Good Shepherd Grapevine – 6 May 2021

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Courage – God Gives Us What We Need In The Moment

This last week I’ve had a particularly unwell child. I’m sure many of you will relate to this (I envy you if you don’t), but sickness in my kids is something that throws my anxiety into overdrive. Nobody wants to be anxious, right?

But what I particularly hate about my fear around illness is that, at times, it has rendered me useless in the care of my children and I have turned to my husband to fix things and/or become a jittery, irrational, cranky mum.

I know that I am made to care and comfort my children. I know I am meant to be their safe haven and support. But I have been frozen with fear. My response has been flight when it should have been fight.

For many years now I have prayed the same prayer, Dear Lord, please give me strength and calm when I am faced with my fear. I can only pray this with a true faith and hope in my heart because we never know when any of us will fall ill or be faced with things that take us outside our comfort zone. This last week amid what I would say is my worst nightmare, the illness of one of my children through the night, the panic started to rise, my heart was beating fast and my hands were trembling…

I prayed. I took a deep breath and I prayed the prayer I’d said so often, Dear Lord I know you will give me strength and calm to face this. And quite simply, He did. I could love and protect, care and comfort my child in a genuine capacity…and that felt really good.

Am I cured of my fear? NO WAY! But God won’t leave me, in fact, he will stabilize me to cope in the moment when it is needed. And He can do that for you too.

Below follows a small snippet of a devotional from Christian Today which quotes some thoughts from Joyce Meyer. https://www.christiantoday.com/article/joyce.meyer.courage.is.moving.forward.even.when.you.feel.afraid/37132.htm
“…the enemy tries to keep us from moving forward – through fear. But instead of giving in to our fears, we can choose to be bold, confident and courageous through Christ.”
Meyer looks to biblical characters such as Joshua to illustrate God’s unending goodness despite difficult circumstances, and the promises found in the New Testament that speak of the Lord’s ability to make all things possible. She also notes that we are privileged to carry the very presence of God, and there is therefore no limit to what we can do in his strength.
“It’s important to understand that courage isn’t the absence of fear; it’s moving forward when you feel afraid. And if we will do that, God will lead us straight through our fears into His perfect will for our lives.”

Meyer also writes, “The Bible says that we are blessed if our confidence is in the Lord. We will be like trees planted by the waters that continue to bear fruit.” (see Jeremiah 17:7–8)

Submitted by Rachel John
Resources Coordinator

Prayer Corner

This fortnight, staff and students pray for:


  • GRIEGER:  Jennifer, Joshua, Olivia, Tate, Deacon & Mason
  • GRIPTON:  Wade, Sarah, Zachary, Aimee & Holly
  • GRUNDEL:  Anthony, Selena, Tyson, Sharli & Jaslyn
  • HARVEY:  Craig, Virginia, Mitchell, Bella & Olivia
  • HEINRICH: Roger, Kylie, Erin & Brodie
  • HUNTER: Ian, Jodie & Zack


  • Abby Mann (nee Beames) – 1/2 Teacher
  • Danielle Pywell – LSO
  • Pastor Rob Borgas
  • Fiona McDonald – Foundation Teacher
  • Rachel John – Resources Coordinator
  • Sarah Loveday – Finance Officer



2 Grace Alexander
3 Sofia Seabrook
5 Heidi Pritchard-Gordon
11 Nash Jachmann
14 Casey Rowe
18 Lillie Byrne
19 Campbell Pech
21 Samuel Scanlon
22 Emma Scholz
27 Brodie Heinrch



8 Archie McGorman
22 Priya Rathjen
25 Cooper Jachmann
26 Samuel Scanlon


  • This week we pray for all of our mothers, grandmothers and all the other ladies that care for us each day. May they enjoy a relaxing Mother’s Day surrounded by the people they love the most.

Principal’s News

Dear Parents,

I am delighted to share the exciting news that Good Shepherd were joint winners of the best school float, along with Redeemer, in the Barossa Vintage Parade. What a coup for Lutheran schools! Putting together a float for the parade is a mammoth effort over many, many weeks with many people sharing their time and talents to design the float, make props, costumes, sources items and secure the temporary railings around the truck. The final result themed around ‘The Garden of Eden’, looked amazing. I would like to say a huge thank you to Craig and Amy Doecke for their time and the use of their truck and to everyone on the float committee for their time and amazing creativity (and float committee husbands, Marshalling). I’m also very grateful to all the children who represented the school on the day. It was a wonderful experience all round.

