Good Shepherd Grapevine – 23 May 2019

by May 23, 2019Good Shepherd Grapevine

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This Week’s Rattling – Shopping Catalogue

Shop Til You Drop!

“…one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions” (Luke 12:15)

During the last few weeks I have had many ‘opportunities’ — I use the term reservedly — to shop with my partner. She and I approach shopping differently. That is to say, she shops; I suffer. It doesn’t matter if we’re buying groceries, gifts or gadgets, the process of shopping (as opposed to walking straight to the item you intend to buy and taking it to the checkout lane as quickly as possible) is an agonising experience for me.

But with this rattling approaching, it dawned on me that praying and looking for how this journey connects to God and his teachings might be a better use of my time and energy than pouting and protesting. Here are a few things I discovered.

1)  Give thanks for the ability to shop.

How often do we shop and buy without a thought about how fortunate we are to be able to do so? We should be grateful, while many of our elderly and shut-in neighbours would love a trip to the shops, and many with much more limited resources would love to have just a portion of what we spend on groceries or gifts. So take a few moments as you shop to say “thank you” for the means and ability to go shopping.

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)


2)  Pray for those who lack the resources you enjoy.

While you’re at it, why not pray for God to comfort and bless those who lack the resources to buy a cartload of groceries or clothes or gifts? Take a moment to remember in prayer people who seldom get out of the house or must rely on others for transportation. Pray also for those who live in remote places, far from the shopping centres you take for granted.

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. (Colossians 3:15) 

3)  Ask for the wisdom to be a good steward.
Every time you shop you have the opportunity to exercise wisdom. Will you buy things just because you can, “that you may spend what you get on your pleasures” (James 4:3, NIV)? Or will you shop according to God’s values, taking into account not only your desires but also the effects of your purchases on yourself, your family and others? So ask God to help you spend wisely.

4)  Pray for those who grew or made the items you see.

Another way to pray while you shop (or your partner does) is to ask God to help and bless the farmer who grew your vegetables or coffee beans and the labourers and manufacturer who made the shoes or toys you buy.

He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth. (Psalms 104:14)

5)  Pray for those who will receive and enjoy the things you buy.

It can also be a meaningful exercise to think about and pray for the people who will consume the groceries you buy (even if it’s just you) or the other items you purchase. For example, you don’t have to wait to ask God to ‘bless’ the food at your table; you can ask it in the grocery store aisle.

 That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies. (Genesis 22:17)

6)  Pray for those who serve you in the store.

Finally, send up a prayer for the employees who surround you in the places that you shop. Pray for the person you ask for directions. Ask God to bless the pharmacist who fills your prescription. Intercede for the cashier who totals your purchase and the person who gathers the grocery carts in the parking lot. And when you have the chance, say something to them that might help to answer your own prayer.

And the shepherds came and drove them away: but Moses stood up and helped them, and watered their flock. (Exodus 2:17)

You might not be as grumpy as me when it comes to shopping, but the above ideas can transform every trip nonetheless, even while they expand and enrich your own soul with more prayer. And who doesn’t need that?

Adapted by Jayden Evans

Prayer Corner

This fortnight, staff and student’s pray for:


  • KERNICK/QUALTER:  Louise, Joejo and Senspri
  • DELLAR/KLAU:  Jackie, Brenton, Jed and Sam
  • KLEMM:  Rebecca, Ben, Amelia, Charlie and Matilda
  • KLOSE:  Jaymee, Shawn, Maya and Calum


  • Josie Wundersitz – The Arts
  • Fiona Lloyde – School Chaplain
  • Danette Mifflin – Administration
  • Lara Hepner – German
  • Rhian Doecke – Library/LSO


  • Please join us as we pray for Chris and Darren Linke and family as they grieve following the passing of Darren’s father.  May they be comforted knowing that we are thinking of them during this difficult time. 
  • Despite the lovely sunny days we have experienced this week we continue to pray for more rain and for those whose livelihoods are impacted by this. 



22  Emma Scholz
27  Brodie Heinrich



1  Benjamin Noack

Principal’s News

Dear Parents,

We love the way the Junior Primary classrooms have transformed the learning spaces at Good Shepherd and now we are making plans to begin looking at the rest of the school. To facilitate this process we are working on an exciting Master Plan with architect Peter Moeck.

