Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


‘Good Shepherd Lutheran School welcomes with ‘open hearts’ all students to provide a quality education for ‘inquiring minds’ in a value enriched environment which is informed by God’s Word, the Bible’.

Strategic Vision

Our strategic vision is to be:

  • ‘An engaging learning community where partnerships are fostered and relationships flourish.’
  • ‘Engaging’: engagement is meaningful, immersed in, there is ownership and active involvement.
  • Learning Community’: we are all a part of the learning community; we consider how we learn best. We focus on living and learning as a community.
  • Relationships Flourish’: Flourishing relationships are a distinct strength of GSLS. Relationship is core to who we are.


Lutheran Schools across Australia celebrate and share common values. These values build and contribute towards the ethos of each Lutheran School. The following values reflect characteristics of God and His will for all people and underpin the life of Good Shepherd Lutheran School:
Love  Justice  Compassion  Forgiveness  Service  Courage  Humility  Hope  Quality  Appreciation

Good Shepherd’s strategic initiatives are built on 5 essential pillars: Enhancing Curriculum, Sustainable Environment – Vibrant Buildings and Facilities, Wellbeing – People Are At the Heart of Our Success, Promotion and Presence and Ensuring Our Financial Security. The goals underpinning these identified areas are our inspiration and the basis for moving Good Shepherd forward into a bright and exciting future. Our School is committed to these strategic initiatives and will endeavour to keep improving and developing in new directions to enhance student opportunities and learning.

Why Good Shepherd Lutheran? Simply put, because we care…