Good Shepherd Grapevine – 20 February 2020

by Feb 20, 2020Good Shepherd Grapevine

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Always Pray and Don’t Give Up 

Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.’ 
Luke 18:1

Are you going through one of those times when it seems every attempt to resolve a problem is met with a new difficulty? You thank the Lord at night that it’s taken care of but awake to find that something else has gone wrong and the problem remains. 

During an experience like that, I was reading the gospel of Luke and was astounded by the opening words of chapter 18: “Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up” (v 1). I had read the story of the persistent widow many times but never grasped why Jesus told it (v 2-8). Now I connected those opening words with the story. The lesson to His followers was very clear: “Always pray and never give up.” 

Prayer is not a means of coercing God to do what we want. It is a process of recognizing His power and plan for our lives. In prayer we yield our lives and circumstances to the Lord and trust Him to act in His time and in His way. 

As we rely on God’s grace not only for the outcome of our requests but for the process as well, we can keep coming to the Lord in prayer, trusting His wisdom and care for us. 

Our Lord’s encouragement to us is clear: Always pray and don’t give up! 

Submitted by Naomi Guglielmo (Year 5/6 Teacher) 

Taken from Our Daily Bread, written by David C. McCasland

Prayer Corner

This fortnight, staff and students pray for:


  • BARRETT:  Tim, Sarah, Jemima, Matilda & Georgia
  • BARRY:  Renee, Trent, Rylan & Bridie 
  • BAWDEN:  Rebecca, Thomas, Shailah, Ruby & Alex
  • BOYD:  Serena, Darren, Zachary, Sienna & Isla


  • Rachel John – Library/LSO
  • Edith Zeller – LOTE Teacher
  • Daniel Hausler – 3/4 Teacher
  • Fiona Lloyde – School Chaplain


  • We pray for those families in our school community that are mourning the loss of a loved one.  We pray that God remains close to their hearts and they find peace and comfort in their time of need.


Blessings to the following past students that were recently confirmed:

  • Hannah Noack and Joanna Linke (Gruenberg)
  • Aiden Linke (Gnadenberg)
  • Joel Brandon (Zion).



2    Asia Kuchar
5    Cooper Jachmann
7    Angela Linke
10  Elsa Penna
14  Alexander Johnson
18  William McCarthy
26  Max Gaston
26  Fletcher Smith
26  Tillie Waechter



1    John Lewis
17  Angela Linke



Principal’s News

Dear Parents, 

Thank you for your support of Aloha this year. It was a wonderful night of laughter, games, food and good fun. The weather was perfect, right up until the rain started and by then it was pretty much time to go home for the night anyway. I would like to say a huge thank you to the Good Shepherd staff for organising the games and activities for the children, the P and F for making the salads and cooking the sausages and the Governing Council for packing everything away and cleaning up at the end of the night. The attendance was the best we have ever had and shows how much our school families value the opportunity to relax and catch up with friends old and new.

Last year Good Shepherd reviewed the Uniform Policy which resulted in some significant changes. Following feedback from students, parents and staff, new items were introduced such as shorts and slacks for girls and winter beanies for all. Students now have more options in the items they choose to wear so that the uniform is not only smart but practical and comfortable too. Notwithstanding these changes students must still adhere to the uniform policy in its entirety. This means they are not free to substitute and personalise items of clothing. In particular, teachers are noticing all sorts of socks are being worn. In particular branded socks. We are not Nike Lutheran School or even Santa Cruz Lutheran School. Please refer to the uniform policy for the correct style and colour of socks to be worn with uniform. Teachers will be monitoring student uniform. If students are wearing incorrect uniform in the first instance they are quietly reminded. If the reminder is disregarded they will be issued with an infringement notice which parents are required to sign. We love our beautiful uniform. When our students wear it correctly they look smart and send a positive visual message that they are proud to represent Good Shepherd Lutheran School. 

Next week is the annual Angaston Show (February 29th). Our P and F are staffing two of the gates throughout the day. On the following day (Sunday) we are removing the horse manure from the Angaston Oval. These are two significant events that really boost P and F funds. More money equals more good things for our children to use in the school. Last year we had a new shelter tent and sound system installed in the Hub, plus lots of lovely extras in the classrooms. This year they have already ordered more outdoor benches and seating for the playground. If you have any time at all on that weekend to help out with either fundraiser please speak to P and F president, Amanda Pech. Every little bit of support, when combined, makes a powerful difference!

This year we are combining with our friends from the Angaston Early Learning Centre at the show. Staff from both sites are volunteering their time to run games and craft activities throughout the day whilst promoting our sites of learning. We love the active and positive partnership that we have with the Angaston ELC. When we work together to give parents a break and entertain children, we are communicating to the broader Angaston community who we really are and how we do things here more powerfully than any brochure or smooth pitch could ever do. Make sure to swing by the Good Shepherd tent at the show and say ‘hello’. 