That weekend was a big weekend for the school. Not only were we involved in the vintage parade but also the Angaston Town Day, ‘Get Back On Track’. Our P and F ran a very successful BBQ to raise funds through the day. The P and F also launched their new venture, ‘Born Again’ clothing which was also very successful. It needs to be said that many of the people involved in the float were also involved in the P and F fundraisers in Angaston. What an amazing, servant heart our community has. We are very blessed.

Next week, students in years 3, 5 and 7 will undertake testing in National Assessment– Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). These tests are scheduled to be run in the mornings from Tuesday to Friday. Parents of students in those year levels are asked to avoid scheduling appointments on those mornings.

There have been a few changes to staffing arrangements from this term. Firstly, we say farewell to Miss Beames and welcome her back with her brand-new moniker, Mrs Mann. Congratulations Abby on your recent marriage to Kynan. Mrs Jennifer Grieger completes her contract as Sports Teacher and one day a week Foundation Teacher and commences as full time Year 4/5 Teacher. Mrs Jodie Hampton continues as Arts Teacher and also takes on the role of Sports Teacher. Mrs Rebecca Liersch re-joins our teaching team as one day a week Foundation Teacher. (I feel I need accompanying diagrams to help you follow all these movements). We are fortunate to have a dedicated and accomplished teaching team here at Good Shepherd and pray that all of these people feel blessed in their various roles.

And finally, ‘a call to arms’. If you are aware of families who are still deciding on a school for their child next year, please encourage them to make an appointment with me for a personalised tour of Good Shepherd. We have an excellent marketing program but everyone knows the most powerful strategy is always direct endorsement from someone you know. This is a fabulous little school, let’s not keep it a secret.


Anne Marschall

Nominations For GSLS Board

Good Shepherd is seeking to fill a vacancy on the School Board this year. We invite members of our school community to consider nominating for this role and becoming part of our passionate ‘team’. There are two meetings per term and it’s a great way to get to know the school better and meet other members of the school community who you may not necessarily bump into in the corridor. The Board comprises of members with a diverse skill set, who work together, supporting the School in realising its strategic objectives. Currently we are seeking members with a building, legal or marketing background however this does not preclude others from applying who have additional skills of benefit to the governance of Good Shepherd. Under the rules of the GSLS constitution, not every Board member must be a communicant Lutheran but it is required that they identify as Christian. Nomination Forms are available at the Front Office. Applications close Thursday, 20th May 2021.

Please contact our Chairperson, Neville Grieger, on 0414 854 490 if you have any questions or would like to enquire about the nomination process.

Neville Grieger – GSLS Board Chair
Anne Marschall – Principal

Classroom Snapshot – Mrs Fiona McDonald

Student Agency

As you pass by the Foundation class most mornings you will see students engaged in various intentional play provocations. Based on interest, and student learning needs, these provocations help the students to stretch and consolidate their understanding of concepts. This gives the teachers an opportunity to sit alongside the students and gently move them to higher levels of understanding. Learning in this way first thing in the morning allows the Foundation students to smoothly transition from home to school before starting our more formalised learning which takes place later in the morning. It’s so lovely to see older siblings and friends choose to join in with the Foundation students during this time, giving the morning a lovely feel.

Library News

Scholastic Book Club Issue 3 is out now!

Orders need to be returned to the school by Thursday 13th May.

As usual, there are 2 ways to order;

  • Fill out the order form on the back page. Rip it out and return to the school with the correct cash.
  • Order online (LOOP). Go to scholastic.com.au/LOOP and register your details. You are able to order and pay online.

If the books are a gift and you do not wish them to go home in the class tray please select the gift box when ordering online or leave me a note and I will arrange to get the books to you another way.

May is National Family Reading month and you can sign up via the Scholastic website to “Read more in May” as a family! Scholastic use this initiative ‘to create positive, long lasting reading habits and lifelong readers!’ within families. Signing up is easy:

How to take the 31 Day Family Reading Challenge:

  1. Sign up (this is hyperlinked on the website) to join the 31 Day Reading Challenge starting 1 May 2021.
  2. Use the Reading Rocket Log as a fun way for your child to track their reading all month in May.
  3. Follow along with Scholastic Australia on Facebook and Instagram for tips, inspiration, motivation and fun giveaways!

