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          This Week’s Rattling – Story Books


You may not know this, but every year at Good Shepherd the staff adopt a theme and focus for the year. 2019 is the year of ‘sharing our story’. With this in mind, we began the year before the start of school thinking about the key stories of Good Shepherd. There are lots of amazing stories to tell about our school; our beautiful new facilities, our exceptional care and attention to wellbeing, the lovely school community and of course our wonderful staff but the most important story for us to share this year (and every year) is about the Good Shepherd after whom we are named, Jesus.

Jesus was an amazing story teller. During his ministry he told many stories to explain what the kingdom of heaven and God were like. We know these stories as parables. One of these parables tells about a shepherd who had a 100 sheep. One day one of his sheep went missing. Now a 99 sheep is still a lot of sheep, especially in Bible days. The shepherd could have said to himself, ‘it is going to be a real pain to have to go looking for that lost sheep and why should I? He’s not obedient like the other sheep, he’s always causing me grief and wandering off, good riddance, he had it coming. But that’s not what happened. The shepherd left the 99 sheep and went looking high and low for the 100th sheep and when he eventually found him he didn’t give him a smack across the chops, no, he lifted him up and lovingly carried him back home on his shoulders.

That’s just how God is with us. Jesus is Shepherd and we are the sheep. We wander this way and that and surely must cause Jesus pain and even tears, but he keeps coming after us. He doesn’t give up on us and when he finds us, he greets us with love, mercy and grace.

That’s the story that we want to tell at Good Shepherd. We want to share God’s love, mercy and grace in all that we say and more importantly all that we do.

We will always go after the 100th sheep.

Because we know none of us are perfect. Our kids aren’t perfect, we’re not perfect, we all make mistakes. But no matter how big the mistake, how far we have wandered away, our God will never stop looking for us, never stop loving us because we matter. Each and every one of us. I hope that this story shines through 2019, ‘the year of sharing our story’, and always at Good Shepherd.

Prayer Corner

This fortnight, staff and students pray for:


  • ABDELMALEK – Sonya, Leo and Sam
  • AHRNS – Serena, Quentin and Jayden
  • ALEXANDER – Kate, Jezz and Grace
  • ATYEO – Melinda, Craig, Imogen, Gypsy and Heath


  • Anne Marschall
  • Brenton Klau


  • We pray for all our families and students as they settle back into another school year.  We especially pray for our newest families and students as they embrace our wonderful school community.


We love to celebrate birthdays:


2 Asia Kuchar
5 Cooper Jachmann
7 Angela Linke
8 Michael Scanlon
14 Alex Johnson
18 William McCarthy
23 Brayden Evans
26 Max Gaton
26 Fletcher Smith

Principal’s News

Dear Parents,

Welcome back, and in the case of our many new families, welcome to Good Shepherd! We hope that your child/ren have settled in well to the new school year and will be blessed as they become part of our school family. This Friday we have a family get together after school and as you are all part of the Good Shepherd family you are all invited! Aloha Night is a family friendly, fun night to get to know some new people, catch up with old friends and generally relax into the weekend. It’s put on by the school staff, P and F and Governing Council. All you have to bring is folding chairs and beverages, easy! See you from 4 p.m. onwards.

We had a busy start to the school year and the weeks leading up to it. Three of our staff attended International Baccalaureate workshops from 16th – 18th January at Prince Alfred College. The following week all teachers and support staff undertook professional development in dyslexia, looking at a variety of teaching strategies and resources to better support our students. Staff also spent time together discussing the ‘core stories’ of Good Shepherd (our theme this year is telling our stories). This was followed up with a communication workshop, again for all staff where we explored ways that we can communicate our messages both within our school community and to the wider community.

One of the things discussed at the communication workshop was the different ways in which we currently communicate across the school community. There are a range of forums including: flyers, emails, posters, letters, Face Book, diary notes, class newsletters, school newsletter, the Skool bag app and some classes use communication apps such as see-saw and class dojo. This leads me to the question, are these communication options enough or are there other technology platforms that you would like us to look into as a school? The other question that has been raised is around the class communication apps. Currently there is an app that several classes have introduced: see-saw. Is this communication app easy enough to navigate or would you prefer that the school adopt a different communication app? I’m keen to hear your thoughts.

This year is the biennial Barossa Vintage Festival and Good Shepherd traditionally enters a float in the Vintage Festival parade. Although the parade falls in the school holidays we generally get a lot of students wanting to participate and represent our school in this important community event. More information will be going home to families shortly but we also need to know if there is enough interest from our school parents to establish a vintage float committee. If you are crafty and creative and want to be involved in a fun project that really promotes our school in the Barossa then this is definitely for you! Come and have a chat to me if you would like to know more.