Anne Marschall

Classroom Snapshot – Mr Dan Hausler’s 3/4 Class


The Year 3/4 class have commenced their “Where we are in place and time” unit.  Students have been sharing their favourite places with their peers and begun finding out about different places within Australia and how these places are positioned on a map.  The class have chosen to share their favourite place with you, and I have selected a few of the maps the students are compiling.

My favourite place would be Disneyland in America because the rides look fun. – Karlo

America is my favourite place because I like the cars there. – Michael

My favourite place is Edithburgh.  I like it because it is close to the beach, has a tidal pool and there is a cool playground.  We go there because it has been a family tradition for a very long time. – Aimee

My favourite place is Lizzy’s house because it is big, and she let’s us have about 5 icecreams.  I go there to see Liz and so she can babysit us. – Ava

My favourite place is the library because I like reading and the library has books.  I go there to borrow books to take home and read. – Parker

My favourite place is my house because it is a farm.  – Deegan

My favourite place is Hanging Rock.  I like it there because I can climb big rocks. – Bella

My favourite place is my house because I live there.  I go there because my loved ones are there.  – Brodie

My favourite place is Moonta Bay.  I like it because I went with my cousin and it has a water park. – Lily

My favourite place is DisneyLand.  I like it because you get to see all the Disney characters like Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse.  We went there on a big holiday with my aunty and uncle.  – Tillie

My favourite place is Bali.  I like it because I like Waterbom Park.  We went there for a holiday. – Georgia

My favourite place is DisneyLand because it has lots of princesses and princes.  I have not been there before but one day I hope I will be able to go.  – Dakota

My favourite place is my school in Angaston because I can see my friends and I can learn.  – Amelia

My favourite place is my Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  We go there because we don’t see them much and sometimes because we are going to a cricket game.  – Sam

My favourite place is my special tree.  I like my tree because I can climb up to the highest point and watch the neighbour’s horses flick their mane in the air.  – Ruby

My favourite place is Fiji because it is always good weather, and it is a great place with hotels where you can hire bikes to ride around on. – Mitchell

My favourite place is my farm.  I like it because I get to ride around on my ponies and horses.  – Jemima

Townsville is my favourite place.  I like it because it is a very tropical place.  I go there to have fun, see family and friends and to cool down at the beach.  – Grace


IB PYP Learner Profile Awards

Week 3 – Monday 10th February 2020

Sophie Pitman

Communicator Sophie confidently expressed her ideas when interacting with some teachers during a planning session. She also responded to stories, class brainstorms and listened to others thoughts.
1/2 Thomas Spiteri Risk Taker Thomas has shown incredible resilience and courage already thi syear. He has entered as a new student and is already building great friendships and is an asset to our class community.
3/4 Rian Maddern Risk Taker Rian has made an impressive start to his time at Good Shepherd. He has taken risks as he becomes familiar with expectations and routines in the 3/4 class as well as getting to know new peers as he begins to build friendships with them.
5/6 Leo Abdelmalek Principled Leo has carried himself with great integrity and honesty during the first two weeks of school. He has displayed respect and responsibility in the classroom and in the yard.
6/7 Archie Davies Principled Archie has showed a great ability this year to demonstrate fairness and increase his leadership capabilities. He has showed great leadership through his honesty and ownership when he has made mistakes.


Week 4 – Monday 17th February 2020

Matita Schroeder

Caring Matita shows care for others when they are hurt or upset. She is kind and considerate. She also looks after the environment by putting her rubbish in the bin.
1/2 Will Pitman Communicator Will clearly and confidently read the story of Noah’s Ark to our class during the week. He always contributes to our class conversations and collaborates well with others.
3/4 Parker Brooks Communicator Parker has been making a big effort to ensure that his work is presented neatly and fully communicates his understanding of concepts.
5/6 Tiara Schultz Knowledgeable Tiara has shown amazing problem-solving skills in Maths this week. When Tiara was given an extra challenge in multiplication, she showed persistence and managed to solve the problems.
6/7 Michael Ratsch Inquirer Michael has demonstrated being an inquirer this term through his leadership and curiosity into starting up a club at recess and lunch times for the younger year levels.

Chaplain’s News

Dear Good Shepherd Community,

Hoping you are all well and have settled into term one nicely! It certainly has been an actioned packed term so far.

Last year I mentioned watch this space! WELL NOW…. 

Our school community can access the latest insight into so many parenting ideas… including free webinars… that you will be able to access in the future.

How to access this information will be given to you in our next newsletter.

This week’s article comes from Parenting Place.  ‘Strengthening kids’ self-esteem in a digital world’.

Have a great week.

Gods richest blessing,

Fiona Lloyde

Staff Profile

This fortnight we continue to get to know our newest staff members. Here’s a little snippet all about our 1/2 Teacher, Miss Abby Beames. 

Library News

A BIG thank you to all families who ordered items from Issue 1 of the Scholastic magazine this last month, every dollar spent by you equates to the school receiving free books and merchandise to expand our library and other curriculum areas so please know it is very much appreciated.