Tag us with #NationalFamilyReadingMonth

(from the Scholastic website https://scholastic.com.au/scholastic-in-the-community/national-family-reading-month-2021/)


will commence Tuesday of Week 4, the 18th of May.

Before school, first half of recess and from 3.30-4.00pm in the LIBRARY!

See you there!

Presenting Mr & Mrs Mann!

Congratulations to our very own 1/2 classroom teacher Abby Mann (nee Beames) on her recent wedding. Kynan and Abby exchanged vows during a beautiful morning wedding ceremony held at the Concordia College Chapel surrounded by many of their family and friends, followed by an afternoon reception enjoyed by all. Kynan and Abby then experiened an adventurous honeymoon on the Eyre Peninsula sightseeing and even shark cave diving!

P&F News

Angaston Town Day (18/04/21)

During the holiday break, we held a sausage sizzle at the ‘new’ Angaston Playground as part of the Angaston Town day. It was a great day with live music and many people making the most of the lovely weather. We raised over $600.The stall would not have been possible without all the families who volunteered their time. 

Born Again – Preloved Fashions & Wares

The much-anticipated launch of ‘Born Again’ also occurred at the Angaston town day. It was an extremely successful day, raising over $1,000! The P&F would like to thank everyone who have donated clothing and goods. We are still accepting donations.

After a very hectic term, we are just catching our breath but are busy planning lots of exciting things to come for Born Again so stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you wish to make a donation, please contact Melissa Jachmann or Julie Maddern. If you are keen to have a browse, please contact Julie. 

Next Meeting (10/05/2021)

Please mark in your diaries that the next P&F meeting is on Monday 10th May at 2pm. The meeting will be held in the staff room. All welcome.

Barossa & Light SAPSASA Cross Country Championships

Sixteen of our fastest boys and girls represented Good Shepherd at the recent Barossa & Light SAPSASA Cross Country Championships held at the Nuriootpa Town Oval on Wednesday 5th May. Mrs Hampton said all our students performed well with standout results from Olivia Harvey (2013 girls 1500m) and Sarah Cameron (2012 girls 1500m) coming first place in their respective age groups. Well done everyone and good luck to those individuals that may be chosen to compete in the state Country Championships.

A big thank you to our Sports Teacher, Jodie Hampton for her coordination in enabling our students to attend and a special mention to all our parent helpers that cheered on our students and provided marshalling duties throughout the day.

ALWS ‘ Walk My Way’

Our school community is stepping out to bring love to life through Walk My Way!

We’re challenging ourselves to walk as many laps of the oval as possible between recess and lunch on Friday 21 May (Term 2, Week 4).

We’re walking in recognition of the long and dangerous journey refugees must take to find safety… and to raise money to help send a refugee child to school at the same time!

It’s only $26 to help provide a teacher, textbook and table for one pre-school child living in a refugee camp in East Africa – for a WHOLE year! Many of these kids were born here, and know no other life. Some even arrived alone, without mum or dad.

We want to help in a practical way that changes lives – and through Walk My Way we can do just that!

We’d love it if you could support us in this challenge by sponsoring us.

You’re also welcome to join us for the Walk on Friday 21 May – and show students helping others is important to ALL of us!

You can find out more about Walk My Way here or contact school coordinator and Year 1/2 teacher Mrs Abby Mann (in the classroom, 8564 2396, abby.mann@goodshepherd.sa.edu.au)

Thank you so much for taking action to bring love to life for these refugee kids, and supporting us in the Walk My Way challenge!

Walk My Way is an initiative of Australian Lutheran World Service, the overseas aid and development agency of the Lutheran Church.

IMPORTANT: Due to COVID restrictions, we will require QR check-ins and social distancing for our Walk. Thank you!

Everyday Reminders


It is important that the school is notified by 9.00am each day if your child is absent.  Please ensure that a reason is included with your notification.  You are able to advise us of absentees by phoning and leaving a message prior to 8.30am or email gsls@goodshepherd.sa.edu.au.  Please note that we plan to discontinue the use of the Skoolbag App.  Please understand that the Front Office is unable to access SeeSaw notifications sent directly to class teachers.  We also ask that parents keep children home if they are unwell.

Car Park Safety and Speed Zones

We remind everyone that the safety of our students is paramount.  Please ensure you are aware of the speed limits in and around the school and always encourage your children to use the footpaths in the school car park.

Chaplain’s News

Dear Good Shepherd Community,

Welcome back to term 2.🙂

This week’s newsletter article gives us wisdom on how to teach our children about consent. 