And finally, yes, I have seen the state of the oval. We have been very blessed over the years as the oval is watered by our bore. Towards the end of last year we started having issues with this bore. It was assumed that there may be a problem with the pump. The pump appears to be fine but the water levels have dropped significantly. The plan was to lower the pump but in the interim the soil and rocks have moved and we will need to drill down through this to get the pump to the bore again. Rest assured this process is in place. In the interim we are watering from our precious mains supply. We have been told that the oval will recover again as intensive watering commences. In the short term we are restricted in our use of the oval. This includes Sports Day which was scheduled for 8th March. Sports Day will go ahead but will be held on the Angaston Oval. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Anne Marschall

Welcome to the following new students and their families:



Trent and Renee Barry (Rylan)
Anthony and Rhiannon Cooper (Bella)
Damon and Melissa Jachmann (Cooper)
Justin and Rachel John (Eleanor)
Joff and Caroline Kenny (Charlie)
Kris and Sarah Kuchar (Asia)
William and Lucy Lewis (John)
Jim McCarthy and Kylie Williams (Sean)
Paul and Kimberley McGorman (Charli)
Scott and Jess Merkel (Henry)
Andrew and Amanda Pech (Spencer)
Helen Pitman (Will)
Andrew Podolski and Melissa Jaunay (Jasper)
Zac and Jessica Osborne (Zeke)

Other Year Levels

Daniel and Alicia Swincer (Harry Year 1/Sam Year 4)
Emma Missen (Oscar Doyban Year 1/Oliver Doyban Year 4)  
Stacey Koot and Ben Paloff (Dakota) Year 3
Kate and Jezz Alexander (Grace) Year 3
Freddie and Ruby Liu (Richie) Year 3
Helen and Travers Ratsch (Judith) Year 4
Mick and Melissa Emmett (Olivia Year 4/Amelia Year 2)
Sarah Loveday (Chase) Year 5
Kelly and Jason Mathews (Isabella) Year 5

Student Awards



Well done to the following students who received Learner Profile Awards in Week 1:

  • Foundation – Eleanor John (Communicator) For confidently expressing your ideas when listening and responding to stories and in class brainstorms. You patiently wait for your turn and listen to others.
  • Year 1/2 – Amelia Klemm (Caring) For working well with her partner on a Learner Profile activity.
  • Year 3/4 – Mitchell Mathews (Caring) Mitchell thought about others (his teacher and peer) when he lent his texta to someone. Well done for thinking of others!
  • Year 5/6 – Chase Brooks (Risk Taker) Chase made a positive impact upon his Year 5/6 peers last week. He adjusted quickly and confidently to the expectations and routines of a new school and classroom. He gave his all to every task placed before him and left on Friday with a smile on his face.
  • Year 6/7 – Jemima Barrett (Communicator) For being confident in her ability as a leader in her first week of Year 7. Jemima demonstrated strong communication in all team building games this past week and she made appropriate decisions and choices with her peers to help maximise her group’s potential.

Year 3/4 Classroom Snapshot

The 3/4 class has been considering the PYP attitudes in PE, Art and ICT this week. Students created a video using the Green Screen App and reflected on what attitudes helped them in creating their video.

Renae Ruediger
Year 3/4 Teacher

We used cooperation because we worked together and we had to talk about our ideas. Aimee, Judith and Olivia

We used cooperation by solving problems, such as when everyone wanted to go on the hammock we chose to do a video of each other. Calum, Tom, Ben

We showed cooperation because we both agreed on the same picture. Max and Luke

Richie showed independence because he worked out how to use Green Screen by himself. He had his photo taken with a Chinese movie star.

We showed creativity. We worked out things in different ways, such as to make the photo we used we typed in ‘cute animals’. We found a lot. We struggled to agree, but we ended up all agreeing. We all loved the pig. Dakota, Grace and Parker

We showed cooperation when we listened to each other and took in turns doing our ideas. Sam S and Emma

In this photo we used commitment. We used commitment by solving problems on the iPad and not giving up. Priya and Tiara

Chaplain News

Hi Everybody,

Welcome back to a new year!! Hope you all have had a refreshing break and are ready to take on 2019!

Here are a few tips from a ‘survival guide’ by the Parenting Place.

Back to school survival guide part 1. (Part 2 next newsletter).

Beginning a new school year, especially if it is for the first time, is exciting but it does come with some anxiety too. To make sure everyone is as confident and prepared as they can be, here are some great, practical things to put into practise.

Giving kids confidence

Children gather confidence through watching their parents manage life and solve problems. When they see you handle a challenge without getting flustered or annoyed, but rather tackling it with calmness, it is a powerful example. Imagine something breaks at home. If your kids see you being optimistic about a good outcome, maybe having a go at fixing it or asking for help, they see a positive pattern for how to handle life’s inevitable challenges. Alternatively, if you express helplessness or frustration, your children may follow suit.

It is good to sometimes hold back from solving every one of your children’s problems. When you choose not to rescue them and instead, show confidence in their ability to solve their own problems, they begin to feel capable. This means letting your children do things for themselves, even when you know you could do a better or more thorough job yourself. Another important message to send children is that mistakes are part of life – they are inevitable and it is better to make a mistake than to not take a risk. When you intentionally send the message, “You can give this a go, and if you make a mistake, it’s not a big deal – we learn from our mistakes,” you set your children up for success.

