Small Classes Sizes

Because We Care

Does Class Size Matter?


Good Shepherd intentionally promotes small classes because we know that class size really does make a difference. Small classes enable us to provide caring, individualised attention to your child to cater for their specific learning needs and strengths.

Smaller numbers also mean that teachers are aware of every child and can ensure that your child stays engaged, understands what is being taught and is able to apply individualised feedback to their learning. Smaller classes enable teachers to communicate more frequently with each and every family as they track progress and report to parents.

With fewer students, each class feels like a caring family where children and teachers can connect more closely with each other, make friends and grow in confidence as they express their ideas and apply new knowledge.

This approach is supported by current research which highlights the direct correlation between small class sizes and improved student outcomes, not just academically but also socially and emotionally.

Smaller classes, coupled with inspiring, highly qualified teachers – the right approach to education.

Why Good Shepherd Lutheran? Simply put, because we care...