Student Leadership

Developing leadership skills through formal programmes and practical experiences.

At Good Shepherd, we focus on developing our students’ leadership skills through formal leadership programmes and practical leadership experiences.

This approach recognises that students can be leaders across many different areas, and that such skills learnt in primary school can lay the foundations for future leadership opportunities.

We believe that developing leadership skills through the Australian Curriculum and the IB PYP Learner Profile begins as early as Foundation, where students start to identify ways to take responsibility for familiar tasks at both home and school.

Our students are equipped and encouraged to develop student agency, and their voice is an important and valued component in school improvement. Examples of student agency include student input into the design of new learning spaces, new uniforms and ICT review.

In Year 6, all students are viewed as leaders, and at the beginning of the school year, attend the ‘GRIP’ Student Leadership Conference in Adelaide. Here, they identify what they can do right now, and how to make positive changes. With a fresh understanding that leaders are transformers, students leave the conference with a clear vision, and new ideas to help them succeed as a leader.