Last week Peter engaged with various groups in the school but he specifically asked to have a dedicated time to harvest ideas from the students. A group of senior students comprising the School Captains, God’s Little Helpers, SRC and House Captains sat down with him and explored three guiding questions: ‘What are the places in the school that you enjoy and why?’ ‘Where can we improve?’ ‘What would you like to see at Good Shepherd?’  The students were highly motivated throughout the workshop with lots of imaginative ideas to make our school an even better learning environment. Many of their ideas centered around EDEN, how much they love it and suggestions to further develop it. They also talked about ‘the good vibe’ (their words) in the Junior Primary classrooms and breakout space and shared ideas to continue the design aspects of that part of the school and improve on them even further by integrating an ‘indoor/outdoor’ element to the middle and upper primary classrooms incorporating nature pedagogy into the space. It was fantastic to see students excitedly engaged in meaningful collaboration around a project that really matters to them. In fact, that workshop with the students was the highlight of my week. Student voices matter at Good Shepherd and we encourage our children at every year level to be involved in shaping their preferred future.

The draft for the new uniform policy was brought to school council at the last meeting but as we are still sourcing an affordable supplier for the tailored girls formal pants and shorts options, it is not quite ready to be ratified and implemented. It is expected this will be ready very soon and once it is you will be able to consider these exciting new options. In the meantime, the old uniform policy still stands and you are asked to refer to it when purchasing uniform for your child. Staff have spoken to a number of students who are not wearing correct uniform, particularly those students wearing black sneakers which are being substituted for the formal school shoe or boot (boys) option with the formal Winter Uniform. (Please refer to separate newsletter item).

This week we have been joined by Ryan Noack who is undertaking his Year 10 Work Experience in Mr Evans’ class. Ryan is an old scholar of Good Shepherd and it is a great pleasure to welcome him back to the school. He has been a great help not only in the 6/7 class but in other classes too as he learns about the joys (and challenges) of teaching as a career. We always love seeing our past students, hearing what’s happening in their lives and supporting them as we can. I hope Ryan has enjoyed his placement at Good Shepherd and is inspired and encouraged to pursue his career goals.


Anne Marschall

Classroom Snapshot – Mrs Ruediger’s 3/4 Class


The 3/4 class has been looking at what species need to survive in their environment. Students created their own creature and plant and identified what they need to survive. Some created a predator. They drew the environment and explained how it had everything the species needed to survive. Some students have given a brief insight to their creature, plant and some environments.


Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students that received IB Learner Profile awards for Week 3 and 4:

Week 3

Foundation Class – Mrs Melissa Emmett
Rylan Barry – Principled – Rylan tells the truth and is fair.  He shares his belongings with others and is helpful and respectful towards the property of others and of the school.  He acts with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness and justice.

1/2 Class – Mrs Dearne Prior
Harry Swincer – Inquirer – Harry showed he was an inquirer when he made connections on recycling to the world around him.  He approaches his learning with enthusiasm and curiosity to sustain his love of learning.

3/4 Class – Mrs Renae Ruediger
Aimee Gripton – Communicator – Aimee was a clear communicator this week.  She confidently communicated her part for chapel and also willingly helped fill in for others.  Aimee also took a lot of care in how she communicated in her writing.

5/6 Class – Mr Dan Hausler
Zack Hunter – Principled – Zack was principled when he took it upon himself to address a tricky situation with his teacher to ensure the safety and future happiness of his peers.

6/7 Class – Mr Jayden Evans
Angela Linke – Caring – Angela showed caring by working hard this week at everything she does and by making a positive difference to the lives of all her classmates.


Week 4

Foundation Class – Mrs Melissa Emmett
Henry Merkel – Caring – You care about people, plants and the earth and the environment.  You care about others and are often the first one to offer help.  You help with jobs around the classroom.

1/2 Class – Mrs Dearne Prior
Alex Johnson – Communicator – Alex shows he can communicate when speaking in front of the class or in small groups. He speaks clearly and with expression when presenting at assembly.

3/4 Class – Mrs Renae Ruediger
Tiara Schultz – Caring – Tiara’s caring and helpful nature was noticed by a few people this week.  She volunteered to help others with their work.

