Good Shepherd Grapevine – 5 November 2020

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Seeing Through Their Eyes

“I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)

In her seventies my mother would sometimes say that she was still a little girl on the inside. Some of my teachers I could not imagine ever being young, but others had that wonderful capacity to come alongside me and to see the world through my eyes as a child or young person.

One of my favourite photos of my wife shows her with a little girl in her arms and they are watching a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Both look with total fascination at what is happening before their eyes, little Mady seeing it for the very first time, and my wife seeing it as if for the first time, as she draws Mady’s attention to details of the unfolding scene.

In our verse today, Jesus is calling us to change and become like little children so that we will enter God’s kingdom. Do we not, as teachers, also need to regain something of that childlike freshness, wonder and trust if we are to see things in the Father’s world again as if for the first time, and help others to truly see them for the first time?

Poet William Blake wrote,

“To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.”

Nor is this necessarily a matter of progression; it may also require change, an about-turn, a conversion, a conscious effort on our part to see things differently, to become like little children or the young people whom we seek to teach. What once was wonderful and new can sadly have become to us so ordinary and familiar. If we change, we may find the holy in the humdrum, the miraculous in the mundane and, as they look with us, so also may our students.

God of wonders beyond our galaxy, the universe declares your majesty! Help me to see it with fresh eyes and to help others to do so too. Amen.

Source: Another Day – Biblical reflections for busy teachers, The Stapleford Centre

Submitted by Edith Zeller

Prayer Corner

This fortnight, staff and students pray for:


  • SCHWARZ: Jenelle, James, Egan and Stevie
  • SMITH: Hiedi, Randall and Fletcher
  • SPITERI: Danielle, Jason, Samuel and Thomas


  • Jennifer Grieger – Foundation Teacher
  • Selena Grundel- LSO
  • Daniel Hausler – 3/4 Teacher
  • Renee Barry – LSO



4   Michael Lewis
10  Sophie Pitman
10  Sam Swincer
20  Jobe Rathjen
26  Heath Atyeo
28  Jaslyn Grundel
28  Erin Heinrich




1    Annabel Lloyd
1    Sam Abdelmalek
1    Karlo Scholz
1    Millie scholz
6    Ava McGorman
8    Luke Scanlon
8    Michael Scanlon
25  Michael Ratsch
27  Senspri Qualter


    • This week we pray for Malcolm & Cheryl Scholz and family following the passing of Malcolm’s father.

    Principal’s News

    Dear Parents,

    Last Friday we celebrated World Teacher’s Day along with many other schools across Australia. I’m not sure when World Teacher’s day started but it’s certainly gained momentum and media attention in recent years and it’s a nice way to recognise the contribution that our teachers make to the school. They all felt extra special and really appreciated the little treats and thank you notes that they received on the day. We really are blessed by amazing teachers (and school staff) at Good Shepherd. Their different personalities and gifts complement each other beautifully to create a unique team. Aside from being great educators they quietly give of their time and talents doing many extra ‘behind the scenes’ things to help our school and especially the children.  They counsel and support students, run lunch clubs, sit on additional committees, hold training sessions, share resources and a million and one other acts of service. We may have the latest technology, beautiful grounds and brand-new classrooms but at the end of the day people are at the heart of our success.

    Speaking of ‘brand-new classrooms’ our building project is progressing well. The floors, walls and ceilings in the old rooms have been stripped back ready for their transformation. Big sliding glass doors have been installed connecting these rooms to each other, the central learning corridor and the outside environment. The concrete has been poured for the footings to the new learning decks and the battens are up in readiness for the feature acoustic panels. It’s so exciting seeing the vision slowly taking shape and I’m delighted that our middle and upper primary students will soon be experiencing the same bright, modern learning environment that our junior primary students currently enjoy. The practical completion date is scheduled for the school holidays allowing for students to start the first day of the 2021 term in the new learning spaces.

    I am holding my final Principal’s Tours for this year on Wednesday, 18 November at 9.30am and 5.00pm. Although we have a few vacancies in some year levels for next year we are primarily focusing on 2022 and beyond. If you have friends with young children who are exploring potential school options please make them aware of these tours. It is never too early to take a look at the school in action and secure a future for your child at Good Shepherd.


