Good Shepherd Grapevine – 4 November 2021

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Grace Helped Me Forgive and Forget 

by Kathy Carlton Willis

Have you ever experienced the heartache of betrayal—the loneliness of rejection? If you’ve ever had a hurt heart, you know how precious the pursuit of grace can be. I recently faced yet another zinger—a woman who zapped me because she thought she had to tell me a tidbit to flaunt something, knowing it would pick at a wound and upset me. As I asked God to show me what I was to learn from it, God whispered to me, “Grace, child. I want you to learn grace.”

He reminded me of the time He gave me an abundance of grace when there was no human possibility for working up self-sourced forgiveness and love. A deacon joined in a campaign to try to rid the church of us—the agenda was to vote out my husband as pastor. We learned they were known as the “preacher-eating church” in town because of their short turnaround time with pastors. At that point, Russ had been there the second longest of any pastor in their 50-year history. It was our time to go! But we were just getting started in our ministry there and had planned to be there for the long haul.

That entire experience required a lot of grace, more grace than I had at the time. Not that grace wasn’t available to me—God always provides an abundance of grace for the circumstances He allows us to face. I’m certain in my pain I messed up plenty, all on my own. But there’s one thing that I managed to get right, and that’s why I know it was a God thing. No way could this mere mortal have orchestrated it!

The deacon and his family owned a company in town and had a fleet of easily recognized vehicles. One day not long after we were voted out of the church, we drove by the hospital and saw one of their trucks in the parking lot. My first inclination was to pray. My second thought was, “Do they need someone to hold their hands? Who do they turn to in their time of medical need when they are in between pastors?” I voiced my concerns, and Russ explained the truck was there because the company was contracted to do work at the hospital—not because of an emergency or health problem.

Whew! I was so relieved. And then it hit me. That’s what grace feels like in an everyday situation. I was genuinely concerned for them. I loved them despite what they had done to us. I prayed for them. I cared. I’m not saying that as a brag on self but as a brag on God—and more specifically on God’s grace. It was a beautiful heart transaction—He had deposited into my spiritual checking account just what I needed for the occasion. No longer did I feel like that account was depleted. It didn’t have insufficient funds. There was an abundance of grace—more than enough for the situation.

God the Father knew you and chose you long ago, and his Spirit has made you holy. As a result, you have obeyed him and have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ. May God give you more and more grace and peace (1 Peter 1:2 NLT).

May God give you more and more grace and peace as you grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord (2 Peter 1:2 NLT).

Submitted by Lara Hepner

Prayer Corner

This fortnight, staff and students pray for:


  • SWINCER:  Alicia, Daniel, Sam, Harry and Isobel
  • WAECHTER:  Kelly-Ann, Leigh, Ella, Abigail and Tillie


  • Pastor Rob Borgas
  • Danielle Pywell – LSO
  • John Morgan – Grounds and Maintenance
  • Rachel John – Library
  • Jennifer Grieger – 4/5 Teacher
  • Brenton Klau – Bus Driver

We pray for all those in our community that were affected by last week’s hailstorms.



4    Michael Lewis
10  Sam Swincer
20  Jobe Rathjen
26  Heath Atyeo
28  Jaslyn Grundel
28  Erin Heinrich



1    Sam Abdelmalek
1    Karlo Scholz
1    Millie Scholz
6   Ava McGorman
8   Luke Scanlon
27 Senspri Qualter

Dear Parents,

I used to have a poster in my classroom that now sits in my office. It says:

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your actions. Keep your actions positive because your actions become your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”

Our thoughts and words can seem like such a harmless, insignificant part of each day but nothing could be further from the truth. Words are very powerful. Words of praise, acknowledgement and caring can be life changing. They can make us feel valued, worthy, six feet tall. Taking the time to acknowledge and affirm someone can change their whole day for the better.

I haven’t had a class of my own for many years now but I keep that poster in my office because I think it’s an important reminder for me as principal, and in turn for the students, for the staff and you, the Good Shepherd community, because we are all linked together in this school family. Whatever your role, parent, grandparent, board member, volunteer we are all connected. What we think, what we say has a ripple effect that has the potential to impact all of us – positively or negatively.

Last week I conducted school tours and it was very heart-warming to hear from different families that our school is known in the community as a genuinely supportive school where we live up to our motto (because we care). It’s a privilege to be a part of this beautiful community but we can’t take what we have here at Good Shepherd for granted. We all hold the responsibility to speak positively, act kindly and share the grace that has been so freely given to us with each other.