Giving us tips like; Getting the ball rolling from an early age, teaching that no means no, emphasising choices, teach kids to seek consent, model consent, and how guardians need to step up!

Michael Grose says, “the best age to start teaching about consent is when they are young, the second-best age is whatever age they are right now. Consent education is too big an issue to ignore or leave to schools to manage. It’s something we all have to commit to if we want real change to occur.

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:7

Fiona Lloyde

Teaching consent to children and teenagers

    Following the March 4 Justice rallies families have been urged to talk to their children about consent. Many parents are unsure where to start and how to go about it. Here are some ideas to assist parents in this most important topic.

    Start the consent ball rolling from an early age

    Consent education begins with adults teaching and modelling respectful treatment related to children’s development stages. Holding discussions about body boundaries, checking in with feelings, respecting the feelings and voices of others, and listening to children’s concerns are the types of behaviours that will help you develop a culture of respect in your family.

    Is your home a place where children can talk about any topic? Sexuality and relationship education are subjects that many parents place in the ‘let’s talk about this when you are older’ basket.

    Professor Kerry Robinson, who is in the School of Social Sciences and Psychology and the Sexualities and Genders Research Network at Western Sydney University advises parents to be factual when answering children’s questions, emphasising the importance of staying informed about the subject kids are interested in.

    In a recent article in The Guardian, she said “…. have set it up early with your child that when they talk about certain things you give open, simple, honest answers, then you set a precedent that you can build on.”

    Professor Robinson also advises parents not to fob off children’s questions: “Straight away you’re setting a pattern of not answering and putting it off. Kids learn really quickly that this is a taboo subject. They will talk to their friends about it: they won’t talk to their parents and other adults about it because it’s taboo.”

    Teach no means no

    Children learn about mutual consent through their play and sharing. A child who doesn’t want to share their toys has a right to be left alone, rather than being scolded to change their mind. A parent who withdraws a privilege in response to a teenager’s poor behaviour shouldn’t be subjected to repeated attempts to negotiate a different outcome. Reinforce with children and young people that a no is not an invitation to ask again.

    Emphasise choices

    The biggest lesson to reinforce for children and young people is that they have a choice in how they behave, and how they react. The young person who blames alcohol for sexual assault has neglected the role that choice plays in their decisions. Blaming alcohol, the dress or the demeanour of another person are older versions of ‘it’s not my fault because he/she made me do it’ that children so often use when asked to account for poor behaviour.

    Framing behaviour as a choice is a central consent strategy for children or all ages. A young child who shares a toy with a friend can be told, “Good choice Harry. Now you can have fun together.” A primary school child who completes their homework assignment early can be reminded “Now you’ve got plenty of time to relax. Smart choice.” The teenager who quietly helps you prepare a meal can be told, “You could have done anything after school, but you chose to help me. I appreciate that.”

    Teach kids to seek consent

    While teaching kids the right to say no is a central consent message, children and young people should also develop the habit of seeking consent from others. “Ask your sister if it’s okay for you to play that game next to her.” “Ask grandma if she feels like a cuddle right now.” Permission-seeking is another piece in respectful relationships puzzle that you can reinforce with kids.

    Model consent

    The use of consensual language is a community concern. A grandparent may need to be respectfully reminded to ask young children if they’d like a kiss or hug. Similarly, a relative should abide by a young child’s wishes if they ask them to stop tickling or playing with them. A doctor should ask a child, “I’m going to take your temperature. Is that okay?” It’s up to adults to frame requests in ways that children feel safe and comfortable.

    Fathers step up

    Dads can’t leave consent and sexuality education to mothers, which still appears to be the case in many families. Fathers can help their daughters develop the confidence to say no by regular interactions with their daughters and encouraging them to be assertive. If they feel comfortable telling you to stop a game, they are more likely to feel comfortable saying no to other males in their lives later in life. Open the door to conversations about sexuality, relationships and consent with your teenage daughter, and she’ll know she has a willing ally in you.

    Fathers can model respectful behaviours for their sons through their treatment of women at home, and in the community at large. Start the by calling out displays of derogatory behaviour towards women by men or young people. Reinforce in your sons that they the standard of behaviour they ignore is the standard of behaviour that they accept. There are many powerful lessons that boys can absorb from their fathers.

    In closing

    The best age to start teaching your children about consent is when they are young. The second-best age is whatever age they are right now. Consent education is too big an issue to ignore or leave to schools to manage. It’s something we all have to commit to if we want real change to occur.