    Anne Marschall

    Classroom Snapshot – Mr Evans’ 6/7 Class


    This term the Year 6/7 students have been looking into poetry and how it fits in modern society. They have delved deep into inquiring about music, movies and literature from the 21st century to find out just how common and engraved it is in our everyday life. One of their tasks was to look into modern novels such as ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ to create ‘Blackout Poetry’. Their task was to look into a chapter of the book and find the beauty within as they created a story using mood and atmosphere with the words that they could see.

    Year 7 Exhibition

    The year 7 students of Good Shepherd Lutheran School should be extremely proud of their efforts, detail and skill displayed at their annual Exhibition night held on Thursday 22nd October 2020. For several weeks, the Year 7 leaders worked on discovering and displaying the information they have gained about businesses and consumers through creating their own small business around different themes. Students had to research into the relationships between consumers and producers, why and how businesses plan to achieve success, and finally, what makes a successful business. Topics that they covered include sustainability in businesses, how their market has changed over history, how consumers needs and wants impact on businesses, as well as what they can do in order to create the most successful business possible.

    A host of parents, staff, past students and family members came along to witness the learning and understanding that had been developed by the students, and everyone involved left feeling very proud and enthusiastic about their efforts.

    IB PYP Learner Profile Awards


    Week 3 – Monday 26 October 2020
    FDN Natalia Leon Knowledgeable & Reflective Natalia has shown amazing effort towards her learning. She has worked independently and has written a detailed recount of the Book Week Parade and activities. She has shown confidence by sharing her writing with others. Natalia has also shown great confidence in her reading; playing a vital role in our final chapel and during Friday partner reading.

    Eleanor John 




     Ellie makes consistently great efforts in her learning, improving on her goals all the time. She has also shown great progress in her independence and emotional wellbeing this year.
    3/4 Deegan Evans Caring Deegan demonstrates a high level of respect towards teachers and is always empathetic to any of his peers who are lonely or feeling down.
    5/6 Jaslyn Grundel Knowledgeable Jaslyn has demonstrated an excellent understanding of metaphors and similes and has used them as effective poetic devices.
    6/7 All Year 7’s displayed all of the learner profile throughout their journey of Exhibition. They should feel proud of themselves for their efforts, creativity, teamwork and dedication throughout the process.



    Week 4 – Monday 2 November 2020
    FDN Sophie Pitman Knowledgeable & Reflective Sophie is always ready and eager to learn. She puts her best effort and attention to all her classwork and is helpful and respectful to her peers. Sophie has also shown great confidence and improvement across all areas of learning this year!

    Alex Johnson


    Dylan Leggett




    Alex has been showing incredible improvement this term in controlling his emotions. As a result, he is doing some great learning and is setting a fantastic example for his classmates. 

    Dylan always prioritises others and uses his initiative to help his peers and teachers in any way that he can. He is an incredible leader in our class and encourages others to reflect deeply about their own ideas and behaviours.  

    3/4 Parker Brooks Knowledgeable Parker Brooks has produced work samples which indicate a strong understanding and knowledge relating to the types of work people do within our community.
    5/6 Tiara Schulz Reflective Tiara displayed excellent reflective skills while completing our area and perimeter maths investigation.
    6/7 Jed Klau Inquirer Jed has demonstrated being an inquirer this term through his work on his genius hour topic, showing great detail and dedication to his work.


    Market Day

    To showcase their learning about how businesses work in Unit of Inquiry, Mrs Guglielmo’s 5/6 students hosted Good Shepherd Market Day on Friday 23rd October 2020. Each group of students created their own unique business, wrote up a professional business plan, created their own products, and sold them on Market Day. They did an amazing job presenting their stalls with decorations, posters and special products. Students raised $418.70 and they voted on sending all profits to the RSPCA as a donation.

    Library News

    Book Fair

    Next week will we have BOOK FAIR arrive at school.

    What: BOOK FAIR

    Where: Library

    When: Tuesday 10th November – Thursday 12th November

    Times: 8:30 – 8:55am, 1st half recess, 3:30 – 4pm (except for Thursday)

    As always, your support at this event (and all of the events that have happened so far this term for the library) is very much appreciated and generates such a buzz for the student body. We are still hoping to expand our graphic novel section and look forward to using funds generated by the Fair for that purpose.

    Book Club issue 8 is out now online. I am yet to receive the issue 8 magazines but when I do they will be distributed ASAP! The due date for orders is Tuesday 24th November (Week 7).