I have also had 4 children this last week come to me with their Premiers Reading Challenge forms COMPLETED!! Well done to these children; Georgia Leggett, Bella Mathews and the Abdelmalek boys, Sam and Leo. I have individual prizes for the first 20 children who complete the challenge and for the first class to finish, each class member will get a house point for their house team.

Lastly, Lexile usernames and passcodes are all up to date so your child should be able to log on and complete tests as they need to.

Keep up the good work kids – and keep reading!

Rachel John
Library and Resource Coordinator

     New School Timetable

Canteen News



Mini Pavlova with cream and berries.

LUNCH: Fish and salad – lightly coated fish strip, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, cheese, carrot sticks and tartare sauce. $3.50
(2 pce fish)


RECESS: Muffins – Banana Choc Chip or Blueberry Crumble. $1.00
LUNCH: Chicken Caesar Wraps – white wrap filled with crumbed chicken, cos lettuce, bacon, cheese and caesar dressing. $4.00


Drinks can be ordered on your order form/brown bag or sold on the day.
Fruit Boxes $1.50 each [Apple, Orange, Tropical, Apple/Blackcurrant, Apple Raspberry, Pine Orange] Soda Water Cans $2.00
Chocolate & Strawberry Milk $2.00


Classroom Opening Times


  • Please note that classrooms are opened by teachers each morning at 8.40am when supervision is provided until lessons commence at 8.55am.
  • Classrooms are not able to be accessed until 8.40am when teacher supervision commences.
  • Bus students arriving at school prior to this time are to wait in the school Atrium.  This area is protected and shaded from the weather.
  • Angaston Child Care & ELC are conveniently situated close to the school and provide before school care.

    Angaston Child Care & Early Learning Centre: 422 Valley Road, Angaston SA 5353
    Director: Suzy Linke
    Phone: 08 8564 3387
    Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday 6.30 am to 6.00pm

Finance and Administration News

School Fees – Term 1 2020

School Fees for Term 1 will be emailed out to families by the end of this week.  Please see Sarah Loveday if you need to discuss payment arrangements.

2021 Enrolments

If you have not yet enrolled your Foundation child for 2021 please see Danette at the Front Office ASAP.

We also remind families that we require one term’s notice in writing of your intention to withdraw a student to avoid being charged an additional term’s fees.

School Card Scheme 2020

Did you know that limits for the school card have now been increased. So you may now be eligible if you have not been in the past.  Applications for the School Card Scheme are available online.  To check if you are eligible click on the following link or contact Sarah Loveday for further information.

Office Hours:  8.30am – 4.00pm

Please avoid phoning between 8.15 – 8.30am as staff are debriefing and in devotion. A phone call prior to 8.30am however will be taken by the answering machine for you to leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible if required.

Riding and Walking Safely to/from School

Just a friendly reminder about ensuring that your children are riding and walking safely to and from school.  This includes before and after school hours. We have received reports of a ‘near miss’ in the past week and would appreciate you reminding your children to be careful when on, around or near all roads.  Further information about road safety can be found on the following link from the Raising Children Network.

Hat Reminder

All students are required to bring a hat to school from mid August to the end of April when the UV levels tend to be 3 or above.  Our school supports the SunSmart actions of Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide wherever possible and follow the guidelines below to ensure all students are protected from over-exposure to UV radiation:

– Children not wearing an appropriate hat will be sat out of play in the shade.
– Parents are encouraged to supply sunscreen for their children, although there will be bulk sunscreen packs available at school.
– The application of sunscreen will be encouraged before going out for lunch or any outdoor activity between 10.00am and 3.00pm.
– Loan hats are not provided by the school.

Anyone wanting to access daily UV levels can access via the free SunSmart app.

             Local Church Services Times

Angaston Parish Service Times


Date Angaston Gruenberg Gnadenberg
February 23
8.45am HC 10.30am
Harvest Thanksgiving
February 26
Ash Wednesday
7.30pm HC – Parish Service at Angaston
March 1
Lent 1
10.30am 8.45am


KEVS Service Times


Date Keyneton Eden Valley Springton
February 23
11.00am HC 9.00am HC No service
February 26
Ash Wednesday
7.30pm HC – Parish Service at Angaston
March 1
Lent 1
9.00am HC
Harvest Thanks
Harvest Thanks
11.00am HC
Harvest Thanks


Building Blocks Playgroup

On Monday our youngest learners enjoyed participating in all sorts of activities for our Mini Sports Day.  They threw bean bags, blew bubbles,  jumper over hurdles, kicked goals, balanced on a beam, and conquered the obstacle course.

It was fantastic to welcome so many new families and we look forward to seeing you all next week for our Pancake Day!

Planned activities for the next two weeks:


Monday 24 February 2020
Pancake Day 

Monday 2 March 2020
Hungry Caterpillar

Angaston Early Learning Centre

The Angaston Early Learning Centre join us weekly at Good Shepherd for story time and book borrowing, buddy time as well as some sport fun.