    Michael Grose

    Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators. He’s an award-winning speaker and the author of 12 books for parents including Spoonfed Generation, and the bestselling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It. Michael is a former teacher with 15 years experience, and has 30 years experience in parenting education. He also holds a Master of Educational Studies from Monash University specialising in parenting education.

    Finance and Administration News

    School Fees Term 2 2021

    Fees for Term 2 will be sent out to families this week.  Please ensure that fees are paid in full by Friday 28th May 2021.  Please contact our Finance Officer, Sarah Loveday if you would like to discuss payment arrangements.

    Uniform Shop

    Our Uniform Shop Coordinator, Virginia will be available each Monday afternoon from 3.15pm – 3.45pm during the school term for any uniform purchases. Please contact Virginia directly if you have any uniform queries on 0407 716 350.

    Notice of Withdrawal

    We remind families that we require one term’s notice in writing of your intention to withdraw a student to avoid being charged an additional term’s fees.

    School Card Scheme 2021

    Did you know that limits for the school card have now been increased. So you may now be eligible if you have not been in the past.  Applications for the School Card Scheme are available online.  To check if you are eligible click on the following link or contact Sarah Loveday for further information.  https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/education-and-learning/financial-help-scholarships-and-grants/school-card-scheme

    Office Hours:  8.30am – 4.00pm

    Please avoid phoning between 8.15 – 8.30am as staff are debriefing and in devotion. A phone call prior to 8.30am however will be taken by the answering machine for you to leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible if required.

    Student Absence

    Parents are requested to call the office by 9.30am if your child is absent. An answering machine is available to leave a message after hours or send an email to the Front Office at gsls@goodshepherd.sa.edu.au.

    Late Arrivals / Early Departures

    If your child is late for school or they depart early for appointments etc parents/carers must sign them in at the front office in the Student Sign In/Out Register.

    School Banking

    LLL Banking—Lutheran Laypeople’s League. Passbooks to Administration on Monday morning for processing during the week. Application forms for opening an LLL account are available from the front office.

    Student Accident Cover

    Children are covered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year but only in respect to any injuries that happen:

    • While the student is engaged in school activities and school-related extra-curricular activities (including work experience, vocational training, excursions etc).
    • While the student is engaged in organised school sporting activities.
    • While the student is engaged in organised non-school sporting activities with a club that is a member of an established sporting association. The student must be a registered and/or a financial participant of the club.
    • During travel to and from school, school activities, organised school sporting activities, and organised non-school sporting activities. 

    No Parking on Neldner Avenue

    Parents are asked not to park on Neldner Avenue as the buses need to be able to pull up, for the safety of our children. Please use the car park south of the school or by the Shepherd’s Hub.

    2022 Enrolments

    We are confirming places for our new Foundation students in 2022.  As enrolments for this year’s Foundation class reached capacity we encourage any families to collect an enrolment form from Danette at the Front office and return ASAP.

    Golden Years at Good Shepherd

    Barossa History Fair

    On Sunday 2nd May both Selena Grundel (LSO) and Theresa Whitehead (past school Secretary) represented Good Shepherd Lutheran School during the Barossa History Fair.  Mrs Grundel stated that a steady stream of interested visitors kept them busy and they both enjoyed reminiscing with members of the public and past school scholars.

    We thank and appreciate Selena for all of her own time and work in arranging and setting up the school’s display in the Town Hall.


    Building Blocks Playgroup

    During Monday’s playgroup session our youngest learners had the opportunity to make something special for Mother’s Day.  We look forward to seeing all our playgroup members next week for an animal safari.  Please remember to bring along your gold coin donation to ensure that Bec can continue to offer fun and educational experiences each week. We also appreciate any amount of help whilst packing up at the end of each session.

    Please contact our Playgroup Co-ordinator, Bec Bawden if you have any questions on 0427 538 371.

    Local Church Service Times

    Angaston Parish Service Times





    May 9
    Easter 6
    Mother’s Day
    Traditional HC
    Traditional HC
    May 13
    7.30pm Parish Service HC at Angaston
    May 16
    Easter 7



    KEVS Service Times



    Eden Valley


    May 9
    Easter 6
    Mother’s Day
    5.30pm 11.00am HC 9.15am HC
    May 13
    7.30pm Parish Service HC at Angaston
    May 16
    Easter 7
    11.00am HC 9.00am HC No service


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