Speaking of positive people, last Friday was World Teacher Day so I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the amazing teachers that we have at Good Shepherd. In and out of the classroom these people shine. You would be aware of many of the things that they do for your children but there are many things that you may not be aware of. Teachers who give up their break times to support children who need a listening ear, train students for athletics events, make props for concerts and run extra clubs. The late nights and weekend hours that they put into planning for their classes and differentiating for individual children who need someone to see the world through their eyes to truly thrive. The time away from their own families to attend camps or support the school at community events, these people really are ‘superheroes’. We are very blessed by our teaching team (and indeed all our staff) and I thank them for the important job they do caring for our children.


Anne Marschall

IB PYP Learner Profile Awards

Week 3 – Monday 25 October 2021

FDN:  Kratos Briones (Principled Thinker)
Kratos is such a thinker. Deacon noticed him focusing on his work and in our circle time he shared his interesting punctuation in his writing. He used 15 exclamation marks!

2/3:  Bennett Thomson (Risk Taker)
Amelia displayed plenty of commitment towards her inquiry into the many different roles that exists within an Angaston business. She revealed some interesting information and enthusiastically worked with her partner.

4/5: Bella Harvey (Principled)
Bella has had a fantastic year and has worked hard in all areas of her learning. She demonstrates great leadership skills when working with her reading group. She is patient, encouraging and helps her group to accomplish their collaborative tasks.  Bella has great self management skills and she works hard to achieve her goals during independent work.  She is also kind and caring towards her classmates.

6/7:  Mitchell Harvey (Balanced)
Mitchell has shown great balance this term with his choices in and out of the classroom and taken greater responsibility for his actions that maximise his potential. 

Week 4 – Monday 1 November 2021

FDN:  Holly Gripton (Kind)
Holly has been a good listener to the teacher and her peers during discussions. Holly also showed kindness by sitting with her peers who were sitting alone during eating times.

FDN:  Archie McGorman (Risk-Taker)
Archie has been a risk taker by trying new things. He has also shown responsibility in the classroom and kindness to his peers.

1/2:  Ezekiel Osborne (Reflective) – Week 3
Zeke is learning how to positively reflect on his behaviours and learning. He has been working to set goals, such as improve his handwriting, and is achieving well because of his resilient attitude.

1/2: John Lewis (Open Minded)
John is empathetic and caring towards others. He also demonstrates positivity, independence, and reilience when he choses to play and work with many different people each day.

2/3:  Olivia Harvey (Communicator)
Olivia is doing a fantastic job at preparing a document using the Book Creator app on an iPad that shares her understanding of roles that people have in the community and how these roles help the community to thrive.

4/5:  Michael Lewis (Risk-Taker and Reflective)
Michael demonstrated he is a risk taker on the year 4/5 camp by participating in an activity he found confronting and challenging. Michael showed great determination, focus and persistence during horse riding. He was very reflective on the experience and made the connection that many fun tasks require taking great risks.

6/7:  Ella Randall (Balanced)
Ella has demonstrated a great growth mindset these past few weeks, working on her ability to show positivity and patience in trying situations.  

Classroom Snapshot – Mr Evans’ 6/7 Class

Students in Year 6/7 have been working on their final big assessment for maths this past week, as they have looked into building plans for their unit on measurement and area.

Students had to design their dream backyard, house, sporting club or classroom using real world floor plans.

Students then had to work out the perimeter and area of each of their areas, as well as the costing for all the items required to make their dream a reality.

Library News

BOOK FAIR will commence Tuesday of Week 5, the 9th of November.

It will run from the Tuesday until the Thursday; Before school 8.30-8.55am, first half of recess and from 3.30-4pm in the Library.

See you there!

ICAS and Premier’s Reading Challenge – Awards

Toward the end of Term 4 we will hand out certificates and medals from both the ICAS assessments and the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Stay tuned to find out what week this will happen in as we are still awaiting the arrival of all of these items.

P&F News

For our Term 4 fundraiser, we are selling Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie & Biscuit Dough. Billy G’s dough comes in 1kg tubs of dough. You can either eat it straight out of the container or you can bake up to 40 large 25g cookies, per container. There are 10 dough-licious flavours to choose from, including an option for our fur babies (dogs). Fundraising forms were sent home in week 2.  If you require an additional form, please see the front office.

This fundraiser operates slightly differently to the normal, as it is all done online. To set up an account for all your family and friends to place an order on, please follow this link:

Click on the ‘Registrate Now’ button, and fill in your details. You are able to then share the link either through your social media, email or text message. As your family and friends place orders, you will be able to monitor your account and also be able to identify your family’s specific orders through your email. If you have any questions about how to set up an account, please speak to either Amanda Pech or Kylie Doering.

AGM 15/11/2021
Our AGM will be held on the 15th of November at 7pm. This will be held in the staff room. We have the following positions up for nomination:

· President (1 year vacancy),
· Vice President (2 year),
· Treasurer (2 years) and,
· Canteen Manager (1 year).