    All ICAS certificates will be distributed, along with Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) certificates and medals at assemblies towards the end of term. Likely we will distribute ICAS certificates with Junior Primary PRC items one Monday and the Upper Primary PRC items on a separate Monday at assembly.

    Overdue book accounts came home this week. Please ask your child if they received a slip and if so follow the instructions given on the slip about how to pay the amount owing. Many thanks in advance.

    P&F News

    The P&F’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday, 7th November at 7:30pm in the Staff Room. We would love to see some new faces. The positions that are up for re-election on the night are President, Secretary and Canteen Manager. We would also love some more general members.

    The P&F is a great way to become involved in the school and meet some new people. We meet twice a term for meetings (one day meeting and one night meeting) and there is no obligation to attend them all. If you are interested or want any further information please don’t hesitate to talk to Amanda Pech. 

    We also want to thank everyone who generously donated items for the Christmas Raffle. Tickets seem to be selling like hot cakes with some families already selling all their tickets. Remember if you need anymore please see Amanda Pech, Virginia Harvey or Danette Mifflin.  All tickets and money are due back by Wednesday 2nd December and the raffle will be drawn at the special assembly on Monday 7th December. 

    Car Park Safety and Speed Zones

    Following recent reports of several near misses and excessive speeds used in our car parking areas we remind everyone that the safety of our students is paramount.  Please ensure you are aware of the speed limits in and around the school and always encourage your children to use the footpaths in the school car park.

    Drink Bottles

    With the weather warming up it is really important that all students bring sufficient water into school to keep them well hydrated.  The water fountains are still unable to be utilised due to COVID-19 restrictions.


    All students are required to bring a hat to school.  Our school supports the SunSmart actions of Slip, Slop, Seek and Slide wherever possible and follow the guidelines below to ensure all students are protected from over-exposure to UV radiation:

    – Children not wearing an appropriate hat will be sat out of play in the shade.
    – Parents are encouraged to supply sunscreen for their children, although there will be bulk sunscreen packs available at school.
    – The application of sunscreen will be encouraged before going out for recess/lunch or any outdoor activity between 10.00am and 3.00pm.

    Anyone wanting to access daily UV levels can access via the free SunSmart app.

    Chaplain’s News

    Dear Good Shepherd Community, 

    Hoping you are all going well. It is week four of term four and, it is going way too fast.   

    This week’s newsletter theme is about ‘Creating healthy digital habits in kids.’ 

    I cannot stress the importance of making sure we have boundaries for our children with the time they are spending online, and what it is they are watching online.  

    Obviously, these digital devices won’t be going away anywhere fast.  

    Martine Oglethorpe is a parent educator, youth counsellor who speaks, writes, and consults on the challenges faced by families in the modern world. She writes about recognising the important role technology plays in the social and emotional wellbeing of young people. 

    Fiona Lloyde

    Creating healthy digital habits in kids

    Surveys have consistently shown that children have been exposed to rising amounts of screen time in recent years, as well as parents struggling to manage the moods and time demands of children and young people.

    As kids spend increasing amounts of time tethered to a digital device, it makes sense that the time they are online, is time well spent. As parents we’re often concerned about the connections children and young people are making and the subsequent impact on their wellbeing. We’re often concerned about the content they’re consuming, and how helpful, relevant and safe it is for them. Rightfully, there’s concern that the time spent online,  scrolling, searching and swiping, may well be time better spent on other pursuits.

    Obviously, these digital devices won’t be going anywhere fast. So, we need to look at how we remain in control of our screen use, and ensure the time we’re investing online is adding something helpful, positive and meaningful to our lives.

    Here are a few tips to help you be more intentional with your scrolling. Being mindful of how time spent on devices, is certainly not just reserved for young people.

    Encourage creation not just consumption

    Here’s a simple question. Are you more of a consumer or creator when you’re online? When you spend your online time in creative mode such as making things, creating own videos, editing photos, writing blogs, coding a video game or composing a song you are getting something tangible in return for the time spent on a screen. You are achieving and creating something, rather than simply consuming the content made by others, which is generally far more satisfying as a user.

    Look at who you are following

    Consider the real purpose of the people on your feeds.  Are you following celebrities you can never relate to, companies you would never buy from, or people who bring you down rather than teach or inspire you? Ideally, you’ll follow people and companies that you can connect with and add positively to your life.

    So what about your child? If they have a passion for something, help them find suitable people to follow. For instance, if they love space, search for NASA and related accounts. If they love photography, help them find great photographers sharing their work online. When they’re following people that teach, inspire and ignite their passions, they’re less likely to spend valuable time with energy zappers.

