Good Shepherd Grapevine – 7 May 2020

by May 5, 2020Good Shepherd Grapevine

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“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
Matthew 6:34 (NIV)

His comment wasn’t meant to be critical, but it immediately pierced my heart.

I was explaining to my husband how worried I’d been about several situations and reciting the reasons why my worry was justified. He gently reminded me that worrying wouldn’t help anything, and I quickly replied, “But I can’t help it!”

Then he said with a smile, “I know you can’t. Worrying is just part of your personality.”

Deep down I knew I worried too much, especially when it came to my children’s safety, their happiness and situations I couldn’t control. But I didn’t want to be labelled a “worrier” and I certainly didn’t want to admit worrying was “part of my personality.”

Yet, if I were honest with myself, I knew it was true.

Although I trust God and know He is in control, the human side of me often tends to worry. I’m thankful God isn’t surprised by my worry, and wants to help me overcome it. Jesus even addressed this very issue when He taught His followers in what we now call the Sermon on the Mount.

In this teaching, Jesus shared detailed instructions for how Christians should live their daily lives and how faith should shape behavior — including how to deal with worry.

In Matthew 6:25-34, Jesus specifically told His followers not to worry about food or clothes because God would provide for their needs, just as He does for the birds of the air. This promise of provision and protection applies to all areas of our lives, including help with our problems and easing our inner-most anxieties.

Jesus knew the people of that time struggled with worry, just as we do. At times it is hard to trust God with the concerns that weigh heaviest on our hearts. Instead of trusting Him to handle what we cannot, we waste the opportunities of today worrying about the possibilities of tomorrow. God wants us to leave our problems in His hands, rather than let them become a stumbling block in our faith.

Sometimes it takes a gentle reminder, such as my husband’s innocent words, to remind me of this promise. I needed to stop holding onto my worries and quit continually reminding Jesus to be as concerned as I was. Instead, I should daily turn those worries into prayers. I have since committed to worrying less and trusting Jesus more and have experienced the freedom that comes with truly entrusting my needs to Him.

Although we all have things in our lives that lead to worry and reasons to be concerned, what peace we can enjoy if we consciously choose to lay down each day’s worries at God’s feet and leave tomorrow’s worries up to Him, too.

Lord, forgive me for not trusting You with my problems and for letting my worry become a wedge in my faith. Give me the strength to put them in Your hands and avoid trying to take them back. Help me learn to trust You more and believe You are always in control of my life and the things that worry me most. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

(Borrowed from Proverb 31 Ministeries – a devotion by Tracie Miles)

God Bless you all,

Rachel John (Resources Coordinator)

Prayer Corner

This fortnight, staff and students pray for:


  • GRUNDEL:  Anthony, Selena, Tyson, Sharli & Jaslyn
  • HARVEY:  Craig & Virginia, Mitchell, Bella & Olivia 
  • HEINRICH:  Roger & Kylie, Erin & Brodie
  • HUNTER:  Jodie, Ian and Zack


  • Abby Beames – 1/2 Teacher
  • Edith Zeller – German Teacher


  • This week we pray for all of our mothers and grandmothers.  We are so thankful for everything that our mothers do for us each day.



2  Grace Alexander
2  Mackenzie Edwards
5  Heidi Pritchard-Gordon
14 Casey Rowe
17 Henry Merkel
19 Campbell Pech
21 Samuel Scanlon
22 Emma Scholz
27 Brodie Heinrich



22 Priya Rathjen
25 Cooper Jachmann
26 Samuel Scanlon 



Principal’s News

Dear Parents, 

As I write this newsletter I am listening to the sounds of children’s voices, laughter and happy chatter and what a sweet sound it is after more than four weeks of rattling around in the dismal quiet of an empty school. As you know the start of this term was not what everyone had planned for but our wonderful staff have taken the changes in their stride and are doing an amazing job of providing for all their students, in and out of school. While the majority of students are now learning at school we continue to support our families who are learning from home and want them to know they are loved and missed. This is not forever; we will be together again and it really is all going to be alright.

Those students who returned to school would have seen some exciting new resources. After researching the benefits of spin desks on student learning (boosts brain function, concentration, regulation of mood and memory) we have installed three of these desks in the Learning Street. As with other resources that the school provides to support our students, these spin desks are learning tools, not toys, and teachers make the determination as to who needs to use them and when. We have also purchased three state of the art, interactive touch screen TV units which will enhance the learning in the three new classrooms (building expected to commence mid-year). And finally, we bought more writable surface desks to complete the furniture in the year 6/7 classroom. All this was made possible through the State Government Grant which we received at the end of last year for infrastructure and equipment upgrades. This grant also provided the funds for the automatic bell system and PA system purchased earlier this year. We are very grateful to our State Government for making these improvements possible in our school.

Last week the staff met to look at the events of this term and discussed ways that we can preserve as many as possible, realising that many would have to occur in a different way to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions. I am delighted to say that the Mother’s Day stall, Book Fair, National Simultaneous Story Time, House Day, Reconciliation Day and the SRC event are all going ahead although they will look different to previous years. It is important for morale, now more than ever, that we maintain these traditions in the school so that our children have special things to look forward to as well as a sense that they are not ‘losing everything’. Good Shepherd has always had a playful spirit and we intend to keep it that way with random fun, ‘just because’ moments sprinkled throughout the term.