If you are interested in one of these positions or would like to know more about the roles please reach out to Amanda Pech or Sarah Gripton.

PIZZA & PLANNING 29/11/2021
Please mark in your diaries that the next P&F meeting is on Monday 29th of November at 7pm. The meeting will be held in the staff room (or on the deck if weather permits). This is a casual evening where we enjoy some pizza and also plan for the 2022 P&F events. All welcome.

In 2022, Good Shepherd will be celebrating its 60th year. This is a great milestone for the school! As part of the 60th celebrations, the P&F will be creating a cookbook, with your favourite recipes. We are forming a sub-committee especially for this event and would love if you could help in any way. Please contact Virginia Harvey or Amanda Pech to express your interest!

Chaplain’s News

Dear Good Shepherd Community,

Wishing you all a wonderful week. Only a few more weeks left of school, and knowing that there is a lot to fit in. It certainly will be busy!

Take care and enjoy this up and coming wonderful season.

This week’s scripture …

The things which you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things (in daily life), and the God (who is the source) of peace and well-being will be with you.  Philippians 4:9 AMP

What comes to my mind with this scripture is to remind myself to ‘Live each day in the calm amid the storm’. Also, knowing the most effective and powerful antidote for anxiety/stress/worries is thanksgiving and praise.

When we feel stress/anxiety/worries coming on or even begin to think about the possibility of it coming on we need to nip this in the bud. We need to remember to try to immediately stop and remember to bring it before God.

Scriptures says to bring all our cares to Him and lay them at his feet, and fix our eyes on him…

This week’s insight from Parenting Ideas is called… How to manage stress caused by exams and upcoming events.

I know in primary school we don’t have many exams however, this week’s insight has some fabulous ideas that can help us navigate living on high alert. Being aware and knowing what to do can be helpful in day to day life.

Gods richest blessings, 

Fiona Lloyde

How to manage stress caused by exams and upcoming events

If your child is a seasoned worrier, you will know how difficult living on high alert can be. Constantly irritated, often anxious and occasionally withdrawn, worriers are in a never-ending state of fight, flight or even freeze.

An upcoming exam or a nerve-wracking event can trigger a flight-or-fight response, flooding the body with cortisol and adrenaline. This response, designed to power up the body to face real threats, helped keep our hunter-gatherer ancestors safe. Unfortunately, the part of the brain responsible for keeping us alert can’t tell the difference between a woolly mammoth and an upcoming exam. Both are seen as threats, so the body responds the same. Fortunately, we have an inbuilt relaxation response that can help counteract this stress. Here are some ways your child can regulate stress and anxiety rather than live in a constant state of high alert.

Practise belly breathing

Taking several deep belly breaths is probably the quickest way to engage the body’s relaxation response. Teach your child or young person to breathe in through the nose to the count of five and out through the mouth to the count of seven. Encourage them to repeat this simple exercise a number of times to switch on the relaxation response. Anchoring belly breathing to regular events such as the start of breakfast or family mealtimes can embed deep breathing into daily life. Make this a part of your child’s regular routine to develop a wonderful stress beating habit.

Lift their gaze to the horizon

Next time your child is stressed out suggest that they go out the front of where you live and look down the end of the street. Long distance viewing sends a message to the nervous system that they are safe, signalling to the relaxation response to take over. If a child or young person is stuck at a desk, they can lift their gaze to the horizontal and move their head from side to side to achieve a similar effect. It’s worth remembering that many positive wellbeing habits are physical in nature, a throw back to the times when people spent most of their time in natural environments.

Splash in some cold water

Hardy types who’ve added ocean swimming to their daily routines know just how invigorating cold water can be. Your child doesn’t have to become an iceberg to experience the stress beating benefits that cold water can bring. Plunging their face in cold water for 10 seconds, turning on the cold water at the end of the shower or holding an icepack to the right side of the neck can achieve the same effect. Their body will be flooded with feel-good endorphins taking their worries away. Cold water use has the advantage of stimulating the vagas nerve, making it easier and simpler for kids to move to relaxation mode in the long term.

Contact family or a friend

A warm chat with a friend, a fun family board game or karaoke dance party will move your child into relaxation mode, away from high alert. While extroverts will naturally connect with others, introverts and shyer types may need some parental encouragement to engage with others.

Do something they love

Ensure your child or young person does something fun and enjoyable every day. Play, hobbies, games – anything that’s not screen-based that your child or young person enjoys brings down cortisol levels.

In closing

Regulating stress and anxiety in the body gets stronger and more responsive with practice. Knowing how to support the parasympathetic nervous system is a wonderful strategy to place in a child’s or young person’s wellbeing toolkit.

