Strategic Vision

Guiding children to become their best self, through focused, integrated learning.

Good Shepherd Lutheran School welcomes with ‘open hearts’ all students to provide a quality education of ‘inquiring minds’ in a value-enriched environment which is informed by God’s Word, the Bible.

Strategic Vision
Our strategic vision is to be an engaging learning community where partnerships are fostered and relationships flourish.


  • Engaging: engagement is meaningful and immersed in. There is ownership and active involvement.
  • Learning Community: we are all a part of the learning community. We consider how we learn best. We focus on living and learning as a community.
  • Relationships Flourish: flourishing relationships are a distinct strength of GSLS. Relationship is key to who we are.

Strategic Initiatives
Good Shepherd’s five core strategic initiatives are built around:

  • Providing strong and innovative teaching and learning practices
  • Creating vibrant buildings and facilities
  • Focusing on wellbeing and ministry – people are at the heart of our success
  • Promotion and presence
  • Ensuring our financial security.

Our school is committed to these strategic initiatives and will endeavour to keep improving and developing in new directions to enhance student opportunities and learning.