Good Shepherd Grapevine – 2 April 2020

by Apr 2, 2020Good Shepherd Grapevine

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A few weeks ago, I heard a sermon based on 2 Timothy 1:7, and it has been my ‘mantra’ since. I am finding that the further into the year we get, the more worried I am about each day, sometimes each hour, and about what the future may hold. I know that I am not alone in these feelings, and knowing that my family, the GSLS community and in fact, the world faces these feelings with me is somehow comforting, however this truth is what I really do cling to.

Rather than taking on the anxieties of the world and living out of fearful doubts and worries as we go about life; heading to work, isolating with our families, taking the kids to school or ducking into the shops or chemist, let’s instead believe in the truth of this verse.

We do not have to face the uncertainties of today and tomorrow alone or be gripped by fear.

As we all go about our day to day, my prayer is that by God’s power we would stand apart from the world and its worries, with clear and sound thoughts and actions enacted out of God’s great love for us all.

All my love to you and your families,

Abby Beames (Year 1/2 Teacher)


Prayer Corner

This fortnight, staff and students pray for:


  • EVANS:  Chris, Shona, Brayden & Deegan
  • FROST:  Andrew, Marcia, Aeden, Ziggy & Felix 
  • GASTON:  Paul, Vanessa, Jack, Thomas & Max
  • GRIPTON:  Wade, Sarah, Zachary, Aimee & Holly


  • Melissa Emmett – Foundation Teacher
  • Rebecca Klemm – PYP/Curriculum Coordinator
  • Renee Barry – LSO
  • Selena Grundel – LSO


  • This week we pray for all of our students and their families. May God continue to watch over each and every one of them in our school community and beyond.  Help those of us that may be struggling to adapt to new ways of learning, different routines as we seek balance and a new ‘normal’.



6   Olivia Emmett
6   Felix Frost
8   Benjamin Noack
10 Maya Klose
11 Harry Swincer
15 Senspri Qualter
27 Isla Emmett
29 Rian Maddern



7  Olivia Harvey


Principal’s News

Dear Parents, 

Here I am, writing the newsletter from my dining table with just Shaun, the Good Shepherd sheep for company.

What a difference two weeks make. I looked back on my last letter in the school newsletter and I was apologising for cancelling swimming, camps and excursions and explaining protocols for NAPLAN. I promised you we would maintain as many routines and special events in the school as we could. But slowly but surely, day by day that all changed. Even school worship was limited to small class groups (suitably distanced). By last Friday the school term was reduced by four days and then on Sunday we got the completely unexpected news that we would have to close the school and commence remote learning immediately. If a week is a long time in politics, a day is an eternity in education during a pandemic!

The staff had already begun planning for the possibility of remote learning from term two and were well on their way to being ready, but we were expecting to have the four pupil free days at the end of term to complete our programme. The teachers at Good Shepherd are nothing short of amazing. First thing Monday morning (less than 24 hours after getting the news) they were connecting with their classes, reassuring students and parents with lovely, humorous welcoming videos and live streams and organising learning tasks. When the going gets tough the GSLS staff get going! On behalf of all staff I would like to thank you for your support, prayers and encouraging messages during this time. I can’t tell how much they were appreciated and what a boost they gave us.

So, what does next week, next month, next term hold for us? The truth is we don’t know, no one knows only God knows, and we can take comfort from that, that is no small thing. This is such a rapidly evolving situation and we have to be guided by the directives of SA Health and our Government. The good news is that small schools are incredibly agile. The events of the last few days proved that we can mobilise quickly and utilising the technology available, we can reinvent the way that we deliver school. Of course, nothing can take the place of face to face, physical contact and we are already missing our children and families dreadfully but thanks to the various platforms that teachers have set up we can stay connected via zoom, YouTube, Microsoft teams, face time and email. It really is amazing all the resources that we can utilise. So, this week has been our ‘test run’. We haven’t done everything perfectly, but we have been delighted by how well so much of it has gone (and remember, we have four days up our sleeve next week to access online workshops, learn, collaborate and get even better at it).

Consistent with Government recommendations, we are preparing and planning on the basis that we may well be delivering a remote education to our students next term. Also consistent with current Government recommendations, we are making accommodations for the attendance at school of those students who need to attend next term because they are the children of essential services workers or children deemed to be vulnerable and at risk. These students will engage in the same remote learning programme as their peers but within the school. There will be supervision but not direct teaching, instruction or assessment. We are not expecting that there would be many students who will be physically attending the school, but we ask parents to let us know if your child falls within the stipulated criteria.

If the Government mandates that no students attend the school, then all student learning will need to occur remotely.  

You will appreciate this is an incredibly complex situation but the wellbeing, health and safety of our children and wider community is paramount in guiding the directives of Government and SA Health as they work towards preventing the spread of COVID-19. We will continue to keep you updated with developments as soon as we are made aware.

I appreciate that many families are finding this situation incredibly stressful and difficult. Please know that you can reach out to me at any time. I don’t know the future, many questions I simply can’t answer but I can, and will, be there for you. I’m only a call away: 0438 642 396.