Hugs and hope

There’s something wonderful about a warm hug that says to a child, “I love you, I am thinking of you and have an awesome day!” Metaphorically, you are packing their school bag with love and support for them to draw on during the day. Getting ready for school in the morning can be fraught with tension but if you can ensure that you send your children off with warmth and love, they will thrive. A great message for a child to have tucked away is, “I can manage today because I am loved and someone believes in me.”

To be continued…

God’s richest blessings,

Fiona Lloyde (Chaplain)

Review of School Bus Services

The state government is currently reviewing government school bus services in regional South Australia to see how government school buses can provide travel for all students, regardless of what school they attend (government or non-government school).

To help with this review they want to hear from parents and caregivers of students, and the broader community in regional South Australia, about how these changes will affect them. They also want your thoughts on the implications of making school buses available for community purposes.

Please follow the link below to find out more and have your say.

Please note the closing date for input is at 5pm, Friday 15 February 2019.


Speed Zones Around School

We ask that families do not park on the concrete pad next to the OSHC building as OSHC need to access this area with their bus.  Please also use extra caution when entering this car park as there will be OSHC children getting on and off the bus.

Parents are asked to be mindful of the 50km/hour speed zone on Gramp Avenue, Valley Road and 25km/hour School Zone on Neldner Avenue.

The safety of children is of the utmost importance.

Pick Up/Drop Off Safety Zone

Please note that it is important for your child’s safety that all students are collected and dropped off at the front of the school near the Front Office.

Please refrain from using the car park by the Shepherd’s Hub unless you are walking with your child/ren as we are unable to ensure adequate supervision of your child/ren before and after school.

Finance News

Term one fees are due by Friday 1st March unless you have an agreed payment plan.

Please note that we require one term’s notice in writing of your intention to withdraw a student to avoid being charged an additional term’s fees.

Library News

It is that time of year again when we start thinking about the Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2019.

Foundation class do not need to worry about completing the challenge at home, we will complete it with students during class and library time.

Year 1-7 have to read 12 books, 8 from the PRC list and 4 free choice. The PRC books have tags on them marked with the appropriate year level.

I am encouraging students to complete this in term 1, which roughly equals 1.09 books a week. If students hand in their signed from during Term 1 they will receive one house point that will go towards their house team’s overall point tally!

Once you have completed the challenge see Mrs Doecke to complete an activity. This year the activity will be around the Book Week theme “Reading is my secret power”.

I wonder if the 6/7’s will be the first class to finish again?!

Medals and certificates will be presented in term 4.

Scholastic Book Club Issue 1 is out now.

Orders need to be returned to the school by 11th February.

There are 2 ways to order;

  1. Fill out the order form on the back page. Rip it out and return to the school with cash.
  2. Order online (LOOP). Go to scholastic.com.au/LOOP and register your details. You are able to order and pay online.

If you would like to pick up the books instead of them going to your child classroom please select Gift Order.

Happy Reading,

Rhian Doecke
Resources Coordinator

Playgroup News



Monday 11 February

Pirates – Treasure Hunt!

Monday 18 February

Can You Match It?

We encourage parents with young children to come along on Monday at:

9.30am-11.15am for playgroup,

coordinated by Rebecca Klemm and Jim McCarthy.

Held in the Shepherd’s Hub (gymnasium).

For further information contact

Rebecca on 0439 955 429.

House Teams 2019

Uniform Shop

Please note that Virginia Harvey has once again kindly offered to be our Uniform Shop Coordinator.  Virginia will open the Uniform Shop each Monday afternoon during the term from 3.15pm to 3.45pm.  If you are unable to attend during these times please feel free to come into the office and complete an order form.  If you have any other uniform enquiries please feel free to contact Virginia directly on 0407 716 350.


Canteen News

Drinks can be ordered on your order form or sold on the day.
Fruit Boxes $1.50 each [Orange, Tropical, Apple/Blackcurrant, Apple/Raspberry and Pine/Orange]
Soda Water Cans $1.50
Chocolate or Strawberry Milk $2.00

Quelch Fruit Ice Sticks – 50 cents each
Available to purchase on Fridays at lunchtime.
No pre-orders.

WEEK 3 – Friday 15th February

RECESS:  Strawberries and Ice Cream.                                $2.00
LUNCH:   Fish & Salad – Lightly coated fish strip with lettuce,
tomato, cucumber, cheese, carrot and tartare sauce.         $3.50

WEEK 4 – Friday 22nd February

RECESS:  Frozen Yoghurt – Mango or Strawberry               $2.00
LUNCH:  Bacon and Vegetable Fritters – Bacon, zucchini, corn
and cheese fritters served with lettuce, cherry tomatoes,
carrot and cucumber.                                                          $3.50
Additional fritter $0.50

Local Church Services Times

Angaston Parish Service Times

Date Angaston Gruenberg Gnadenberg
February 10 8.45am AGM
Harvest Thanks
Harvest Thanks
February 17  10.30am HC

8.45am HC



KEVS Service Times

Date Keyneton Eden Valley Springton
February 10 10.00am HC 10.00am LR 11.00am
February 17 5.30pm 11.00am AGM
Pooled Lunch
9.15am HC


Angaston Early Learning Centre

The Angaston Early Learning Centre now provides after school care.  Please contact the ELC for any bookings.

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