5/6 Class – Mr Dan Hausler
Isabella Mathews – Caring – Bella has shown care by using her initiative to suggest ideas about how to make the class a better place and serving others through her actions, particularly her buddy.

6/7 Class – Mr Jayden Evans
Emily Perryman – Caring – Emily has shown caring throughout her time at Good Shepherd by being a fantastic leader for all students at the school. We will miss you Emily and hope you have a happy and safe time at your new home!  

PYP News

Learning Journey Folders – Coming Soon

Learning Journey folders are one way that teachers share student progress with parents. They are an effective way to see student growth within units and different learning areas. Our Learning Journeys are kept at school for around 4 years and then students will receive a new folder for the next years. It is wonderful to see students look back on previous years’ work and ‘celebrate’ how much they have improved (especially how their handwriting changes) or reminisce of past learning experiences.

Learning Journey folders will be sent home 3 times each year (one week after every second Unit of Inquiry). The Foundation class will send them home 4 times a year as they have 4 units. Not every subject will be represented each time the folder goes home, however during each year all learning areas will be covered, including specialist areas. Students have opportunities to choose work samples and in the Unit of Inquiry they have three work samples that show their journey through the unit.

Each work sample will have a task description to explain the task. You are also invited to ask your child about the task, such as what they did, what they found interesting, what they found challenging – and why and what they learnt from it. You might ask them what their favourite piece is that they added to their learning journey folder and why it was important to them. There will be a parent reflection page to provide some feedback within the learning journey of your child.

The staff hope you enjoy looking at what your child has been learning and seeing where they are at with their learning journey.

Renae Ruediger
PYP Coordinator 

Chaplain’s News


This week Pastor Rob Borgas has submitted the following article…

Circular Blessings

Blessing someone is a very special spiritual act because it invokes God’s favour and life giving power upon them for their own good and the benefit of others. One of the best gifts parents can give to their children is to regularly bless them.

The joy of receiving a parental blessing stays with a child throughout their life, even after their parents have died. The lack of such a blessing, or some sort of recognition of love for them, can lead children to think that they are not fully accepted by a parent, which creates uncertainty and anxiety in later life.

The most crucial years for the formation of a sense of well being in children are from birth to age 6. So this is the best time to begin the ritual of blessing your children. But it is just as important to bless your child when they are 16 or 26 as when they are 0 to 6. Few teenagers or adults can remember their parents blessing them, which is a pity because the blessings children receive from their parents are for life, not only when they are young. 

There are many ways to bless your children. You can simply say, “God bless you!” as you hug or kiss your children ‘goodnight’. Some parents make the sign of the cross with their hand on their child’s forehead when they first get up in the morning or go to bed at night, to remind them that Jesus died for them. I’m sure that with a little imagination you can come up with lots of other ways to bless your children. Don’t forget to say God’s name as well as the name of your child as you bless them. God comes to us when we invoke his name and gives creative power to those who are blessed.

Finally, don’t forget to show your children how to bless you in return. This is really important, because blessings are meant to go round and round; they’re very transferable. A great ritual for teaching this is to draw a ‘circle of blessing’ on your child’s forehead while saying the words, “We are a family circle of God’s love.” Then get them to do the same for you. I hope this gives you a few ideas on how to start blessings rolling ‘round and ‘round in your family.

If you want any more ideas about blessing one another then just ask for one of the A4 sheets from the front office entitled The Spiritual Practice of Blessing One Another. God bless you!

Pastor Rob


Administration News


Office Hours:  8.30am – 4.00pm

Please avoid phoning between 8.15 – 8.30am as staff are debriefing and in devotion. A phone call prior to 8.30am however will be taken by the answering machine for you to leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible if required.

Student Absence

Parents are requested to call the office by 9.30am if your child is absent. An answering machine is available to leave a message after hours. Skoolbag App also has an absentee note you can send which is received as an email to school.

DCSI Screening (formerly Police Checks)

A DCSI screening clearance is now required for volunteers who assist in the school or would like to volunteer for class camps etc.  Free screening for volunteers are now available through the Department of Human Resources.  The Screening Unit processes most applications within 3 weeks, however it may take longer.  Our school is registered for online screening and will initiate the online screening application on behalf of the applicant.

When the school has completed the application, you will receive an email with login and password details. This will allow you to log in to the portal and complete your application.