“Lutheran schools are communities of hope nurtured by the promises of God’s word, love and forgiveness which empower staff and students to embrace the future with confidence.” (Growing Deep Our Foundation)

Peace and Easter Blessings,

Anne Marschall

Classroom Snapshots


Over the past few weeks we have all witnessed many changes.  Most of us accept the constant small and slow changes in our lives however when major changes happen over a short period of time it can be very unsettling.  In order to replicate learning at school many of our families have quickly created learning spaces and resources for your children at home and others have found a more flexible approach works best.  Either way we think you will agree that the following collection of our students embracing and adapting to their new learning environments shows just how remarkable and resilient they can be when faced with challenges.

It is wonderful to see that our students have also included family members and pets into their learning and others have focused on how they can incorporate physical education at home with Georgia creating kitchen hop scotch and Tiara’s rural obstacle course. Mr Hausler’s students played multiplication Connect 4 where they were required to roll two dice and multiply the numbers, aiming to get four of their pieces in a row before their opponent did.

IB PYP Learner Profile Awards


Week 9 – Monday 23rd March 2020 and Week 10 – Monday 30th March 2020
FDN Charlie Klemm Knowledgeable Charlie showed that he was knowledgeable and interested to inquire and find out more about how our choices affect our wellbeing. He is  resourceful and often questions the reason why things are the way they are.

Amelia Klemm


Charli McGorman





Amelia uses her mature thinking skills to solve problems and lead classmates in the making of responsible and ethical decisions.

Charli demonstrates a reflective nature as she considers her own learning and experiences to motivate her in working hard to improve in her reading and writing.


Aimee Gripton


Dakota Paloff




Aimee was creative and enthusiastic in her approach to communicating her understanding of many aspects relating to Brazil during the Travel Expo.

Dakota shows true care for all of her peers, particularly those who are upset or lonely.

5/6 Benjamin Schultz Caring Ben has shown great care in the classroom over the last week. He treats our classroom materials respectfully, and always offers a helping hand when somebody needs it.

Zack Hunter


Angela Linke





Zack has demonstrated strong communication this term through his ability to work with anyone and to create great, detailed pieces of work when put into any social setting.

Angela has demonstrated strong communication this term through her role as SRC Captain. She has been able to show great leadership and been able to delegate tasks to get the job done. 


Chaplain’s News

Dear Good Shepherd Community,

What is being at home looking like for you? How are you going with this?

For me… I have been working from home for three and a half years now, apart from when I am working at our school; that has not been too hard.

However, my big children are home. My daughter is home full time now doing Uni online and my son is home full time also however he is doing year twelve online… AHHH!


Lots of changes for us all as we are having to get used to living life differently for now. 

Positives… my daughter is a fantastic cook, so dinner last night was fabulous.  Great tunes from my son who is doing year twelve music with guitar. 

Take care everybody; may our God continue to bless you and keep you in such times as these. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.
(Proverbs 3:6-7)


Just a reminder that I am still working however, it is from home. Don’t forget that I am available to have a chat. I work Wednesdays 11.00am-3.00pm and Fridays 8.00am-3.30pm.

Please contact me by email and I will get back to you as soon as available. We then can work out the best way of communication. Either by phone or by Zoom (similar to Skype).

Today we have an insightful article from Parenting Place about ‘Helping siblings resolve their fights’. It is brilliant. 

Take care, 

With God’s richest blessings,

Fiona Lloyde

Dress Up Day

Last Friday we held our Dress Up DayIt was lovely to see everyone dressed up as their favourite superhero. Among the many characters were scientists, teachers, mums, dads, princesses, farmers, cats and of course Batman made an appearance.

Library News

Hi parents and students,

Wishing you all the very best during this uncertain time. I miss seeing all of the children around the school and gracing the library with their laughter and smiles. I hope you are all finding some time to relax/escape by doing some reading together as a family or just individually (that includes you too parents! Look after yourselves as well). 

Until we have further instruction and Mrs Marschall and I have been able to talk about a few things I don’t have much “official” library news, but, something I can tell you is that the Premier’s Reading Challenge has been slightly altered this year and now children can put ANY free choice books on their list. Children do not need to read “official stickered” PRC books to complete their form, any books they have read can be put on the list and as your lists are completed and forms filled in keep them safe to be given to me when we all get back to school.

Many thanks and well wishes,

Rachel John
Library and Resources Coordinator

Staff @ Home

Let’s check in on our teachers and staff to see how they have been adjusting to working from home this week. 

Sarah Loveday our Finance Officer is still open for business as usual and you can give her a quick ‘shout out’ via 0400 002 696 or if you have any finance queries or concerns at any stage.

Please remember we are here to support you in this time of uncertainty and all conversations with Sarah are completely confidential.

Home Learning Heroes

This fortnight we would like to acknowledge Rylan Barry from Ms Beames’ 1/2 Class.

Mum, Renee captured this great shot as Rylan was tuned into prayer time during class devotion on Tuesday morning.

Ms Beames’ inspirational devotion was based on the book “Even if…” written by Beryl Ayers and illustrated by Carey Isaacson 

Here’s the link if you would like to listen in.

to Mrs Wundersitz and Frau Zeller
for your collaboration over the past few weeks with our student’s Art and German lessons in producing a wonderful Osterbaum.