Nature Play

Learning a fun way with
nature play.

Nature play challenges and fascinates children and teaches them about the wonders and intricacies of the natural world whilst they play and learn within it.

It is intuitive and unstructured, constructive and timeless. Nature play encourages students to become actively involved in their own learning and provides endless opportunities for exploration, investigation and creativity. It also inspires children’s imagination, guides risk-taking, improves self‐esteem and wellbeing, and provides them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to assist them in becoming environmentally responsible.

Why is nature play important?

  • Facilitates learning in every domain of development
  • Enhances the ability to assess and negotiate risk
  • Builds confidence, competence and resilience
  • Develops communication, reasoning, problem‐solving and co‐operative skills
  • Reduces stress and negative behaviour
  • Improves concentration levels in the classroom
  • Provides opportunities for more diverse, imaginative and creative play
  • Encourages open‐ended questions, enhancing critical thinking
  • Helps strengthen and build relationships
  • It is inclusive
  • Promotes environmental awareness and ways to take responsibility for it
  • Offers a deeper appreciation, connection and understanding for the natural environment.

EDEN (Explore, Discover, Engage with Nature)
Our students love spending time in EDEN: a huge nature play and learning space situated right on our school grounds. The idea for EDEN was initiated by our parents who realised the importance of increasing our students’ engagement with nature. 

    The parents’ group actively sourced grants and spent many hours in working bees and planting trees with their children to make the dream become a reality. Today EDEN is a beautiful and flourishing asset not only to our students but also to the surrounding community.