Nature Play

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Nature Play

Children and nature go together.
Nature Play challenges and fascinates children and teaches them about the wonders and intricacies of the natural world whilst they play and learn within it. It is intuitive and unstructured, constructive and timeless. Nature Play encourages children to become actively involved in their own learning and provides endless opportunities for exploration, investigation and creativity. Nature Play inspires children’s imagination, increases risk taking and improves self‐esteem and wellbeing. Nature Play provides children with knowledge, skills and attitudes to assist them to become environmentally responsible.

Good Shepherd’s EDEN

Over the past 3 years, dedicated staff, students and parents have been involved in the re‐vegetation of the creek line. The idea to utilise this open space as a nature play site for the school and wider community then evolved.

Success in a grant application assisted with the development of the walking trails and boundary fencing.

The next stage of this project is to create smaller spaces based around student’s suggestions, including;

  • Maze
  • Sandpit
  • Pond you can put your feet in
  • Stepping Stones
  • Shady, Quiet Spaces
  • Mounds Run & Roll Down
  • Vine Cubby
  • Climbing Logs & Rocks
  • Games Area
  • Outdoor Classroom

Benefits of Nature Play

  • Facilitates learning in every domain of development
  • Enhances the ability to assess and negotiate risk
  • Builds confidence, competence and resilience
  • Develops communication, reasoning, problem‐solving and co‐operative skills
  • Reduces stress and negative behaviour
  • Improved concentration levels in the classroom
  • Opportunities for more diverse, imaginative and creative play
  • Open‐ended, enhancing critical thinking
  • Strengthens relationships
  • Inclusive
  • Promotes environmental awareness
  • Children grow a deeper appreciation, connection and understanding for the natural environment and take responsibility for it.

Explore, Discover, Engage with Nature

Good Shepherd Lutheran School believes a safe, supportive and engaging environment facilitates active learning. The school community is committed to providing the best foundation for their students, now and into the future. A nature play learning space further enhances and supports the schools ethos and values in regard to students overall education, wellbeing and sense of responsibility for the natural world.

This project cannot be achieved without the dedicated and passionate work of volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact the school.

Contact Person: Anne Marschall, Principal
Phone: 8564 2396

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