
    November 29
    Advent Sunday
    8.45am HC
    Advent Service
    10.30am HC
    Advent Service


    KEVS Service Times



    Eden Valley


    November 22 9.00am HC 5.30pm 11.00am HC
    November 29
    Advent Sunday
    6pm Tea followed by Service at 7pm


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