Our History

Good Shepherd was first established in 1962.

Our History

Good Shepherd was first established in 1962.

Over time several major building programs and refurbishments have been undertaken to ensure that the school community has the best educational facilities possible.

Today, whilst we are proud of our humble beginnings and German heritage, Good Shepherd is a school for all residents of the Barossa community.

Throughout this time Good Shepherd has retained its core values of teaching the Christian faith. Being built on such strong foundations Good Shepherd is well positioned to continue its journey into this next century.

The Logo

The blue shepherd’s crook represents Jesus as the Good Shepherd who looks after his flock – for us this includes students, staff, parents and friends.

The silver open book represents the Bible – God’s Word – which informs our values, beliefs and teaching and as a school of lifelong learning, knowledge.

The 3 circles, looking like a bunch of grapes, refers to both our location in the Barossa Valley, but also represent community (students, parents, and staff)

Put these elements together….
We are a group of people in a school community, which is informed by God’s Word – the Bible, living under the care of our Good Shepherd, Jesus.

Why Good Shepherd Lutheran? Simply put, because we care…