    Do a digital declutter

    We all have so many apps on our devices and many are just clutter that we used once and no longer visit or don’t add anything constructive to our day. Maybe you could try deleting all the apps on your phone and only put those back that you need to make your day easier, or that offer you something positive. This forces us to look at the real benefits, or not, of the apps and thus the time we are spending online. Could there be better games for your kids to play? Are there better videos for them to watch than the ones that the YouTube algorithm believes they want to see?

    Role model good practises

    Most kids learn much more from what they see and experience, rather than from what they are told. As a parent be sure to be intentional with your screentime.  Do you:

    • Follow people that support you, challenge you in helpful ways or inspire and lift you up?
    • Interact in positive ways?
    • Give people your attention rather than scroll whilst others are talking to you?
    • Put your digital devices away in order to fit all the other important things into your day?

    Setting your kids up with good online habits will help make these practises the norm. If you don’t want your children falling prey to the harmful and unhelpful experiences online, you need to be sure that they are focusing on positive and helpful screentime pursuits.

    Be intentional with your scrolling, and you’ll ensure you’re getting a much greater return on your online investment.


    Martine Oglethorpe

    Martine is a parent educator and a youth and family counsellor who speaks, writes and consults on the challenges faced by families in the modern world. Martine has a Masters in Counselling and a background in secondary education. Through her personal and professional work with families raising children, she recognises the important role technology plays in the social and emotional wellbeing of young people. Martine is an accredited speaker with the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.


    Donations for Christmas Hampers

    Dear School Community,

    Each year our local Lutheran Community Care put together Christmas Hampers for those families that may need extra support at Christmas time.

    If anybody feels that they are able to donate to this wonderful cause, that would be appreciated.

    Donations of non-perishable food items, 1 litre of lifelong custard, toys or appropriate age-related gifts for children aged between 5 years to 17 years. 

    Please contact the Chaplain if you are able to donate any items to arrange delivery. It would be appreciated if all donations could arrive at school by Friday 4th December 2020.

    Please donate to this worthy local cause.


    Fiona Lloyde

    Finance News

    School Fees Term 4 2020

    School fee statements have been emailed to families and are due and payable by Friday 6th November 2020.   Please contact Sarah Loveday if you did not receive a statement or need to discuss payment arrangements.


    School Card Scheme 2020

    Did you know that limits for the school card have now been increased. So you may now be eligible if you have not been in the past. Applications for the School Card Scheme are available online. To check if you are eligible click on the following link or contact Sarah Loveday for further information.


    Uniform Shop

    Please note that our Uniform Shop is open each Monday afternoon during the term from 3.15pm to 3.45pm.  If you are unable to attend during these times please feel free to come into the office and complete an order form.  If you have any other uniform enquiries please feel free to contact our Uniform Shop Co-orindator, Virginia directly on 0407 716 350.

    Notice of Withdrawal

    We remind families that we require one term’s notice in writing of your intention to withdraw a student to avoid being charged an additional term’s fees.

    Sponsorship of Sporting Achievement Award

    We have an opportunity for a business or family to become a sponsor for the Sporting Achievement Award given to a graduating student at our End Of Year Service on Thursday 10th December 2020.  If you know of a local business or family that might like to donate $50 towards this award please contact Anne Marschall or the Front Office to discuss further. 

    Golden Years at Good Shepherd

    We invite you to join our new Facebook group: Good Shepherd Alumni Angaston. This is a group for past students of Good Shepherd Lutheran School from 1962 to present. Members are invited to use this space to catch up, share and reminisce. If you are in contact with Good Shepherd old scholars, please encourage them to take a look and join the group or they can share their contact details with the School directly on 08 8564 2396.

    Building Blocks Playgroup

    This week we had fun making Melbourne Cup hats, followed by a race in the hub. Well done to our winner Holly!

    If you would like further information please contact Bec Bawden our Playgroup Co-ordinator directly on 0427 538 371. 

    Local Church Service Times


    Angaston Parish Service Times





    November 8 8.45am HC
    10.30am HC
    Rob Borgas
    November 15 10.30am
    Rob Borgas


    KEVS Service Times



    Eden Valley


    November 8 5.30pm 11.00am HC 9.15am HC
    November 15 11.00am HC 9.00am HC No Service


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