Michael Grose

Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators. He’s an award-winning speaker and the author of 12 books for parents including Spoonfed Generation, and the bestselling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It. Michael is a former teacher with 15 years experience, and has 30 years experience in parenting education. He also holds a Master of Educational Studies from Monash University specialising in parenting education.

4/5 Class Camp to Narnu Farm

On Wednesday 27 October the Year 4/5 students, along with Mrs Grieger, Mrs John, Mrs Rathjen and Mr Scholz, went to Narnu Farm for a two night/three day Eco Adventure camp. This camp tied in with the current Sharing the Planet unit of Inquiry on biodiversity. While the students were there, they participated in a range of activities such a horse riding, animal feeding, farm tours and wilderness survival lessons. Some student favourites included:

  • kayaking; where students learnt about water safety and kayaking techniques.
  • fish ecology; where students experienced first hand what it is like to a real life biologist. The donned ‘waders’ to collect, identify, measure and classify fish species.
  • Goolwa dune/barrage walk: Students were guided on a dune walk where we learnt about native plants and bush tucker along the way. The students foraged for cockles. The walk ended with a cockle cooking lesson where students were able to taste test the local cuisine.

A big thank you to Mr Scholz, Mrs Rathjen and Mrs John for coming along and making it a wonderful experience.

Finance and Administration News

School Fees – Term 4

Term 4 Fees were sent out on Wednesday 20th of October 2021 with the due date being Friday the 12th of November 2021.

Additionally both the 4/5 and 6/7 camp fees have been added to your accounts.  The due dates for payment of camps are as follow:

  • 4/5 Camp for $255.00 (now overdue – please contact Sarah Loveday ASAP)
  • 6/7 Camp for $320.00 due on Friday 5th November 2021.

Uniform Shop

Our Uniform Shop is open each Monday afternoon from 3.15pm – 3.45pm during the school term for any uniform purchases.

Notice of Withdrawal

We remind families that we require one term’s notice in writing of your intention to withdraw a student to avoid being charged an additional term’s fees.

School Card Scheme 2021

Did you know that limits for the school card have now been increased. So you may now be eligible if you have not been in the past.  Applications for the School Card Scheme are available online.  To check if you are eligible click on the following link or contact Sarah Loveday for further information.

Office Hours:  8.30am – 4.00pm

Please avoid phoning between 8.15 – 8.30am as staff are debriefing and in devotion. A phone call prior to 8.30am however will be taken by the answering machine for you to leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible if required.

Student Absence

Parents are requested to call the office by 9.30am if your child is absent. An answering machine is available to leave a message after hours.

Late Arrivals / Early Departures

If your child is late for school or they depart early for appointments etc parents/carers must sign them in at the front office in the Student Sign In/Out Register.

School Banking

LLL Banking—Lutheran Laypeople’s League. Passbooks to Administration on Monday morning for processing during the week. Application forms for opening an LLL account are available from the front office.

Student Accident Cover

Children are covered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year but only in respect to any injuries that happen:

  • While the student is engaged in school activities and school-related extra-curricular activities (including work experience, vocational training, excursions etc).
  • While the student is engaged in organised school sporting activities.
  • While the student is engaged in organised non-school sporting activities with a club that is a member of an established sporting association. The student must be a registered and/or a financial participant of the club.
  • During travel to and from school, school activities, organised school sporting activities, and organised non-school sporting activities.

Building Blocks Playgroup

Monday’s weather was perfect for our excursion to the Kapunda Lion Park.  The morning was filled with exploring, singing, playing, reading a story and ended with a walk to the duck pond to meet and feed the ducks.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week as we prepare for Remembrance Day.

Local Church Service Times

Angaston Parish Service Times

Sunday 7th November

Angaston:  10.30am
Gnadenberg:  8.45am

Sunday 14th November

Angaston:  8.45am HC
Gruenberg:  10.30am HC


KEVS Service Times

Sunday 7th November

Keyneton:  9.00am HC
Eden Valley:  5.30pm
Springton:  11.00am HC

Sunday 14th November

Keyneton:  5.30pm
Eden Valley:  11.00am HC
Springton:  9.15am HC

Mr Evans’ Movember


Hey everyone! I will be doing Movember this year to help raise funds for men’s health. A growing number of men – around 10.8M globally – are facing life with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Globally, testicular cancer is the most common cancer among young men. And across the world, one man dies by suicide every minute of every day, with males accounting for 75% of all suicides.

For this years efforts I will be helping to work on my own health as every dollar raised will result in me requiring to do a push up.

I also gave my students the opportunity to help pick my Mo inspiration this year and they decided on the Immortal Hulk Hogan. So at the end of the month I will be doning the iconic Hulkstars getup for them!

Please help me raise donations and awareness any way you can.

Mr Jayden Evans – 6/7 Teacher