If you would like us to initiate your DCSI screening please contact Sarah or Danette at the front office with your full name, date of birth and email address.

Late Arrivals / Early Departures

If your child is late for school or they depart early for appointments etc parents/carers must sign them in at the front office in the Student Sign In/Out Register.

School Banking

LLL Banking—Lutheran Laypeople’s League. Passbooks to Administration on Monday morning for processing during the week. Application forms for opening an LLL account are available from the front office.

Student Accident Cover

Children are covered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year but only in respect to any injuries that happen:

  • While the student is engaged in school activities and school-related extra-curricular activities (including work experience, vocational training, excursions etc).
  • While the student is engaged in organised school sporting activities.
  • While the student is engaged in organised non-school sporting activities with a club that is a member of an established sporting association. The student must be a registered and/or a financial participant of the club.
  • During travel to and from school, school activities, organised school sporting activities, and organised non-school sporting activities.

The Skoolbag App—FREE

For quick notifications of alerts, newsletters, canteen and playgroup information directly to your phone.  Advising school of your child’s absence is quick and easy with the e.form available.


Parents are asked not to park on Neldner Avenue as the buses need to be able to pull up, for the safety of our children. Please use the car park south of the school or by the Shepherd’s Hub.

Finance News

School Account Fees for Term 2 are due by Friday 31st May 2019.

Payment Method

Payments may be made at the school by cheque, EFTPOS, or via your bank account using BPay or direct debit. The school’s BPay and bank details appear on the bottom of the fee statement.

Fee Support

Good Shepherd endeavours to provide a quality Christian education to all children regardless of their financial circumstances, and consequently fee support is available to all families. If you require assistance please make an appointment with the Principal or Finance Officer to discuss your particular circumstances. Any information provided when applying for such support will be treated as strictly confidential and made available only to the Principal and the Finance Officer.

Sarah Loveday
Finance Officer

Photo Day Reminder

Individual Photo Day envelopes were sent home last week.  Please ensure that these are completed and returned by Thursday 29th May.  Please note that envelopes must be returned even if you are not ordering photos.

Sibling envelopes can be collected from the Front Office.

Please ensure that students are wearing correct uniform on Photo Day.



Canteen News


RECESS:  Jelly Cups (in House colours)                     R: $1.00

LUNCH:  Party Plate                                                  L: $3.50


RECESS:  Fruit Cup                                                    R: $1.50

LUNCH:  Pizza Pockets                                               L: $4.00 

Drinks can be ordered on your order form or sold on the day.

Fruit Boxes $1.50 each [Apple, Orange, Tropical, Apple/Blackcurrant, Apple Raspberry, Pine Orange] Soda Water Cans $2.00
Chocolate & Strawberry Milk $2.00

Quelch Fruit Ice Sticks – 0.50cents each – Available to purchase on Fridays at lunchtime.  No pre-orders.

Uniform Reminder – Shoes

Please note that our current School Uniform Requirements policy states the following regarding acceptable black leather lace up school shoes.

Black leather lace-up school shoes with black laces are to be worn by boys and girls all year.  The shoes must be of a plain style that can be polished with shoe polish, hence suede is not acceptable.  Black leather sneakers that can be polished are acceptable.

Black leather lace-up school shoes with black laces (as above)
Plain style, black leather T-bar shoes sold as a school shoe.  These must also be leather that can be polished (as above).  These are not to be a fashion shoe (not patent leather).  Pull on boots are NOT acceptable.

Black leather lace-up shoes with black laces (as above)
Pull on boots are acceptable.

Save the Date…

Local Church Services Times

Angaston Parish Service Times

Date Angaston Gruenberg Gnadenberg
May 26 8.45am HC 10.30am HC
May 30 Ascension Parish Service – Thursday 7.30pm HC @ Springton


KEVS Service Times

Date Keyneton Eden Valley Springton
May 26 11.00am HC 9.00am HC
May 30 Ascension Parish Service – Thursday 7.30pm HC @ Springton

Playgroup News

Activities planned:

Monday 27 May

Reconciliation Week

Monday 3 June

Nature Collage

Angaston Early Learning Centre

The Angaston Early Learning Centre join us weekly at Good Shepherd for story time and book borrowing, buddy time as well as some sport fun.