Demonstrating to the world, the pride in our school.

Our uniform identifies our students and reflects the pride and belonging that we feel for our school.

The new active uniform was designed following consultation with students, parents and staff. The design of our uniform recognises that individual students have differing needs, and as such, we provide options to cater for these needs.

Our uniform addresses four key requirements. It must:
• Be smart, comfortable and practical.
• Enable students to be active learners.
• Be gender inclusive and support freedom of movement and equal opportunities for all students.
• Represent cost savings and value for money as the number of items has been consolidated and the same uniform can be worn.

Full details of our uniform requirements can be found here (link to uniform requirements on the forms page)

One uniform for everyone
Our uniform items are interchangeable and can be worn in several ways.

    Designed for active play and learning
    The uniform enables students to move freely and comfortably in all situations.