As many of you would know, Good Shepherd has always held its Annual General Meeting in May of each year where we have reported on the events of the previous year to our congregational members and wider school community. With the new Board only constitution which was adopted at the end of last year, the AGM is now redundant. Of course, this doesn’t mean that our relationships with our supporting congregations is redundant, far from it! We are actively exploring new ways in which we can strengthen our connections. We welcome every opportunity for our supporting congregations to be involved in the life of the school and they will always have an open invitation to every event at Good Shepherd. Our School/Parish Service is a highlight on the school calendar and although it may look different this year, depending on the level of restrictions in place, we hope it can still go ahead in some form. I will continue to give our supporting congregations a detailed report of the year at the annual parish AGM held in February of each year. The School Performance Report and Audited Financial Report can be viewed on the School Website from the end of this month.

Anne Marschall

Classroom Snapshot – Mrs Emmett’s Foundation Class


This week Mrs Emmett’s class worked on developing a growth mindset and thought of positive moments they experienced whilst being in isolation.  They shared different ideas as a class and then completed the sentence below along with an illustration.


“My favourite part about being in isolation was ….”

‘… video calling my cousins.’ Sophie D

‘… playing Lego with my sisters.’ Zahli

‘… playing with my sisters and playing Lego.’ Charlie

‘… spending time with my family.’ Natalia

‘… playing with my brother, hugging my Mummy and calling my Daddy.’ Sophie P

‘… using my technology. Isla B

‘… swimming in my swimming pool. Annie

‘… playing Lego with my sister.’ Matita

‘… getting some chickens and making them a hutch. Jobe

‘… being with my Mum.’ Elsa

‘… playing with our cat Schnitzel.’ Isla E

A big shout out to our neighbours Gill and Kath Reimann who spent many, many hours over the past few weeks tending to all the weeds and overgrown shrubs in the garden bed adjacent to the Hub. What a wonderful surprise to return and see the garden bed looking it’s best. We truly appreciate the hours of work that Gill and Kath have spent volunteering in our school. 

Anzac Day 2020

Our amazing School Captains, Stevie Schwarz and William Alexander proudly represented Good Shepherd as they participated in dawn commemorations and laid wreaths to remember those who died and those who served.  Separated by distance, together in spirit.

IB PYP Learner Profile Awards


Week 2 – Monday 4 May 2020
FDN Annie Mathews Communicator Annie shared her ideas with clarity and confidence about ways we measure in our class brainstorm. She related others suggestions to how you measure at home. She also showed enthusiasm when participating in show and tell.

John Lewis


Harry Swincer 





John has come back to school this term trying his very best, particularly with his writing, and is working hard to achieve his learning goals.

Harry spent his home learning time completing assigned work and extension activities to a fantastic standard. He challenged himself to problem solve with tricky tasks an he is flourishing.

3/4 Lily Brooks Principled Lily gives her very best to everything asked of her. She listens to constructive criticism and quietly goes about improving her work samples and work habits.
5/6 Georgia Leggett Reflective Last week Georgia displayed amazing reflective skills in Maths when we started our new topic on fractions. She showed that she knows what she is good at, and what she can do to improve her understanding.
6/7 Stevie Schwarz Inquirer Stevie demonstrated great inquiry skills throughout her home learning as she went above and beyond to create engaging and detailed pieces of work. She even completed work that wasn’t assigned to her.


Chaplain’s News

Dear School Community,

Welcome back to term 2! It is really lovely to see the majority of you. 

Hope you are all navigating our new season. God speaks about seasons in Ecclesiastes 3:1.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven”.

Have a wonderful term and may we all be guided by our Heavenly Father who knows each season we face in our lives. Thankfully God never changes no matter what season, he is the same yesterday today and forever.

Happy Mothers Day to all our Mothers this Sunday.

Fiona Lloyde

Library News

Dear parents and students,

Welcome back to Term 2! What a joy it is to see our halls filled with happy smiling faces and laughter again.

I have missed the children and it has been nice to have them in the Library again borrowing as per normal. Just a reminder as it has been many weeks since we ended school (abruptly no less); please be sure to look around your homes and school bags and maroon folders for any overdue books/readers and return them back to the Library as soon as possible. Re-borrows are welcome as always.

Also please note that Issue 3 of Book Club is out now – with a difference! Book Club this term will be digital. Danette has sent out an email, with the link attached, to all families. Those of you who use LOOP (the online ordering system) can continue to do so with ease. Those of you who like to send in a physical form and cash can still do this. Simply print out the form on the inside last page of the digital catalogue OR write your order down on a piece or paper (please include all details as shown on the catalogue order form) and include with your cash payment. Please send forms, if using this method, with your child for them to put in their class trays.

Please note that Book Club orders close on Friday 15th May 2020.

Remember that the Premier’s Reading Challenge is still going! You can include any free choice books on your list! If you are needing a new form please see me in the Library to get one. Once it is completed – as we normally have done – hand it to me for safe keeping.

Stay groovy and happy reading!

Rachel John
Library and Resources Coordinator

Uniform Shop Open

Hooray! We are pleased to advise that our lovely Uniform Shop Coordinator, Virginia will be back in the Uniform Shop from Monday 11th May from 3.15 to 3.45pm.

Please note that entry to the Uniform Shop is limited to one person at a time.

Thank you for being patient with us!

Keeping It Clean

A big SHOUT OUT to the fabulous ‘Janelle’ (Auntie to Jayden A) from Calabria Family Wines for arranging a donation of Hand Sanitiser and spray bottles to our school.

We have certainly used the sanitiser everywhere around the school lately and we thank them for their generosity.