Learning Support

Positive learning outcomes

for all students.

Our Learning Support programme assists class teachers and parents to achieve positive learning outcomes for all students.

We have a variety of intervention programmes of a preventative or remedial nature for children, which focus on developing essential skills in literacy and mathematics. This includes the literacy programme: Science of Reading (SoR), Reading Doctor, Toe By Toe and individual and small-group classroom support.

The school is also very fortunate to have a large, well-equipped sensory room to assist students with self-regulation and enhance learning and play. This room is also an inviting and comfortable space to support students who need individual or small group help with social skills.

We regularly run programmes such as ‘What’s the Buzz’ and have also developed our own programme – the Good Shepherd ‘Goodies’ – to help students in developing positive relationships.

All students at Good Shepherd undergo regular standardised testing (in addition to NAPLAN) to track progress and identify learning needs. The Learning Support Coordinator works in partnership with classroom teachers to plan strategies that can best cater for these students in all aspects of their learning.

Good Shepherd also works within the International Baccalaureate Primary Years programme, which supports the enrichment of academically able students within the classroom setting through the Units of Inquiry.