Enrolment Process


The Principal cordially invites you for a personalised tour of the school and its facilities and is only too happy to discuss all your educational needs.

Upon request Good Shepherd will forward the school’s Prospectus to you. In it you will find our fee structure, various policies and enrolment application form.

Please make your request by contacting the School Office on (08) 8564 2396 or email us at gsls@goodshepherd.sa.edu.au.

The Enrolment Process

Foundation Intake

Good Shepherd has an intake period subject to the following criterion.

The first Foundation intake is at Term 1. This requires the child to turn 5 years of age before May 1st.

The second Foundation intake is at the start of Term 3. This is for children who turn 5 years of age after 1st May and before 31st October. All other children who turn 5 after 31st October will start the following year. 

This second Foundation intake is subject to available spaces. The child will continue in Foundation the following year (six terms in all). If a space is unavailable the child is guaranteed to start Foundation in Term 1 the following year. 

Intake At Other Year Levels

Good Shepherd accepts enrolments for students at other year levels subject to available spaces. 

Students with Special Needs

The South Australian Equal Opportunity Act 1984, and the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992, make it unlawful for educational authorities to discriminate on the grounds of impairment by refusing, or failing to accept, an application for admission as a student, or in terms of conditions on which it offers to admit a person as a student. Parents must fully inform the school of any special needs of the student. While the school strives to provide a wide range of support and services to meet special needs, it is aware that the needs and support levels required by some students may be beyond the school’s resources and capabilities. Each case will be assessed on its individual merits, and the final decision will be at the Principal’s discretion. 


  1. Contact the school to arrange a meeting with the Principal.
  2. Lodgement of an enrolment application.
  3. Principal offers a place (subject to availability).
  4. Confirmation fee $100. At the time this payment is made, the placement is secured and guaranteed by the school. The fee will be deducted from the account on the child’s commencement at Good Shepherd. This fee is non-refundable.
  5. Parents receive notification regarding information sessions and transition visits prior to commencing school.

Class Sizes

Good Shepherd Lutheran School adheres to the optimum class size of 28, as stated in the Lutheran Schools SA Agreement, 2017. In situations where this may vary it will be done at the discretion of the Principal, taking into consideration a range of factors including: needs of existing students, experience/ability of the class teacher, available resources and needs of the students seeking enrolment. Where practicable, the school endeavours to maintain smaller class sizes in the Early Years.

Notice of Withdrawal

One term’s notice shall be given by parents in removing a child from the school. A term’s fees will be charged in lieu of appropriate notification. A ‘full term’ is defined as the first day of the school term to the last day of the same term.

Termination of Enrolment by the School

Enrolment may be terminated by the school because of: –

  • non-payment of school fees
  • failure to comply with the school’s policies and procedures
  • severe breach of the school’s Code of Conduct by the student or parents
  • failure of the parent in providing complete and truthful information at the time of the enrolment.

Fee Information

Good Shepherd endeavours to provide a quality Christian education to all children regardless of their financial circumstances, and consequently fee support is available to families. If you require assistance please make an appointment with the Principal or the Finance Officer to discuss your particular circumstances. Any information provided when applying for such support will be treated as strictly confidential and made available only to the Principal and the Finance Officer.

Students who are approved for the State Government School Card for 2020 will receive a $165 remission per approved child per term. However, such discounts, when approved by the School Card Office, will only commence from the school term in which the School Card Office receives (and approves) your application. Applications for School Card must be made each year and forms for 2020 are available from the school office.

 If the entire year’s fees (Tuition and School Development) are paid in full by 6th March 2020, a 3% discount will be given.

Good Shepherd offers a discount for the 2nd and subsequent child from any family currently attending the school.

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