Because We Care

Committed To Your Wellbeing

Good Shepherd is committed to providing an environment for its staff, students and wider school community that enhances wellbeing. We recognise that our students are growing up in a world where mental health issues are becoming increasingly prevalent.

By focussing on wellbeing, we are providing students in our care with tools to develop resilience, build and strengthen relationships and identify meaning in their lives so that they can be happy and positive influences within society.


We have implemented some impressive initiatives that show wellbeing is a priority at our school, including appointing a wellbeing leader, coordinating student clubs and hosting parent education sessions. Good Shepherd has created a wellbeing framework that highlights all the amazing things that we are doing to enhance wellbeing for all members of our school community.

The framework incorporates our Christian values, the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile and our House culture. It is based on Martin Seligman’s ‘PERMA’ model and supports students in cultivating positive emotions, engaging in positive experiences, developing healthy friendships, seeking meaning through service and leadership opportunities and setting goals to achieve success.

Wellbeing Framework Includes House Initiatives, Buddies & More

The wellbeing framework ensures that the programmes and activities developed in recent years continue to flourish in our school. These programmes include House initiatives, social skills programmes, an active wellbeing committee, Goodies, clubs, student leadership training, buddies, ‘just because’ events, parent workshops, enthusiastic class carers, mindfulness practices and service learning – just to name a few!

We are delighted by the positive impact that these initiatives have had at Good Shepherd and are committed to building on this programme so that our students continue to thrive.

Why Good Shepherd Lutheran? Simply put, because we care...